Bintz Scores X-Mod “W” on Night Two of the 2015 Keyser Manufacturing Wild West Shootout

Scott Bintz - Mike Ruefer photo
Scott Bintz – Mike Ruefer photo

By Ryan Neuharth

The box score might show that Scott Bintz lead all twenty laps of the X-Mod main event on night two of the 2015 Keyser Manufacturing Wild West Shootout, but his trip to victory lane was anything but easy. Bintz drove his, Pizza Ranch, Dakota Engines machine through a gaggle of lapped traffic in holding off to of his great white north counterparts.

Bintz would start from the pole and lead Chad Olsen and Dustin Strand under the flag stand on lap one, and as it would turn out, the remaining nineteen laps of the caution free twenty lapper, as the top three broke away and settled things amongst themselves.

Behind the front runners, Ryan Cousins settled himself into fourth as a great race was taking place between AJ Huebner, Alex Gonzales, Joey Rowell, Ron Schreiner, Daniel Doherty and Corky Thomas, That group was locked together throughout the events, running side by side and swapping positions seemingly as will.

At the halfway point, Bintz, Olsen, and Strand were nose to tail around the high side with Cousins a comfortable fourth. Huebner still occupied fifth as Schreiner was up two to sixth, followed by Rowell, Doherty, Thomas and Gonzales would slipped back four notches to tenth.

Strand would fire several salvos at Olsen as the two were side by side on laps fourteen through sixteen, each time with Olsen hold him as bay. As the laps wound down, Bintz began to encounter a sea of lapped traffic. In a bold move, he threaded the needled between a group of six back markers with just two laps to go to seal the win.

Heat 1
Ryan Cousins, Joey Rowell, Sherman Barnett, Brian Clark, Rick Akers, Jesse Tellez, Harlan Morehart, Lance Schill

Heat 2
Dustin Strand, Corky Thomas, John Carney, James Brinkley, Brandon Farrington, Donovan Flores, Jeff Hartley, Ron Schreiner (DQ)

Heat 3
Chad Olsen, AJ Huebner, Alex Gonzales, Dana Boatwrigth, Kelsie Foley, Casey Skyberg, AR Smith, Bo Partain

Heat 4
Scott Bintz, Dan Doherty, Chad Horst, Eric Winemiller, David Levitt, Dennis Gates, Ken McCulskey, Neil Eckhart, Micky Fleehart

Schreiner, Flores, Akers, Schill, Hartley, Smith, Partain, McCluskey, Farrington

Clark, Eckhart, Brinkley, Skyberg, Tellez, Morehart, Fleehart, Winemiller