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Woodworth, DeLonjay, Hayes, Gower and Dunker Grab Quincy Wins

quincy 2014By Jack Walbring

Denny Woodworth, Steven DeLonjay, Nathan Hayes, Joey Gower, and Pat Dunker all scored feature event wins in the Casey’s General Stores Weekly Racing Series at Quincy Raceways on Sunday June 1.

Woodworth took advantage of his pole position starting spot and led every lap of the thirty lap Kick Start UMP Late Model feature event but it was not as easy as it looked. Woodworth built a sizable advantage during the first twenty circuits but a power steering line ruptured and his lead began to shrink as Mark Burgtorf crept closer and closer to a slowing Woodworth. “The Racin Lawyer” held on to take the checkered flag by two seconds over Burgtorf in second, Justin Reed in third, Dustin Griffin in fourth and Ricky Frankel in fifth. Woodworth set fast time and also picked up his heat race win while Dustin Griffin scored the second heat race checkered flag.

Michael Long looked like the class of the Miller Lite UMP Modified field as he set fast time and won the first heat race. Long rolled a six for the feature start invert and blasted into the lead of the twenty five lap main event on the third lap. Long pulled to a comfortable margin and held the advantage through a couple of caution periods and when racing resumed. Long advantage would disappear on the eighteenth lap as he pulled to the infield with mechanical woes giving over the top spot to Steven DeLonjay. DeLonjay had battled into the second place spot after a great side by side dual with Dave Wietholder. DeLonjay then pulled away for the win followed by Wietholder in second, Shane Lewis in third, Keith Pratt in fourth and Jared Schlipman in fifth. Wietholder scored the second heat race win.

The Powder Coat Plus IMCA Stock Car division may have been a little short on cars but the made up for it with their usual great racing. Nathan Hayes took his first feature win in the division after a great battle with Jim Lynch and Abe Huls. Huls had to settle for second with Terry Houston in third, Brandon Savage in fourth and Jake Powers in fifth. Hayes made it a clean sweep for the night as he also took the heat race win.

Joey Gower grabbed the lead of the Summy Tire and Auto Center IMCA SportMod feature event on the seventh lap and held off Bobby Anders Jr. to take the feature event win. Anders settled for the second spot followed by Tony Dunker in third, Brad Holtmeyer in fourth and Tanner Klingele in fifth. Trevor Haggenbaumer and Aaron Brocksieck were the heat race winners.

Pat Dunker has been complaining of “Having to Kiss His Sister” this season as he has had to settle for the second spot behind Austen Bercerra on several occasions but it was Dunker night to howl as he held back Bercerra for his first feature win of the year in the IMCA Sport Compact division. Bercerra broke his twelve race win streak at Quincy by settling for the second spot followed by Kim Abbott in third, Brandon Lambert in fourth and Bryce Baker in fifth. Bercerra took the heat race win.

Coming up next at Quincy Raceways  on Thursday June 6 will be the opening night of Illinois Midget Week featuring the competitors of the Power I Midget series. Then on Sunday June 8 the regular Casey’s General Stores Racing Series will continue. Visit Quincy Raceways online at www.quincyraceways.com or the tracks Facebook page at www.facebook.com/quincyraceways or call the Track Hotline at 217-224-4100 for more information.



Quincy Raceways Race Results for  Jun 1, 2014


UMP Super Late Models 6/1/2014

Feature:1. Denny Woodworth (Mendon, IL), 2. Mark Burgtorf (Quincy, IL), 3. Justin Reed (Collinsville, Il.), 4. Dustin Griffin (Camp Point, IL), 5. Rickey Frankel (Quincy, IL), 6. Jamie Wilson (Quincy, IL), 7. Billy Genenbacher (Camp Point, IL), 8. Ron Elbe (Augusta, IL), 9. Chuck Mitchell (Jacksonville, il), 10. John Beck (Springfield, IL), 11. Terry Gallaher (Hannibal, MO), 12. Michael Larsen (Hannibal, MO),

Heat 1:1. Denny Woodworth (Mendon, IL), 2. Justin Reed (Collinsville, Il.), 3. Jamie Wilson (Quincy, IL), 4. Rickey Frankel (Quincy, IL), 5. Billy Genenbacher (Camp Point, IL), 6. Terry Gallaher (Hannibal, MO),

