Meet Craig Bessinger

Craig Bessinger
Craig Bessinger

Age: 53

Hometown: South County

Track: Tri City Speedway

Division: b mod

Chassis Builder: RGR

Engine Builder: McLaine’s Automotive

Car Owner: Craig Bessinger

Crew Members: Craig Bessinger
Michael Weir
Dave McLaine
Michael Pevey
Paul Gephardt

Family Members: Teri Bessinger

Sponsors: Bessinger’s Automotive
McLaine’s Automotive

Work Info: Owner of Bessinger’s Automotive for over twenty years in Pacific, MO.

Racing History & Accomplishments: Been racing for 14 years now, with many feature wins including Montgomery, Callaway County, I-55 Speedway, Lake of the Ozarks and a championship at Benton! Have raced in Sportsman, crate Late Model and now starting my first season in a b mod with future wins at Tri City yet to come!

Racing Idol: Dale Earnhardt and Tim Richmond the two hardest driving racers I have ever seen.


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