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He’s Back! Brad Loyet Returns To Lucas Oil ASCS Competition in 2016

Brad-Loyet-300x178TULSA, Okla. (February 11, 2016) After running close to home in 2015, Missouri’s Brad Loyet confirmed to officials with the American Sprint Car Series that he will be back on the road in 2016 with the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports Network.

“We took a year and had our fun, and it was a good thing, but I like having that carrot in front of my face,” said Loyet about returning to the Lucas Oil ASCS National Tour. “We’ve got good cars, good engines, and I’ve got good guys with me, so I’m ready to get out and give it another shot.”

On coming back in 2016, Loyet stated, “We’ve got quite a few things going on right now, and the way the schedule work out is a benefit, and that’s one of the things that turned me to it, plus when we’re not on the road, there’s five nights a Sedalia with the Warrior Region that pay well that we can go run, and that works out good,
plus I’ve still got a fresh 410cid in the shed to go race.”

Taking the road in the familiar orange Loyet Motorsports No. o5, Brad commented on the benefit of being able to again race with family, “We’re a tight-knit team across the board. We’re in the RV with my Dad. We kind of stay to ourselves a little bit, but we have probably more fun than anyone else, but were serious and that’s what it takes to win a championship and getting to run up and down the road with my dad every weekend, I’m pretty excited.”

While Loyet’s time at National Tour events were limited in 2015, seven appearances, yielded just as many top-five runs, as well as a victory in the Hockett/McMillin Memorial at the Lucas Oil Speedway. With momentum going into 2016, Loyet is determined to walk out with a championship.

“We’re coming out swinging. We led this deal before all the way to the last night and came up short. That’s not going to happen again. We are very motivated to win a lot of money this season.”

The 2016 season is the fourth time that Brad has chased the Lucas Oil ASCS National Championship since 2012.

Brad Loyet will again utilize Maxim Chassis with J&D Performance under the bonnet. Brad would like to first and foremost thank his family for their support as well as his sponsors: Vacuworx Global, Loyet Landscaping, Merrimac Heights Collision Center, HRP, Rod End Supply, Weld Wheels, and Speedway Motors.

Fans wanting to keep up with Brad Loyet can do so online at http://www.loyetmotorsports.com
as well as Facebook and Twitter (@LoyetMotorsport). Fans can also get news direct
to their email by emailing Bill Wright (@BillWMedia) at sprntcar@hotmail.com with
“Loyet” in the Subject Line.

The 2016 season is the 25th year of sanctioning Sprint Car racing across the United
States for the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the MAVTV Motorsports
Network. The 2016 season begins at the Creek County Speedway in Sapulpa, Okla.
on Friday, March 11 and Saturday, March 12 with the Sooner State Showdown.

For continued updates, and to see the full lineup of events for American Sprint
Car Series, from the National Tour to the Regional Tours, log onto http://www.ascsracing.com
ASCS Online:
American Sprint Car Series: http://www.ascsracing.com [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001YDsHVXQnpOfroUuKkEhGr-Nz4ErNw59f8126dDVMvjgSbdU9CJWj6JBmfk09fPEdlcfS6m9q2TgkSe_dq_nfm-iWyjxpkQmk61GYAdVl1XaisVaXR8fRfENWDISjmjWLlLTyzc3DC-YgjcjvFMgAAhSKF0Bm8hWXy2IkGE5N2bk=&c=PpZYzWJj_xBiBBmuffToqdrNf-Z4PmkppTBexi5GA5bVONkppKl6nA==&ch=KkxJZkEwjC6Wr6hRklb2-yNqe3vFrzbeJ4uijsBWN2TS3v9PqsIFcg==]
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lucasoilascs [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001YDsHVXQnpOfroUuKkEhGr-Nz4ErNw59f8126dDVMvjgSbdU9CJWj6GOIeTDtIRrKPqeBrYLc4ajPc7ReFeK3P3R1ohkSZqzL4G6JmCzdVDpAc66TJ3txcSpfhruYSfL1dcZriak9Ah7h0pglc0ZpRcOEE8T2nSlYuSL5dilWR2bbYeHyia5yEgdFaQ5330KJ&c=PpZYzWJj_xBiBBmuffToqdrNf-Z4PmkppTBexi5GA5bVONkppKl6nA==&ch=KkxJZkEwjC6Wr6hRklb2-yNqe3vFrzbeJ4uijsBWN2TS3v9PqsIFcg==]
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/lucasoilascs [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001YDsHVXQnpOfroUuKkEhGr-Nz4ErNw59f8126dDVMvjgSbdU9CJWj6NM_S2w51DBtjZ-XwIdAgYnv2InyKN8hLgKcxkJdryJfkEwO6UuaT-9Il6sTS_amaf79bxhCUm625DFbRkQRAcVTwtA73WQvMWjKHlxBHluWXYnFaQ9D1t7I4KNnJhkK2Btyfcnx7wZt&c=PpZYzWJj_xBiBBmuffToqdrNf-Z4PmkppTBexi5GA5bVONkppKl6nA==&ch=KkxJZkEwjC6Wr6hRklb2-yNqe3vFrzbeJ4uijsBWN2TS3v9PqsIFcg==]

