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Meet Mark Spraul

Mark Spraul

Mark Spraul

Age: 48

Hometown: Festus, MO

Track: I- 55

Division: Sportsman

Chassis Builder: Impressive

Engine Builder: Mullins

Car Owner: Mark Spraul

Crew Members: Bennett Spraul (Crew Chief) Scott Stuppy Lee Stuppy Aaron Stuppy

Family Members: Susan (Wife)
Travis (Son)
Mallory (Daughter)

Hobbies: Racing (duh)

Sponsors: Clayco Construction
Cooper Steel
Concrete Strategies
JSE Enterprises
Graydaze Painting
Tire Bargins

Work Info: Project Director for Clayco Construction

Racing History & Accomplishments: Started in 2007 racing a Street Stock at Tri-City and moved to Sportsman the following year. Been racing that class ever since, primarily at I-55.

Racing Idol: Grew up next to Clark Pruneau so that is who first took me to the race track. He use to sneak me and his son in the track in the back of his pickup truck. After being away for school and starting a family, I returned t0 watch Scott Stuppy and Donnie Klien. Those are the guys that brought me back to the sport. From a national perspective it would have to be Dale Earnhardt.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/mark.spraul

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  1. The future of nascar. I need to get up there and watch a race.