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Jonathan Davenport wins Cowboy Classic at Lucas Oil Speedway

Jonathan Davenport tops

Jonathan Davenport tops Jesse Stovall and Jared Landers – Lloyd Collins Photo


WHEATLAND, MO (May 21st, 2015) – Thursday’s Cowboy Classic boasted a field of 80 of the top Dirt Late Model drivers from across the country. When the checkers flew following the exciting 45 lap feature, it was all smiles for the Rumley team. Their driver Jonathan Davenport stood in Andy’s Frozen Custard Victory Lane.

Davenport started on the inside of the second row and rode during the opening 8 laps of the event until the first yellow. On the restart he came to life and powered around race leader Will Vaught and never looked back. Davenport’s win is his first ever with the Lucas Oil MLRA and first at Lucas Oil Speedway.

“I don’t know how the race was behind me, but it sure was exciting where I was,” said Davenport. “You could just miss your line by just a little bit, and just be like a sitting duck, or you could hit it just right and have all the traction in the world.”

Behind Davenport there was all kinds of movement through the field. Jesse Stovall started the main event on the inside of the seventh row and calmly worked his way forward. Late in the feature he looked to factor in the final outcome as he passed Jared Landers for second. Stovall began to shrink the gap between himself and Davenport, but ran out of laps.

Carrying on the momentum from his April 11th MLRA win at Lucas Oil Speedway, Jared Landers had his new Sweet – Bloomquist near the front all night, finishing third.

Three yellows slowed the race, the scariest of which for Will Vaught on lap 13. Running second he caught fire under the hood and quickly pulled to the infield where the Hobbytime Motorsports Safety Crew quickly put it out.

Scott Lewis was the overall fast qualifier in Time Trials with a best lap of 15.348. He later won his heat race too.

Racing continues Friday with qualifying for the 23rd Annual Lucas Oil Show Me 100 Presented by ProtectTheHarvest.com. It begins with Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series/MLRA Miller Welders Time Trials, plus six, 20-lap heat races. The top (3) finishers in each heat race are locked into the $30,000-to-win, Lucas Oil Show-Me 100 on Saturday night. The balance of the field will move on to the LOLMDS B-Mains on Saturday night.

Friday night racing action also includes the Race of Champions and the Hot Rod Tracker Manufacturers Dash. The Race of Champions, which pays $1,000-to-win, is made up of the previous Show-Me 100, Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, and Lucas Oil MLRA Champions that are registered in this year’s Show-Me 100.

The Hot Rod Tracker Manufactures Dash, featuring the fastest qualifiers in each registered chassis brand, also pays a $1,000 top prize. The Pitts Homes USRA Modifieds will be featured as the support class and will run their qualifying Heat Races for Saturday’s $1,000-to-win main event.

Lucas Oil Speedway Contingencies 5/21/15
Andy’s Frozen Custard Victory Lane – Jonathan Davenport
AR Bodies – Dustin Walker
Casey’s General Stores Hard Charger – Earl Pearson Jr
DirtOnDirt.com Pole Winner – Will Vaught
Hooker Harness 11th Place – Earl Pearson Jr
KRC Hard Luck – Jeremy Payne
RacingJunk.com Hard Luck – Jeremy Payne
Landrum Springs Race Winner – Jonathan Davenport
Fast Track Photos – Jonathan Davenport
Performance Bodies Performer of the Race – Jonathan Davenport
RaceNote Crew Chief of the Race – Kevin Rumley
Real Racing Wheels – Scott Lewis
Sunoco Rookie of the Race – Jim Shereck
Wehrs Machine & Racing Products – Jason Utter

MLRA Late Models
Lucas Oil Speedway
May 21, 2015

Heat #1
1 99L Scott Lewis
2 18J Chase Junghans
3 15 Steve Francis
4 B5 Brandon Sheppard
5 5J Matt Johnson
6 14w Dustin Walker
7 186 Jeremy Payne
8 116 Randy Weaver
9 R5 Chris Simpson
10 85d Mark Dotson
11 188 Chad Wheeler
12 8k Levi Kissinger
13 6w RC Whitwell
14 116s Steve Johnson

Heat #2
1 777 Jared Landers
2 56J Tony Jackson Jr
3 21 Billy Moyer
4 58 Dave Eckrich
5 21JR Billy Moyer Jr
6 32 Bobby Pierce
7 3s Brian Shirley
8 42m Brandon McCormick
9 14b Kyle Berck
10 14R Jeff Roth
11 c8 Timothy Culp
12 26F Cole Farmer
13 99c Cliff Morrow

