Jason Feger takes UMP DIRTcar Summer Nationals win at Oakshade Raceway!

Jason Feger - Jim Denhamer photo
Jason Feger – Jim Denhamer photo


Three for Jason Feger with Oakshade Win

With an insurmountable championship points lead, Bobby Pierce feels relief

WAUSEON, Ohio – July 15, 2016 – Jason Feger rebounded Friday night at Oakshade Raceway, beating Ryan Unzicker who get the better of him the night before and claiming his third DIRTcar Summer Nationals win of the season.

Feger started on the outside pole and jumped out to the early lead but Unzicker ran him down and battled past him on lap 15. Feger, not wanting a repeat of the night before at Merritt, wheeled the car into turns one and two on lap 16 and took back the top spot.

Through the remaining distance Feger had his hands full with Unzicker right behind, but this time it was Feger celebrating in victory lane.

“I told him he got his (victory) last night, so he had to share,” Feger said of Unzicker. “I knew the top was good, but it’s just a lot easier to make a mistake up there… I felt like I was better up the track, but I figured, if somebody’s gonna pss me, I’m gonna make them go around me on the outside.”

Points leader Bobby Pierce closed out the night with a third-place finish as he stares at his second straight DIRTcar Summer Nationals title.

“This year, at this race, compared to last year, it’s just completely differet,” Pierce said. “Last year I just remember pacing around, thinking not to make any mistakes. We won by 10 points last year and this year we’ve got a (big) lead so… no pressure.”

The DIRTcar Summer Nationals returns to action on Friday night at Oakshade Speedway in Wauseon, Ohio for the first night of a double-header.

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DIRTcar Summer Nationals Statistical Report; Oakshade Raceway; Wauseon, Ohio

Super Late Models – A-Main
Pos Car # Driver
1 25 Jason Feger
2 24 Ryan Unzicker
3 32 Bobby Pierce
4 15H Jon Henry
5 99M Devin Moran
6 3 Matt Miller
7 15B Mike Bores
8 51S Devin Shiels
9 11S Rusty Schlenk
10 55 Jeep Van Wormer
11 49 Brian Ruhlman
12 11 Gordy Gundaker
13 74 Taylor Scheffler
14 1 Mike Benedun
15 1N Casey Noonan
16 B4U Brad Eitniear
17 21K Larry Kingseed
18 4G Bob Gardner
19 97 Greg Walters
20 79 Nick Kurtz
21 7R Kent Robinson
22 77K Steve Kester

Super Late Models – C-Main 1
Pos Car # Driver
1 95M Steve Miller
2 X3 Daniel Wallace
3 42* Bob Mayer
4 69R Doug Baird
5 5* Bryant Dickinson
6 5 Max Ake
7 31G Daniel Gehring
8 52 JR Gooden
9 P3 Truck Robertson
10 7J Samuel Tolley
11 0 Brian OBrien

Super Late Models – C-Main 2
Pos Car # Driver
1 8 Rob Anderzack
2 49L Matt Lindsey
3 75 Dusty Moore
4 26 Wayne Chinn
5 53H Hillard Miller
6 23 Brad Wade
7 35 Ron Miller
8 27H Ken Hahn
9 06 Jarrett Rendel
10 77 Scott Moyer
11 2D Curtis Deisenroth

Super Late Models – Heat Race 1
Pos Car # Driver
1 24 Ryan Unzicker
2 15B Mike Bores
3 74 Taylor Scheffler
4 21K Larry Kingseed
5 31 Paul Stubber
6 4G Bob Gardner
7 00 Mathew Chapman
8 X3 Daniel Wallace
9 95M Steve Miller
10 5* Bryant Dickinson
11 P3 Truck Robertson
12 31G Daniel Gehring
13 0 Brian OBrien

Super Late Models – Heat Race 2
Pos Car # Driver
1 15H Jon Henry
2 49 Brian Ruhlman
3 51S Devin Shiels
4 B4U Brad Eitniear
5 71DS Drew Smith
6 79 Nick Kurtz
7 34 Herb Reich
8 42* Bob Mayer
9 69R Doug Baird
10 52 JR Gooden
11 7J Samuel Tolley
12 5 Max Ake

Super Late Models – Heat Race 3
Pos Car # Driver
1 25 Jason Feger
2 7R Kent Robinson
3 55 Jeep Van Wormer
4 11S Rusty Schlenk
5 1 Mike Benedun
6 1N Casey Noonan
7 97 Greg Walters
8 53H Hillard Miller
9 49L Matt Lindsey
10 35 Ron Miller
11 06 Jarrett Rendel
12 2D Curtis Deisenroth
13 77 Scott Moyer

Super Late Models – Heat Race 4
Pos Car # Driver
1 99M Devin Moran
2 32 Bobby Pierce
3 3 Matt Miller
4 11 Gordy Gundaker
5 77K Steve Kester
6 66 Rody Schroyer
7 9R Curtis Roberts
8 8 Rob Anderzack
9 23 Brad Wade
10 75 Dusty Moore
11 26 Wayne Chinn
12 27H Ken Hahn

2016 DIRTcar Summer Nationals Schedule

Date Day Track Winners
Northern Kickoff
June 15 Wednesday Brownstown Speedway Rain/Cancelled
June 16 Thursday Kankakee Co. Speedway Bobby Pierce
June 17 Friday Cedar Lake Speedway Billy Moyer
June 18 Saturday Cedar Lake Speedway Billy Moyer (2)
June 19 Sunday Wilmot Speedway Bobby Pierce (2)
Heartland Tour
June 20 Monday OFF
June 21 Tuesday Jacksonville Speedway Bobby Pierce (3)
June 22 Wednesday Farley Speedway Rain/Cancelled
June 23 Thursday Spoon River Speedway Dennis Erb Jr.
June 24 Friday Tri-City Speedway Bobby Pierce (4)
June 25 Saturday Fairbury Speedway Brandon Sheppard
June 26 Sunday Tri-State Speedway Bobby Pierce (5)
Southern Tour
June 27 Monday OFF
June 28 Tuesday Clarksville Speedway Ryan Unzicker
June 29 Wednesday Belle-Clair Speedway Bobby Pierce (6)
June 30 Thursday Springfield Raceway Rain/PPD
July 1 Friday Fayette Co. Speedway Josh Richards
July 2 Saturday Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55 Rain/Cancelled
July 3 Sunday Lincoln Speedway Rain/PPD
Independence Week
July 4 Monday LaSalle Speedway Bobby Pierce (7)
July 5 Tuesday Daugherty Speedway Jason Feger
July 6 Wednesday Peoria Speedway Bobby Pierce (8)
July 7 Thursday Macon Speedway Bobby Pierce (9)
July 8 Friday Farmer City Raceway Jason Feger (2)
July 9 Saturday Highland Speedway Billy Moyer (3)
July 10 Sunday Quincy Raceways Bobby Pierce (10)
Champions Week
July 11 Monday OFF
July 12 Tuesday Plymouth Speedway Rain/Cancelled
July 13 Wednesday Shadyhill Speedway Rain/Cancelled
July 14 Thursday Merritt Speedway Ryan Unzicker (2)
July 15 Friday Oakshade Raceway Jason Feger (3)
July 16 Saturday Oakshade Raceway

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