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Fennewald takes Thursday Night Thunder ULMA Late Model headliner at Lucas Oil Speedway

WHEATLAND, Missouri (June 30, 2017) – Johnny Fennewald pressured Aaron Poe most of the way and was running out of time. But Fennewald finally made a timely pass to claim the featured Warsaw Auto Marine & RV ULMA Late Model main event Thursday night at Lucas Oil Speedway.

Other winners on Casey’s General Stores Thursday Night Thunder Presented by KY3 for Kids included Mike Striegel (Ozark Golf Cars USRA B-Mods), Joe Duvall (Pitts Homes USRA Modifieds) and Toby Ott (Big O Tires Street Stocks).

A total of 117 cars checked into the pits, including 49 Ozark Golf Cars USRA B-Mods, for the pre-holiday-weekend program. In the annual Kids’ Bicycle Giveaway, a total of 85 new, donated bicycles were awarded to youngsters during intermission.

Fennewald earned the $1,000 winner’s check in the 25-lap Late Model feature. It was the Appleton City driver’s third feature win the Late Model division this season.

Warrensburg’s Poe started from the pole and took the lead as the green flag flew as Fennewald, who started inside of row two, advanced into second by lap eight.

Those two dueled, with Fennewald repeatedly trying to make an inside pass, until a lap 20 caution bunched the field and set the stage for a five-lap shootout.

Fennewald finally made a pass-attempt stick, coming out of turn four as he took the white flag. He held off Poe, the first-half points champ, by about four car lengths at the finish.

“Aaron I think actually had a better car than I did,” Fennewald said. “That was an awesome race there.

“I saw he was really having to let off going into the corner,” Fennewald said of Poe. “I guess you have to do what you have to do to get a win. I tried to keep this car as straight as I can. It worked tonight. It was a lot of fun racing with Aaron there and it took me until the last two laps to get him.”

Sixteen-year-old Kaeden Cornell of Willard, Mo., a ULMA Late Model rookie, finished a career-best third. Jefferson City’s Chris Cox was fourth.

Aaron Marrant, the 2016 track champion, was eliminated in a lap one crash on the back stretch. That was the first of five cautions in the 25-lapper with three of them occurring before an official lap was recorded.

Striegel grabs B-Mod win: Wheatland’s Mike Striegel assumed the lead just past the mid-point when leader Andy Bryant had a mechanical problem and went on to capture his first Lucas Oil Speedway feature win of 2017.

“Man, it’s been a long time,” Striegel said of snapping his winless streak. “The boss man (car owner) John Stewart, he ain’t give up on me all year.

“I got a gift from Andy Bryant,” added Striegel, who started outside of row two. “I hate to see guys have bad luck like that. He would have had that race, bar none.”

Bryant had built up a sizeable lead over Striegel when the race’s second caution flew on lap 11 for contact between first-half points champion Shawn Strong and Kris Jackson, who were battling hard for third. Strong was given the black flag and sent to the pits.

During that caution period, Bryant pulled off with mechanical issues, ceding the lead to Striegel with Mike Hailman of Reeds Spring in second. That’s the way they ran over the final nine laps, with Taylor Moore of Bois D’Arc winding up in third.

Duvall earns USRA Mod win: Joe Duvall is only an occasional visitor to Lucas Oil Speedway, but he’s a contender when he does roll in. The Claremore, Okla., veteran earned his second Pitts Homes USRA Modified victory of the season, taking command over the final eight laps.

“We’re gone on the road a lot racing,” said Duvall, a frequent USMTS Modified competitor. “Man, I love this place. Up until the last couple of times we’ve been here, I’ve never really had anything to take home. Praise God, we had a good hot rod tonight.

“The cool part is my best friends, my wife and daughter are here. I’m usually calling home in the middle of the night.”

Terry Schultz took the lead from his outside front-row starting position and was in front when the race’s first caution came out on lap 10. Duvall, who started seventh, had moved into second and was starting to pressure Schultz with Terry Davis in third.

It took only two laps after the restart for Duvall to take the lead with an outside pass coming out of turn four. Duvall checked out from there, pulling away for a comfortable win as the rest of the race went caution-free.

Schultz held on for second with Davis third and Jeff Cutshaw in fourth.

