Meet Scottie Gretzmacher

Scottie Gretzmacher
Scottie Gretzmacher

AGE: 22

HOMETOWN: Farmington, MO

DIVISION: 410 Winged Sprints

PRIMARY TRACK: St Francois County Raceway


ENGINE: Gretzmacher Team Built 410

CAR OWNER: Eles Gretzmacher

CREW: Eles Gretzmacher , Becky Gretzmacher, Shane Gillam

FAMILY: Dad Eles Gretzmacher, Mom Becky Gretzmacher



RACING HISTORY & ACCOMPLISHMENTS: (Big wins, championships, years racing, different divisions you’ve raced, etc..)

Started racing in 2003 in go-karts. I moved up to Mini sprints in 2008. I won a two championships in 2009 at Marion IL first time it was ever done. Then in 2010 won a championship at Marion IL and Doe Run Raceway. In 2012 I painted my mini sprint pink to support Breast Cancer Awareness. In 2013 I moved up to a sprint car and still raced the micro some I supported breast cancer on both cars. This year we will be supporting Childhood Cancer.


FACEBOOK PAGE: Scottie Gretzmacher Fan Page

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