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    DOUBLE-X SPEEDWAY – Race Report 7-20-14

    xx_logoDouble X Speedway
    California, MO
    July 20, 2014
    by: Dean Reichel

    For Immediate Release–

    The 12th annual Clyde Wood Memorial Race, presented by Xtreme Body and Paint, saw first time winners of the event visiting victory lane Sunday night at Double-X Speedway. The annual race honoring the memory of long time race track flagman Clyde Wood has been one that many drivers put on the calendar each and every year in hopes of joining the stellar list of winners. The ASCS Warrior Region Sprint Cars were the featured class one more time this season at Double-X and it looked like it could be a first time winner of the event parking their car in victory lane. With a large portion of the starting field seeking that first memorial trophy it was wide open as to who would capture the victory. Front row starters Zach Chappell and Josh Fisher bringing the field to green it was Fisher who would put his Curtis Boyer owned number 72X at the point. Fisher opened a small but comfortable lead in the early laps as the competition mounted a challenge behind him. Fisher led the first 12 laps as Jonathan Cornell would advance to second by lap four and begin to set his sights on the leaders machine. Jason Johnson moved into third on lap 10 with Zach Chappell and Kyle Bellm trading the fourth and fifth places lap after lap. A spin by Casey Baker on the completion of lap 12 saw the leader Fisher get some damage to the front end of his machine as it ground to a halt on the front straightaway and this would mark the end of Fisher’s bid to claim the win as he retired to the pit area. On the restart it was Cornell in front with Johnson on his rear bumper. Kyle Bellm would slip past Johnson to take second on lap 15. While all of this dicing was going on at the front. Tyler Blank was moving up from his 19th starting position to move into the top ten.With three laps to go, Cornell continued leading while Jason Johnson moved around Bellm into second. At the checkered flag it was Cornell, Johnson, Bellm, Chappell and Brandon Hahn in the top five. Coming across and completing the top ten were Corey Nelson, Ricky Stangl from 16th, the Hard Charger winner was Tyler Blank in eighth, Randy Martin was ninth after starting 18th and Cody Baker made his return to racing coming home a solid tenth. In victory lane Cornell said this race is one they always circle on their racing calendar and after having some second place runs in the past was happy to add his name to the list of winners. This feature win was also Jonathan’s eighth victory in a row in sprint car action.

    The qualifying heats were won by Fisher, Hahn, Nelson and Chappell. The B Feature was won by Chris Morgan. Also transferring from the ‘B’ were Randy Martin, Tyler Blank and Jay Russell.

    Another first time winner of the event also claimed his first victory of the season at Double-X. In the 600cc Micro Sprint Feature, young Garett Williamson of COlumbia wired the field in picking up the victory in the 20 lap main event. Williamson looked like a seasoned veteran as he outran many multiple feature event winners. Following the leader under the double checkered flags were Chris Koch, Dean Hathman, Ryan Marsch and Scott Hathman in the top five. Miles Paulus, Jordan Howell, Jamie Kelz, Jimmy Dowell and Travis Arnold completed the top ten. Qualifying heat races were claimed by Williamson, Dean Hathman and Marsch. A lot of close racing throughout the field makes this class a fan favorite at Double-X.

    The Street Stock division saw a very close feature event as well. Derek Henson continued the family success in the Clyde Wood race by picking up the feature event. Derek’s dad Stan Henson Jr., was the winner of the first annual Clyde Wood memorial race. It was no cake walk this time as Henson had to hold off hard charging Steve Beach who came in a close second. John Clancy came from 12th to finish third with last week’s feature winner Jason Russell fourth and Andrew Roark fifth. Dale Berry, CUrt Turpin, Dylan Bias Cole Henson and Jake Dent would complete the top ten. Russell and Berry were the heat race winners for the evening.

    It was a familiar face in victory lane as Syracuse, MO driver gage WIneland picked up another feature win. Wineland was able to hold off the early challenges of Will Register and Eddie Lavery III to claim the victory. Lavery would finish second and Register third with Kevin Prall fourth and Chuck Coffey rounding out the top five. Rudy Wirts, Bryan Alumbaugh and Katie Goodson would complete the cars running at the finish in 6th through 8th respectively.

    Two more race night are on tap this season as Double-X completes it’s 25th year of Sunday Night Thunder. Next Sunday night is bringing the “Battle of the Badges” to the Speedway and the final night August 3rd will bring the curtain down for 2014. For more information go to, check us out on facebook or call 573-796-4694.

    Double X Speedway Results–
    12th Annual Clyde Wood Memorial

    ASCS Warrior Region Sprint Cars–
    Feature Event (Starting Position in Parentheses)
    1. 28-Jonathan Cornell, Sedalia (6); 2. 41-Jason Johnson, Rocky Mount (7); 3. 86-Kyle Bellm, Nixa (3); 4. 00-Zach Chappell, Talala,OK (1); 5. 29-Brandon Hahn, Tulsa,OK (5); 6. 34-Corey Nelson, Eugene (8); 7. 24s-Ricky Stangl, Lees Summit (16); 8. 75-Tyler Blank, California (19); 9. 0-Randy Martin, California (18); 10. 38-Cody Baker, Lone Jack (14); 11. 2a-Randy Hibbs, Savannah(4); 12. 76-Jay Russell, Elwood,KS (20); 13. 1a-Adam Jones, Wright City (10); 14. 81a-Chris Morgan, Topeka,KS (17); 15. 1x-Nathan Ryun, Higginsville (9); 16. 92j-JR Topper, St. Joseph (13); 17. 9-Casey Baker, Lone Jack (12); 18 8-Jeff Wingate, Centertown (15); 19. 5H-Chase Johnson, Penngrove,CA (11) DNF; 20. 72x-Josh Fisher, Jefferson City (2) DNF