Heat 2:1. Dustin Griffin (Camp Point, IL), 2. Mark Burgtorf (Quincy, IL), 3. Chuck Mitchell (Jacksonville, il), 4. John Beck (Springfield, IL), 5. Ron Elbe (Augusta, IL), 6. Michael Larsen (Hannibal, MO),


UMP Modifieds 6/1/2014

Feature Mod:1. Steven DeLonjay (Quincy, IL), 2. David Wietholder (Liberty, IL), 3. Shane Lewis (La Harpe, IL), 4. Keith Pratt (Mendon, IL), 5. Jared Schlipman (Mendon, IL), 6. Robbie Reed (Quincy, il, Mo), 7. Bill Scott (Jacksonville, IL), 8. Michael Long (Quincy, IL), 9. Dylan Hoover (Vandalia, MO), 10. Russ Coultas (Bluffs, IL), 11. Ryan Meyer (Liberty, IL), 12. Spencer Havermale (Quincy, IL), 13. Shawn Deering (Quincy, IL),

Heat 1:1. Michael Long (Quincy, IL), 2. Steven DeLonjay (Quincy, IL), 3. Shane Lewis (La Harpe, IL), 4. Robbie Reed (Quincy, il, Mo), 5. Bill Scott (Jacksonville, IL), 6. Shawn Deering (Quincy, IL), 7. Spencer Havermale (Quincy, IL),

Heat 2:1. David Wietholder (Liberty, IL), 2. Dylan Hoover (Vandalia, MO), 3. Keith Pratt (Mendon, IL), 4. Ryan Meyer (Liberty, IL), 5. Russ Coultas (Bluffs, IL), 6. Jared Schlipman (Mendon, IL),


IMCA Stock Cars 6/1/2014

Feature:1. Nathan Hayes (Quincy, IL), 2. Abe Huls (Carthage, IL), 3. Terry Houston (Mt. Sterling, IL), 4. Brandon Savage (Canton, MO), 5. Jake Powers (Plainville, IL), 6. Jim Lynch (Donnellson, IA), 7. Beau Taylor (Canton, MO),

Heat:1. Nathan Hayes (Quincy, IL), 2. Jake Powers (Plainville, IL), 3. Brandon Savage (Canton, MO), 4. Terry Houston (Mt. Sterling, IL), 5. Jim Lynch (Donnellson, IA), 6. Beau Taylor (Canton, MO), 7. Abe Huls (Carthage, IL),


IMCA Northern SportMods 6/1/2014

Feature:1. Joey Gower (Quincy, IL), 2. Bobby Anders (Quincy, IL), 3. Tony Dunker (Quincy, IL), 4. Bradley Holtmeyer (Quincy, IL), 5. Tanner Klingele (Quincy, IL), 6. Trevor  Hagerbaumer (Quincy, IL), 7. Bob Cowman (Quincy, IL), 8. Taylor Lear (Liberty, IL), 9. Jared Wiemelt (Quincy, IL), 10. Cody Henderson (Frankford, MO), 11. Aaron Brocksieck (Camp Point, IL), 12. Trent Grotz (Quincy, IL), 13. Jon Lear (Barry, IL),

Heat 1:1. Trevor  Hagerbaumer (Quincy, IL), 2. Joey Gower (Quincy, IL), 3. Bobby Anders (Quincy, IL), 4. Tony Dunker (Quincy, IL), 5. Trent Grotz (Quincy, IL), 6. Jared Wiemelt (Quincy, IL), 7. Jon Lear (Barry, IL),

Heat 2:1. Aaron Brocksieck (Camp Point, IL), 2. Tanner Klingele (Quincy, IL), 3. Bradley Holtmeyer (Quincy, IL), 4. Taylor Lear (Liberty, IL), 5. Bob Cowman (Quincy, IL), 6. Cody Henderson (Frankford, MO),


IMCA Sport Compact 6/1/2014

Feature:1. Pat Dunker (Mendon, IL), 2. Austen Bercerra (Carthage, IL), 3. Kimberly Abbott (Camp Point, IL), 4. Brandon Lambert (Carthage, IL), 5. Bryce Baker (QUINCY, IL), 6. Darin  Weisinger Jr.,

Heat:1. Austen Bercerra (Carthage, IL), 2. Brandon Lambert (Carthage, IL), 3. Bryce Baker (QUINCY, IL), 4. Pat Dunker (Mendon, IL), 5. Darin  Weisinger Jr., 6. Kimberly Abbott (Camp Point, IL),


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