Meet Chris Fetter

Chris Fetter
Chris Fetter
Chris Fetter
Chris Fetter

AGE: 51


PRIMARY TRACK: Tri City Speedway

CHASSIS: LM Pierce: BWRC – Silver Crown: Beast

ENGINE: Chevrolet

CAR OWNER: Chris Fetter

CREW: LM: Jim Mitchell, Ron Ormsby , Jerry Degrendle. Silver Crown: Jim Mitchell, Ron Ormsby, Jerry Degrendle, Sammy Fetter, Bob Shutt

FAMILY: Shan Fetter, Wife, Sons Derek , Brandon and Chad. Daughters in law, Amber, Sarah and Christine. Grand children Kolie, Evan, Stellan, Owen, Noah, Brody and Ellie

SPONSORS: LM F&S Collision Repair. Arbor Logic, TMS Race Engines. Silver Crown, Infinity Shocks, Fetter Tile LLC, F&S Collision Repair, Tri City Speedway

WORK INFO: Owner of F&S Collision

RACING HISTORY & ACCOMPLISHMENTS: (Big wins, championships, years racing, different divisions you’ve raced, etc..) Years raced around 25. Raced Allied modifieds, Late models and Silver Crown. 1 Feature win on the old Tri City Speedway ½ mile. Several top 10 season point championship finishes with the late model.

YOUR RACING IDOL: Danny Frye. Grew up close to his family and wrenched on his cars from a very young age.

YOUR WEBSITE OR FACEBOOK PAGE: website: Facebook: Chris Fetter Racing

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