    B Feature–
    1. Morgan (2); 2. Martin (1); 3. Blank (3); 4. Russell (10); 5. 65-TJ MUths, Sedalia (8); 6. 72-Curtis Boyer, New Haven (7); 7. 10-Mitchell Moore, Edgerton,KS (5); 8. 27-Danny Thoman, Higginsville (4) DNF; 9. 24c-Lanny Carpenter, Clarksburg (9) DNF; 10. 7K-Kelly Newcomb, California DNS; 11. XX-AJ Wirts, California DNS

    Heat 1–
    1. Fisher (2); 2. Hibbs (4); 3. Topper (1); 4. Stangl (5); 5. Blank (7); 6. Moore (6); 7. Russell DNS
    Heat 2–
    1. Hahn (2); 2. J.Johnson (4); 3. C. Baker (1); 4. C. Johnson (5); 6. Boyer (3) 7. Wirts DNS
    Heat 3–
    1. Nelson (2); 2. Ryun (1); 3. Jones (4); 4. Casey Baker (5); 5. Wingate (7); 6. Muths (3); 7. Carpenter (6)
    Heat 4–
    1. Chappell (1); 2. Cornell (3); 3. Bellm (5); 4. Morgan (2); 5. Thoman (4); 6. Newcomb (6) DNF

    600cc Micro Sprints–
    1. 3G-Garrett Williamson, Columbia (1); 2. 15-Chris Koch, Marshall (12)’ 3. 56H-Dean Hathman, Columbia (2); 4. 2R-Ryan Marsch, Jefferson City (3); 5. 56-Scott Hathman, Columbia (5); 6. 98P-Miles Paulus, Marshall (9); 7. 3J-Jordan Howell, Columbia (4); 8. 32K-Jamie Kelz, Marshall (10); 9. 88-Jimmy Dowell, Wooldridge (7); 10. 75-Travis Arnold, Pilot Grove (17); 11. 92-Brian Wood, California (15); 12. 49-Ben Brown, Marshall (15); 13. 9s-Nick Schaefer, Marshall (10) DNF; 14. 44-Ayrton Gennetten, Versailles (20) DNF; 15. 749-Kyle Schlotz, Jefferson City (6) DNF; 16. 37-Ethan Green, Wooldridge (14) DNF; 17. 35B-Dwayne Benson, Sweet Springs (8) DNF; 18. 7JR-Kameron Key, Warrensburg (16) DNF

    Heat 1–
    1. Williamson (3); 2. Howell (5); 3. Dowell (2); 4. Kelz (6); 5. Brown (4); 6. Gennetten (1) DNF
    Heat 2–
    1. D. Hathman (2); 2. S. Hathman (1); 3. Benson (6); 4. Schaefer (4); 5. Green (5); 6. Key (3) DNF
    Heat 3–
    1. Marsch (2); 2. Schlotz (1); 3. Paulus (4); 4. Koch (5); 5. Wood (6); 6. Arnold (3)

    Street Stocks–
    1. 27D-Derek Henson, Russellville (4); 2. 10-Steve Beach, Eldon (5); 3. 8-John Clancy, California (12); 4. 2J-Jason Russell, Henley (1); 5. 17-Andrew Roark, Henley (3); 6. 05-Dale Berry, Tuscumbia (2); 7. 15-Curt Turpin, Jefferson City (6); 8. 43-Dylan Bias, Centertown (9); 9. 31C-Cole Henson, Russellville (7); 10. 38-Jake Dent, California (10); 11. B-Blake Davidson, Mokane (11); 12. 14D-Chris Dunham, California (8); DNS 27L- Clifford Lear, Moberly

    Heat 1–
    1. Russell (4); 2. Roark (3); 3. Beach (6); 4.C. Henson (2); 5. Bias (7); 6. Davidson (5); 7. Lear (1) DNS
    Heat 2–
    1. Berry (1); 2. D. Henson (6); 3. Turpin (2); 4. Dunham (3); 5. Dent (4); 6. Clancy (5)

    Hobby Stocks–
    1. 12g-Gage WIneland, Syracuse (1); 2. Eddie Lavery III, Tipton (3); 3. 77-Will Register, Sedalia (2); 4. 14-Kevin Prall, Sedalia (7); 5. 171-Chuck Coffey, WIndsor (9); 6. 2x-Rudy Wirts, California (8); 7. 8-Bryan Alumbaugh, Tipton (12)’ 8. 15-Katie Goodson, Sedalia (10); 9. 88-Rodger Deatherage, Windsor (11) DNF; 10. XX-AJ Wirts, California (4) DNF; 11. 11-Mike Schrader, Sedalia (5) DNF; 12-1z-Zack Smith, Centertown DNS

    Heat 1-
    1. Wineland (4); 2. Lavery (2); 3. Schrader (6); 4. Prall (5); 5. Coffey (3); 6. Goodson (1)
    Heat 2–
    1. Register (4); 2. A Wirts (6); 3. Smith (3); 4. R. Wirts (1); 5. Deatherage (5) DNF; 6. Alumbaugh DNS

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