Meet Lacey Egbert

Lacey Egbert
Lacey Egbert

Age: 20

Hometown: Highland, IL

Track: Highland speedway

Division: Street stock

Engine Builder: Jamie Headrick

Car Owner:

Crew Members: Tom Egbert, Nicci Egbert, Dylan Apken, Alvin Noll, Adam Noll.

Family Members: Parents: Tom & Nicci Egbert , Shawna Diaber
Siblings: Kayla, Scott, Levi, Dylan
Dogs: Acelynn & Molly

Sponsors: Car Quest-highland
Mike Schulte Truck Service
Ethel’s Tavern
E.L. Flanagains
Getaway Carts

Work Info: Washington University School of Medicine

Racing History & Accomplishments: Started racing in the factory stock class at age 14. At Age 17 moved up to a street stock.

Racing Idol: Dale Earnhardt, one of the most talented drivers I have ever seen.

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