Ott does it again in Street Stocks: Midseason Big O Tires Street Stocks champion Toby Ott kicked off the second half in familiar fashion, driving to his third straight feature victory.

Ott, of Wheatland, passed Bobby Barnett for the lead on lap seven and drove away for his fourth win of 2017.

“I’m kind of liking it,” Ott said. “Hopefully, there’s more to come.”

Ott made the winning pass one lap after the race’s lone caution. He said Barnett made the slightest of bobbles and he was able to take advantage by driving past on the inside.

“Bobby was running real good, tight and smooth,” Ott said. “On that restart he kind of slipped up a little bit on the bottom. He gave me an inch and I was able to grasp it.”

Barnett, of Republic, Mo., finished second with Camdenton’s Kenny Carroll taking third.

Ozark Golf Cars USRA B-Mods
Feature – 1, Mike Striegel, Wheatland, Mo. 2, Mike Hailman, Reeds Spring, Mo. 3, Taylor Moore, Bois D’Arc, Mo. 4, Cody Brill, Harrisonville, Mo. 5, Rex Harris, Macks Creek, Mo. 6, Kaeden Cornell, Willard, Mo. 7, Robert Heydenreich, Bolivar, Mo. 8, Brandon Lennox, New London, Mo. 9, Sam Petty, Marshfield, Mo. 10, Donald Jackson, Lebanon, Mo. 11, Jim Gillenwater, Keokus, Iowa. 12, Bobby Williams, Hermitage, Mo. 13, Cole Campbell, Mexico, Mo. 14, Doug Bragg, Rogersville, Mo. 14, Kris Jackson, Lebanon, Mo. 15, Kris Jackson, Lebanon, Mo. 16, Alan Preston, Republic, Mo. 17, Lexy Vanzandt, Billings, Mo. 18, Randy Gilmore, Flemington, Mo. 19, Quentin Taylor, Flemington, Mo. 20, Johnny McGinnis, Hardin, Mo. 21, Brayton Skaggs, Fort Scott, Kan. 22, Andy Bryant, Fort Scott, Kan. 23, Shawn Strong, Republic, Mo. 24, Dylan Allen, Chanute, Kan.
Heat 1 – 1, Shawn Strong. 2, Andy Bryant. 3, Kris Jackson. 4, Alan Presto. 5, Bobby Williams. 6, Cole Campbell. 7, Zach Whitaker. 8, Olen Stephens. 9, Ryan Edde. 10, Dusty Arnold.
Heat 2 – 1, Jim Gillenwater. 2, Donald Jackson. 3, Mike Striegel. 4, Doug Bragg. 5, Michael Maggard. 6, Kaeden Cornell. 7, Cody Frazon. 8, Andy Beauchamp. 9, Brent Bloom. 10, Joey Wiles.
Heat 3 – 1, Robert Heydenreich. 2, Randy Gilmore. 3, Quentin Taylor. 4, Johnny McGinnis. 5, Heath Murry. 6, Kenny Shaw. 7, Jim Cihy. 8, Evan McQuitty. 9, Cody Admire. 10, Mark McGuire.
Heat 4 – 1, Sam Petty. 2, Taylor Moore. 3, Cody Brill. 4, Lexy Vanzandt. 5, Mike Mansker. 6, Justin Pike. 7, Brayton Skaggs. 8, Ricky Watkins. 9, Robbe Ewing.
Heat 5 – 1, Rex Harris. 2, Dylan Allen. 3, Mike Hailman. 4, Brandon Lennox. 5, Alan Ferguson. 6, Andy Chrisenberry. 7, Scott Campbell. 8, Kenton Allen. 9, Jake Richards.
B Main 1 – Alan Presto. 2, Kaeden Cornell. 3, Brendon Lennox. 4, Johnny McGinnis. 5, Cody Frazon. 6, Heath Murry. 7, Alan Ferguson. 8, Ryan Edde. 9, Andy Beauchamp. 10, Joey Wiles. 11, Jim Cihy. 12, Ricky Watkins. 13, Andy Chrisenberry. 14, Scott Campbell. 15, Cody Admire. 16, Jake Richards. 17, Adam Kaltenbach.
B Main 2 – 1, Cole Campbell. 2, Bobby Williams. 3, Doug Bragg. 4, Brayton Skaggs. 5, Justin Pike. 6, Brent Bloom. 7, Kenny Shaw. 8, Evan McQuitty. 9, Olen Stephens. 10, Michael Maggard. 11, Dusty Arnold. 12, Mike Mansker. 13, Zach Whitaker. 14, Kenton Allen. DNS Mark McGuire. DNS Robbe Ewing.

