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    DOUBLE-X SPEEDWAY – Race Results 6-16-16

    Double-X Speedway
    California, MO
    June 12,2016
    For Immediate Release–

    Battle of the Badges night at Double-X Speedway

    Sunday Night Thunder at Double-X Speedway in California, MO featured the annual “Battle of the Badges” event featuring law enforcement officers from various agencies racing to raise money for the Shriners. The action on the track was highlighted by Fred Stotler winning the battle but the highlight of the evening was the drivers of the badges cars collecting money to donate for their featured charity. By going through the stands at intermission and passing their helmets, the winner donating his first place check, and adding this to the money they raised leading up to the event, the organization donated almost $3000 to the Shriners to put to use in their network of Childrens Hospitals across the US. On hand to accept the donations were local members of the Shrine and some young patients who have received help from the organization. In the feature event, Fred Stotler took home the victory followed by Kyle McIntyre, Mike Demkowicz, Nick Stobbart and Mike Pierson in the top five. Completing the field were Jason Conn, Russel Wheat, Waylon Coontz, Mike Saunders and Clay Allen. Stotler and McIntyre claimed the heat races.

    After a busy weekend of racing some intrepid sprint car drivers provided the fans some real excitement in their feature event. Familiar face Jonathan Cornell took the lead on the green with Taylor Walton close behind in second. This quick duo would separate themselves from the rest of the field running one-two the majority of the race. Cornell and Walton would deal with lapped cars multiple times during the event with Walton able to overtake Cornell on lap 22. The lead was short lived as Cornell would slip by to take the lead on the following lap with Walton right behind. Cornell would take the win, Walton finished a very strong second, furious racing behind he leaders saw Tyler Blank finish third, Broc Elliott claimed fourth and Miles Paulus rounded out the top five. Ben Brown and AJ Wirts completed the field. Cornell claimed the heat race earlier in the evening.

    The Super Stock class saw the latest edition of the Henson sibling rivalry take place with Derek Henson prevailing. This victory helped him maintain his slight edge in the point battle over younger brother Cole who pressured his brother the entire 15 lap feature event. Dale Berry followed the brother act under the checkered to claim third, Mark Davis finished fourth and Destiny Dowell finished fifth. Harlan Dowell was sixth, Evan Hays seventh, James Keeran eighth and John Clancy Jr, ninth. Both Hensons claimed their respective heat race events.

    The 600cc Micro Sprints completed the card for the evening with Ayrton Gennetten claiming another feature victory. Kameron Key, tied for the point lead heading into the eveing finished a strong second, Tom Curran was third, Quintin Benson was fourth and Kaitlyn Boland completed the top five. Brian Lunsford was sixth, Marcus Mendez finished seventh, Mitch Workman was eighth, Austin Crane ninth and Nick Rasa tenth. Gennetten claimed the heat race.

    Next Sunday night, join us in celebrating Father’s Day at Double-X. The ASCS Warrior Region will be returning for their second event at the track this season. With the ASCS National Speedweek wrapping up the night before, you never know which drivers might be on hand in the Sprint Cars. Thanks to all of the fans, drivers,crews and sponsors for your support of Double-X Speedway. We strive to promote a family friendly environment for weekly dirt track racing in Missouri.

    Double-X Speedway Resuts
    June 12, 2016

    “Battle of the Badges”
    1. 18S-Fred Stotler, St. Charles County PD; 2. 501- Kyle McIntyre, Holts Summit PD; 3. 1049-Mike Demkowicz, Fulton Reception & Diagnostic Center; 4. 515-Nick Stobbart, Holts Summit PD; 5. 293-Mike Pierson, O’Fallon PD;6.16-Jason Conn, Miller County Sheriff;s Office; 7. 257 Russell Wheat, Fulton Reception & Diagnostic Center; 8. 19-Waylon Coontz, Algoa Correction Center; 9. 1521-Mike Saunders, Fulton Reception & Diagnostic Center;10. 526-Clay Allen, Holts Summit PD.

    Heat 1-
    1. Stotler; 2. Demkowicz; 3.Saunders; 4. Stobbart; 5. Wheat
    Heat 2-
    1. McIntyre; 2. Coontz; 3.Pierson; 4. Conn; 5.Allen

    Winged Sprint Cars-
    1.28-Jonathan Cornell, Sedalia; 2. 93-Taylor Walton, Warrensburg; 3. 75-Tyler Blank, California; 4. 75E-Broc Elliott, California; 5. 48-Miles Paulus, Marshall; 6.49B-Ben Brown, Marshall;7. XX-AJ Wirts, California

    1. Cornell; 2. Walton; 3.Brown; 4. Blank; 5. Paulus; 6. Wirts; 7. Elliott

    Super Stocks-
    1. 27D-Derek Henson, Russellville; 2. 31C-Cole Henson, Russellville; 3. 05-Dale Berry, Tuscumbia; 4, 56-Mark Davis; 5. 29D-Destiny Dowell, Tipton; 6. 29- Harlan Dowell, Tipton; 7. 7-Evan Hays, California; 8. 52J-James Keeran, California; 9. 8-John Clancy,Jr., California

    Heat 1-
    1. C. Henson; 2. Clancy, Jr,; 3. D. Dowell; 4. Keeran
    Heat 2-
    1. D. Henson; 2. H. Dowell; 3. Davis; 4. Berry; 5. Hays

    600cc Micro SPrints-
    1. 3-Ayrton Gennetten, Gravois Mills; 2. 7JR-Kameron Key, Warrensburg; 3. 11-Tom Curran, Kansas City; 4. 15B-Quintin Benson, Sweet Springs; 5. 15-Kaitlyn Boland, Columbia; 6. 8-Brian Lunsford, Marshall; 7. 26-Marcus Mendez, Boonville; 8. 22A-Mitch Workman, Belle; 9. 02-Austin Crane, Columbia; 10. 26B-Nick Rasa, Sedalia

    1. Gennetten; 2. Key; 3. Curran; 4. Boland; 5. Rasa; 6. Benson; 7. Lunsford; 8. Mendez; 9. Crane; 10. Workman

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