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DOUBLE-X SPEEDWAY – Race Results 5-3-15

Defending track champion, Jonathan Cornell of Sedalia MO, wins the 2015 season opener at Double-X Speedway in California MO. Photo by track photographer Carol Wirts
Defending track champion, Jonathan Cornell of Sedalia MO, wins the 2015 season opener at Double-X Speedway in California MO. Photo by track photographer Carol Wirts

Double-X Speedway
California, MO
May 3, 2015

For Immediate Release–

The opening round of Sunday Night Thunder is in the books at Double-X Speedway. A large crowd was on hand to christen the new season with four classes of cars on the card. In the Winged Sprint Cars, defending track champion Jonathan Cornell picked up the opening night win. Starting on the pole alongside fellow heat race winner Tyler Blank, fans were buzzing with excitement as to who would prevail. After a couple of aborted start attempts due to mechanical woes by Adam Jones and after one lap by Broc Elliott and a red flag for David Brown who flipped in turn one, Blank was able to lead Cornell and fourth starting Josh Baughman for the opening seven laps. However, on lap eight Cornell powered into the lead and started opening the gap between himself and Blank. On lap eleven, Baughman was able to pass Blank and set his sights on the fleet #28 machine of Cornell. Slowly closing the gap Baughman was close to pressuring Cornell until lapped traffic came into play and Cornell was able to slip through and open the margin between himself and the second running Baughman. Cornell was able to complete the distance and secure the victory. Baughman claimed the runner up position with Blank coming in third, Ricky Stangl finished fourth and Corey Nelson completed the top five. TJ Muths, Todd McVay and Ben Brown completed the running order at the checker. Heat races were claimed by Cornell and Blank.

This writer would like to apologize for some improper information announced during the red flag for the David Brown flip. It was announced that the track was open for fuel only, when in fact drovers and crews were able to make changes to their cars and add fuel as well. The officials on the track were aware of the changes that were allowed and monitored the on track action. Again, this was a miscommunication between officials in the booth and the track and I apologize for any inconvenience to fans or competitors.

A good field of Super Stocks started off the evenings events. In the 15 lap feature event, with perennial front runner John Clancy, Jr. on the pole and veteran Steve Beach starting to his outside, the pace was sure to be fast. Beach ran the high line to take the lead on lap one and was able to capture the checker in the opening night victory. Todd McCoin making his first start in the stock cars in many years came home second. Clancy claimed the show position in third, Harlan Dowell was fourth and Cole Henson claimed a solid fifth place. Heat races were won by Clancy and Dale Berry who was unable to start the feature due to mechanical issues.

The 600cc Winged Micro Sprints had race fans on their feet as third generation wheelman Ayrton Gennetten took the lead at the drop of the green with Marshall, MO shoe Miles Paulus in tow. Paulus would pressure the leader, trying first the low line and then moving up to mid track to close the gap. After a lap 12 caution, Paulus made the pass on the restart and led the remaining 8 laps to claim his first victory of 2015 and Double-X. Gennetten claimed second, hard charging Jimmy Dowell claimed third after starting tail back, fourth went to Dean Hathman and Tom Curran rounded out the top five. Heats were won by Paulus and Gennetten. It was announced earlier this week that the Micro Sprint will be running for track points this year, thanks to some valuable marketing partners coming on board to promote this class at the speedway.

The Hobby Stock class also saw a familiar face in victory lane as Gage Wineland picked up the opening night victory. Mike Schrader claimed second by a bumper over third place Kevin Prall. Will Register and Chuck Coffey completed the top five. Heat race victories were claimed by Prall and Wineland.

Be sure to join us next week for our “Mothers Day: event. Winged Sprint Cars, Super Stocks and Hobby Stocks will be joined by the non-wing 600cc Micro Sprints. Be sure to check out www.xxspeedway.com or Double-X Speedway on Facebook for more information.

Double-X Speedway Results
May 3, 2015

Winged Sprint Cars
1. Jonathan Cornell, Sedalia; 2. Josh Baughman, Odessa, TX; 3. Tyler Blank, California; 4. Ricky Stangl, Lees Summit; 5.Corey Nelson, Eugene; 6. TJ Muths, Sedalia; 7. Todd McVay, Grain Valley; 8. Ben Brown, Marchall; 9. Lanny Carpenter, Clarksburg; 10. David Brown, Marshall; 11. Broc Elliott, California; 12. Adam Jones, Wright City; 13, Randy Martin, California (DNS)

Heat 1-
1. Cornell; 2. Stangl; 3. Muths; 4. Carpenter; 5. McVay; 6. Elliott; 7. Martin
Heat 2-
1. Blank; 2. Baughman; 3. Jones; 4. Nelson; 5. B. Brown; 6. D. Brown

Super Stocks-
1. Steve Beach, Eldon; 2. Todd McCoin, Barnett; 3. John Clancy, Jr. California; 4. Harlan Dowell, Tipton; 5. Cole Henson, Russellville; 6. John Brooks, Warrensburg; 7. Jeff Offerman, California; 8. Ted Welschmeyer, Tebbetts; 9. Curt Turpin, Jefferson City; 10. Tim Cressley, Tipton; 11. James Keeran, California; 12. Dale Berry, Tuscumbia (DNF)

Heat 1-
1. Clancy; 2. Welschmeyer; 3. Henson; 4. Turpin; 5. Brooks; 6. Keeran
Heat 2-
1, Berry; 2. Beach; 3. McCoin; 4. Dowell; 5. Cressley; 6. Offerman

600cc Micro Sprints-
1. Miles Paulus, Marshall; 2. Ayrton Gennetten, Versailles; 3. Jimmy Dowell, Boonville; 4. Dean Hathman, Rocheport; 5. Tom Curran, Kansas City; 6. Dwayne Benson, Sweet Springs; 7. Scott Hathman, Columbia; 8. Quinton Benson, Sweet Springs’ 9. Travis Arnold, Pilot Grove’ 10. Travis Ruff, Belton; 11. Ryan Marsch, Jefferson City; 12. Casey Kempker, Jefferson City; 13. Nick Schaefer, Marshall; 14, Kyle Schlotz, Jefferson City.

Heat 1-
.1. Paulus; 2. Schlotz; 3. D. Benson; 4. Curran; 5. Schaefer; 6. Ruff; 7. Kempker
Heat 2-
1. Gennetten; 2. D. Hathman; 3. Q. Benson; 4. Marsch; 5. S. Hathman; 6. Arnold; 7. Dowell

Hobby Stocks-
Feature –
1. Gage Wineland, Syracuse; 2. Mike Schrader, Sedalia; 3. Kevin Prall, Sedalia; 4. Will Register, Sedalia; 5. Chuck Coffey, Windsor; 6. Rudy Wirts, California; 7. Jeremiah Wallingford, Jamestown; 8. Larry Dickson, SPeed; 9. Durin Hurt, Mokane; 10. Katie Goodson, Sedalia; 11. Tonya Canada, Fulton; 12. Laura Atkinson, Eldon

Heat 1-
1. Prall; 2. Register; 3. Coffey; 4. Hurt; 5. Goodson; 6. Atkinson
Heat 2-
1. Wineland; 2. Schrader; 3. Canada; 4 Wirts; 5. Wallingford; 6. Dickson

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