Audio Broadcast: http://www.racinboys.com [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001YDsHVXQnpOfroUuKkEhGr-Nz4ErNw59f8126dDVMvjgSbdU9CJWj6NM_S2w51DBtjwe9QMLMqoK0lnZHgIsNq-WQ8mdQwlV_h8QJ-AoFPuMe0IdxwxzIkkCsnA7emmaXUfZcTuTkC3wZfxM219QAg_5HzL9i909YgTj3lo_yFAw=&c=PpZYzWJj_xBiBBmuffToqdrNf-Z4PmkppTBexi5GA5bVONkppKl6nA==&ch=KkxJZkEwjC6Wr6hRklb2-yNqe3vFrzbeJ4uijsBWN2TS3v9PqsIFcg==]
Live Scoring (Where Applicable): http://www.ascsracing.com/live [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001YDsHVXQnpOfroUuKkEhGr-Nz4ErNw59f8126dDVMvjgSbdU9CJWj6DnafoLuF3YmcELERljGeyQidFNZ4EUmkIkd2Qp7X9quE9W-QoKkwlE98FuvdzsqCFEyIXdWeaUBsmteCuPT-CaznF2ogyx_-wSrIz_xhh7h57jZgtLO4YXKy3Lz_YF0nQ==&c=PpZYzWJj_xBiBBmuffToqdrNf-Z4PmkppTBexi5GA5bVONkppKl6nA==&ch=KkxJZkEwjC6Wr6hRklb2-yNqe3vFrzbeJ4uijsBWN2TS3v9PqsIFcg==]
and the Race Monitor App

Lucas Oil Products is the title sponsor of the American Sprint Car Series. More
information can be found on Lucas Oil Products at www.lucasoil.com. MAVTV Motorsports
Network is the presenting sponsor of the American Sprint Car Series. Log onto www.mavtv.com
for information regarding availability and listings in your area.

Associate sponsors for the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series presented by the
MAVTV Motorsports Network include: Hoosier Racing Tire and Brodix. All Heat Races
are brought to you by ButlerBuilt Professional Seating Systems. All B-Features
are presented by BMRS.

Team Lucas Sponsors for the American Sprint Car Series consist of Protect the Harvest,
Geico, E3 Spark Plugs, LucasOilRacing.tv, and General Tire.

Communications for the American Sprint Car Series is provided by Racing Electronics.
All events are broadcast online at http://www.racinboys.com [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001YDsHVXQnpOfroUuKkEhGr-Nz4ErNw59f8126dDVMvjgSbdU9CJWj6NM_S2w51DBtjwe9QMLMqoK0lnZHgIsNq-WQ8mdQwlV_h8QJ-AoFPuMe0IdxwxzIkkCsnA7emmaXUfZcTuTkC3wZfxM219QAg_5HzL9i909YgTj3lo_yFAw=&c=PpZYzWJj_xBiBBmuffToqdrNf-Z4PmkppTBexi5GA5bVONkppKl6nA==&ch=KkxJZkEwjC6Wr6hRklb2-yNqe3vFrzbeJ4uijsBWN2TS3v9PqsIFcg==].
Product and Contingency Sponsorship provided by: K&N Filters, KSE Racing Products,
Fuel Safe, DMI Rear Ends, BMRS, SpeedMart, Competition Suspension, Engler Machine
and Tool, FSR Radiator and Racing Products, Schoenfeld Headers, Driverwebsites.com,
Weld Wheels, Maxwell Industries, Simpson, Wesmar Racing Engines, Hinchman Indy
Racewear, Rod End Supply, Smiley’s Racing Products, Speedway Motors, and Hilborn

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