Meet Rodney Standerfer

Rodney Standerfer
Rodney Standerfer

HOMETOWN:Summerfield, IL
CAR OWNER:Standerfer Racing Development Team
CREW:Scotty (My son) Justin Hill, Tim Rauch, Howard Nolen, Pickle Standerfer, Sheli is garage keeper
SPONSORS: AK/BK Motorsports Devloment for the aging, Nolen Used Furniture/Antiques and Appliances, Bil Reedy and Cleta,
Denny Kleppe, Amsoil, BSB, Schoenfeld Headers, Signs & Designs by Ronnie Deien
WORK INFO: Marathon
RACING HISTORY & ACCOMPLISHMENTS:Been racing 25 years and have had a few big wins over that span with 2 track Champions ships at Macon Speedway. I have raced in the modified division, Dirt Late Model, and a Sportsman class at Macon and Farmer City.
YOUR RACING IDOL: Pickle Standerfer is and always will be my hero in racing and in life. I call him Dad and thats why he is my hero.