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Quincy Raceway Results 8/23/15

Michael Long
Michael Long


UMP Modifieds 8/23/2015

Feature:1. Michael Long (Fowler, IL), 2. Rick Conoyer (Wentzville, MO), 3. Keith Pratt (Mendon, IL), 4. Kenny Wallace (Concord, NC), 5. David Wietholder (Liberty, IL), 6. Jared Schlipman (Mendon, IL), 7. Steven DeLonjay (Quincy, IL), 8. Rickey Frankel (Quincy, IL), 9. Shawn Deering (Quincy, IL), 10. Spencer Havermale (Quincy, IL), 11. Ryan Meyer (Liberty, IL), 12. Michael Parsons (New London, MO), 13. Frankie Wellman (Quincy, IL), 14. Russ Coultas (Bluffs, IL),

Heat 1:1. Rick Conoyer (Wentzville, MO), 2. Kenny Wallace (Concord, NC), 3. David Wietholder (Liberty, IL), 4. Rickey Frankel (Quincy, IL), 5. Shawn Deering (Quincy, IL), 6. Ryan Meyer (Liberty, IL), 7. Russ Coultas (Bluffs, IL),

Heat 2:1. Michael Long (Fowler, IL), 2. Keith Pratt (Mendon, IL), 3. Steven DeLonjay (Quincy, IL), 4. Jared Schlipman (Mendon, IL), 5. Frankie Wellman (Quincy, IL), 6. Spencer Havermale (Quincy, IL), 7. Michael Parsons (New London, MO),


IMCA Northern SportMods 8/23/2015

Feature:1. Austin Howes (Memphis, MO), 2. Joey Gower (Quincy, IL), 3. Tanner Klingele (Quincy, IL), 4. Tony Dunker (Quincy, IL), 5. Brandon Lennox (New London, MO), 6. Nathan Bringer (Lewistown, MO), 7. Adam Birck (Canton, MO), 8. Darin Munzlinger (Williamstown, MO), 9. Bobby Six (Keokuk, IA), 10. Dalton McKenney (Clarksville, MO), 11. Patrick Phillips (Macomb, IL), 12. Jon Lear (Payson, IL), 13. Mike Goodwin (Quincy, IL), 14. Justin Bartz (Quincy, IL), 15. John Baker (Hannibal, Mo), 16. Levi Long (Payson, IL), 17. Wesley Mayfield (Hull, IL), 18. Adam Scott (Liberty, IL), 19. Jared Wiemelt (Quincy, IL), 20. Jeff Miller (Bowling Green , MO),

Heat 1:1. Joey Gower (Quincy, IL), 2. Tony Dunker (Quincy, IL), 3. Nathan Bringer (Lewistown, MO), 4. Darin Munzlinger (Williamstown, MO), 5. Justin Bartz (Quincy, IL), 6. Dalton McKenney (Clarksville, MO), 7. Adam Scott (Liberty, IL),

Heat 2:1. Brandon Lennox (New London, MO), 2. Adam Birck (Canton, MO), 3. Mike Goodwin (Quincy, IL), 4. Jared Wiemelt (Quincy, IL), 5. Levi Long (Payson, IL), 6. Jon Lear (Payson, IL), 7. Bobby Six (Keokuk, IA),

Heat 3:1. Austin Howes (Memphis, MO), 2. Tanner Klingele (Quincy, IL), 3. John Baker (Hannibal, Mo), 4. Wesley Mayfield (Hull, IL), 5. Patrick Phillips (Macomb, IL), 6. Jeff Miller (Bowling Green , MO),


IMCA Sport Compact 8/23/2015

Feature:1. Brandon Lambert (Carthage, IL), 2. Kimberly Abbott (Camp Point, IL), 3. Trent Orwig (Floris, IA), 4. Jeffery Delonjay (Quincy, IL), 5. Jon Ohaver (Moberly, Mo), 6. John Girdley (Wayland, IA), 7. Landon Tenhouse (LaPrairie, IL), 8. Alyssa Steele (Keokuk, IA),

Heat:1. Jeffery Delonjay (Quincy, IL), 2. Brandon Lambert (Carthage, IL), 3. John Girdley (Wayland, IA), 4. Trent Orwig (Floris, IA), 5. Alyssa Steele (Keokuk, IA), 6. Jon Ohaver (Moberly, Mo), 7. Landon Tenhouse (LaPrairie, IL), 8. Kimberly Abbott (Camp Point, IL),


IMCA Sport Compact 8/16/2015 (Make Up Feature)

Feature:1. Brandon Lambert (Carthage, IL), 2. Kimberly Abbott (Camp Point, IL), 3. Alyssa Steele (Keokuk, IA), 4. Trent Orwig (Floris, IA), 5. Tanner Tenhouse (LaPrarie, IL), 6. Jeffery Delonjay (Quincy, IL), 7. John Girdley (Wayland, IA), 8. Andrew Gosney (Quicy, IL), 9. Taylor VanderMaiden (Quincy, IL), 10. Seith  Woodruff (Carthage, IL), 11. Austin McClean (Ursa, IL),


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