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Belle-Clair Promotions, LLC ends their promotion of Belle-Clair Speedway!

BCS14Logo-01Belleville, IL – October 27th, 2014 – Belle-Clair Promotions, LLC has elected to end their promotion of Belle-Clair Speedway effective immediately. Below is the info posted on Belle-Clair Speedway’s Facebook Page earlier today.

Regarding the article in the sound off section of the bnd (Belleville News Democrat) I doubt seriously that the track will close. While I don’t see weekly racing continuing I do believe a combination of Midget/Micro racing and some Stockcar Specials may work if the parties involved can play on a realistic plan.

What is true is that my Family & I have decided to give up our fight to keep the track flourishing. Belle-Clair Promotions LLC will be dissolved while we deal with the debt left behind. We threw an absurd amount of money at it the last 4 years. The track has struggled basically ever since the competition invaded Friday nights splitting up the Fan base.

While I am sorry we cannot continue I think we brought a lot of Great shows to the Fans and did some Awesome tributes for some of our Favorite members of our racing community.

I would like to Thank my Wife, Family, all the Fans, Racer’s, Crews & most of all the Awesome Sponsor’s for all the Great support.

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  1. Bob Ketterer and Wendy Ketterer :-( I hope they do the specials because I want to go back. I liked this place alot


  3. More cars for Tri-City!

  4. This is sad, hate to see any track close down. Thank you for the awesome show that you and the drivers have put on …….

  5. Kyle Wacker why do do have to be like that Donnie put his heart and soul in that track so the history could live on if every body had the gundakers money ( when they pay there bill) I guess belle clair would still be running. The close racing at Belle Clair was some of the best in the nation tricity is a boring track to watch a race. JMO

  6. Here ya go Aaron Kleine. It’s official

  7. Great news…now all their die hard fans and teams don’t have to worry about getting shit on any longer!

  8. Don hoener. I know Schrader’s relationship with ray marler is far reaching. But please for the love of racing call Schrader about promoting pevely. You did incredible things with a doomed track. I’d love to see what you can do at pevely. It needs an actual promoter that does all the little things for fans and racers and doesn’t only have eyes for $$

  9. Sad news…. The fairgrounds got their way I guess. Best thing to do would be to boycott them and Belleville altogether!

  10. My favorite track, drove 60+ miles every Friday night I could just to see the best racing in the area. Been going there since the 70’s and it sucks that I don’t see families going to the races like mine did growing up. I remember having to sit in the corners because it was full under the roof!

  11. No one…NO ONE….can call themselves racing fans that put down any track, promoter, team, sponsor, that put money, sacrifice, blood into a racing program so that real racers can do what we love to do… Hats off to all who tried to keep a long tradition alive at the fastest bullring in the St.Louis area!!!! Thank you Donnie for all that you sacrificed and gave up for us to race!!!! Good luck in what ever you decided to do!!!! Thank you!!!!!

  12. Saying that Gundakers money put this track out is hilarious. The track died due to them not changing as racing changed. And for Hoener the fact is he was an ass and I know of 5 drivers off hand that didn’t race Belleville because of him and it’s the closest track to their house so to say you can’t blame a promoter is idiotic. It’s 100% the promoter in this case.

  13. And Dustin I know of probably about 60 other drivers to race that track because of that promoter every track has a group of guys that just don’t like the promoters that is everywhere and every track

  14. I will miss Belle-Clair, I have been in Illinois for 7 yrs now moving here from Tennessee. It reminded me of some of the little Badass Bullrings we had back home. Plus the nostalgic look was awesome

  15. Loved to watch racing here at Belle Clair Raceway! Saw many exciting Late Model races here when my son, Jimmy Burrell, raced here.