Heat #3
1 6 Jonathan Davenport
2 31u Jason Utter
3 R5x Hunter Rasdon
4 91P Jason Papich
5 7r Kent Robinson
6 15E Shane Essary
7 56x Chris Spieker
8 5T Randy Timms
9 88d Jon Driskill
10 GO Kip Hughes
11 56c Darin Busch
12 4G Brantlee Gotschall

Heat #4
1 28 Eddie Carrier
2 21b Chris Brown
3 25c Chad Simpson
4 F5 Garrett Alberson
5 12m Raymond Merrill
6 16A Austin Siebert
7 4w JC Wyman
8 10m Jacob Magee
9 94 Austin Rettig
10 68 Dan Shepherd
11 1a Bryon Allison
12 10 Junior Coover
13 5 Don O’Neal
14 17m Robert Baker

Heat #5
1 20 Jimmy Owens
2 0 Scott Bloomquist
3 00 Jesse Stovall
4 2b Jason Bodenhamer
5 25F Jason Feger
6 86 Kyle Beard
7 10 Justin Wells
8 19R Ryan Gustin
9 75 Terry Phillips
10 3c Charlie LaPlant
11 J0 Jake O’Neil
12 15b Jason O’Brien
13 130 Colby Johnson

Heat #6
1 1v Will Vaught
2 98 Jason Rauen
3 28e Dennis Erb Jr.
4 18 Shannon Babb
5 17s Jim Shereck
6 1 Earl Pearson
7 99m Devin Moran
8 6m Wendell Wallace
9 42x Brian Schutt
10 23 Cody Holtkamp
11 99J Larry Jones
12 77 Gavin Landers
13 26R Randy Roth

B-Main #1
1 58 Dave Eckrich
2 B5 Brandon Sheppard
3 14w Dustin Walker
4 5J Matt Johnson
5 186 Jeremy Payne
6 116 Randy Weaver
7 R5 Chris Simpson
8 21JR Billy Moyer Jr
9 42m Brandon McCormick
10 32 Bobby Pierce
11 85d Mark Dotson
12 8k Levi Kissinger
13 3s Brian Shirley
14 6w RC Whitwell
15 26F Cole Farmer
16 c8 Timothy Culp
17 99c Cliff Morrow
18 14b Kyle Berck
19 116s Steve Johnson
20 14R Jeff Roth

B-Main #2
1 F5 Garrett Alberson
2 7r Kent Robinson
3 94 Austin Rettig
4 12m Raymond Merrill
5 15E Shane Essary
6 4w JC Wyman
7 10m Jacob Magee
8 56x Chris Spieker
9 GO Kip Hughes
10 16A Austin Siebert
11 5T Randy Timms
12 17m Robert Baker
13 R5x Hunter Rasdon
14 88d Jon Driskill
15 1a Bryon Allison
16 56c Darin Busch
17 68 Dan Shepherd
18 5 Don O’Neal
19 4G Brantlee Gotschall
20 10 Junior Coover

B-Main #3
1 18 Shannon Babb
2 2b Jason Bodenhamer
3 1 Earl Pearson
4 17s Jim Shereck
5 25F Jason Feger
6 86 Kyle Beard
7 19R Ryan Gustin
8 99m Devin Moran
9 10 Justin Wells
10 6m Wendell Wallace
11 75 Terry Phillips
12 42x Brian Schutt
13 15b Jason O’Brien
14 J0 Jake O’Neil
15 3c Charlie LaPlant
16 99J Larry Jones
17 77 Gavin Landers
18 26 Cody Holtkamp
19 26R Randy Roth
20 130 Colby Johnson

1 6 Jonathan Davenport
2 00 Jesse Stovall
3 777 Jared Landers
4 31u Jason Utter
5 28 Eddie Carrier
6 20 Jimmy Owens
7 B5 Brandon Sheppard
8 0 Scott Bloomquist
9 18 Shannon Babb
10 F5 Garrett Alberson
11 1 Earl Pearson
12 7r Kent Robinson
13 91P Jason Papich
14 28e Dennis Erb Jr
15 18J Chase Junghans
16 58 Dave Eckrich
17 56J Tony Jackson Jr
18 98 Jason Rauen
19 99L Scott Lewis
20 21b Chris Brown
21 21 Billy Moyer
22 25c Chad Simpson
23 19R Ryan Gustin
24 2b Jason Bodenhamer
25 1v Will Vaught
26 5 Don O’Neal
27 186 Jeremy Payne
28 15 Steve Francis

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