Warsaw Auto Marine & RV ULMA Late Models
A Feature – 1, Johnny Fennewald, Appleton City, Mo. 2, Aaron Poe, Warrensburg, Mo. 3, Kaeden Cornell, Willard, Mo. 4, Chris Cox, Jefferson City, Mo. 5, Shane Essary, Aurora, Mo. 6, Jonothan Melloway, Hallsville Mo. 7, Dylan Hoover, Mexico, Mo. 8, Tommy Cordray, Browning, Mo. 9, Daniel Jessen, Joplin, Mo. 10, Cody Holtkamp, Holts Summit, Mo. 11, Dustin Hodges, Centralia, Mo. 12, Joe Walkenhorst, Flemington, Mo. 13, Larry Ferris, Nevada, Mo. 14, Larry Jones, El Dorado Springs, Mo. 15, Ashlee Lancaster, Sturgeon, Mo. 16, R.D. Peterson, Springfield, Mo. 17, Phil Edmondson, Marionville, Mo. 18, Justin Russell, Henley Mo. 19, John Willard, Mound City, Kan. 20, Jon Sheets, Liberal, Mo. 21, Jason Sivils, Bolivar, Mo. 22, Aaron Marrant, Richmond, Mo. 23, Leslie Essary, Crane Mo. 24, Larry Clawson, Pleasant Valley, Mo.
Heat 1 – 1, Kaeden Cornell. 2, Aaron Poe. 3, Chris Cox. 4, Tom Cordray. 5, John Willard. 6, Larry Ferris. 7, David Melloway. 8, Phil Edmondson. 9, Cody Holtkamp. 10, Jason Russell. 11, Cody Peck.
Heat 2 – 1, Johnny Fennewald. 2, Aaron Marrant. 3, Shane Essary. 4, Jonothan Melloway. 5, Daniel Jessen. 6, Lane Ehlert. 7, Larry Jones. 8, Larry Clawson. 9, Bob Cummings.
Heat 3 – 1, Dustin Hodges. 2, Jon Sheets. 3, Justin Russell. 4, Dylan Hoover. 5, Joe Walkenhorst. 6, Leslie Essary. 7, Ashlee Lancaster. 8, Jason Sivils. 9, R.D. Peterson. 10, Kurt Sledd.
B Main – 1, Larry Ferris. 2, Larry Clawson. 3, Cody Holtkamp. 4, Larry Jones. 5, Ashlee Lancaster. 6, Phil Edmondson. 7, R.D. Peterson. 8, Jason Sivils. 9, Kurt Sledd. 10, Lane Ehlert. 11, Bob Cummings. 12, Cody Peck. DNS David Melloway, DNS Jason Russell, DNS Jon Binning.

Pitts Homes USRA Modifieds
A Feature – 1, Joe Duvall, Claremore, Okla. 2, Terry Schultz, Sedalia, Mo. 3, Kerry Davis, Parkville, Mo. 4, Jeff Cutshaw, Bolivar, Mo. 5, Lance Town, Wellsville, Mo. 6, Johnny Fennewald, Appleton City, Mo. 7, Eric Turner, Hermitage, Mo. 8, Chase Domer, Nevada, Mo. 9, Jason Pursley, Hermitage, Mo. 10, Mickey Burrell, Fair Grove, Mo. 11, JC Morton, Springdale, Ark. 12, Jesse Willard, Prescott, Kan. 13, Shad Badder, Bates City, Mo. 14, Donnie Fellers, Wheatland, Mo. 15, Tracy Wolf, Buffalo, Mo. 16, James Thompson, Springfield, Mo. 17, Ronnie Woods, Mexico, Mo. 18, Nathan Vaughn, Sedalia, Mo. 19, Nathan Gold, Springfield, Mo. 20, Lucas Gibbs, Udall, Kan. 21, Rex Merritt, Billings, Mo. 22, Daniel Wosoba, El Dorado Springs, Mo.
Heat 1 – Terry Davis. 2, Terry Schultz. 3, Joe Duvall. 4, Tracy Wolf. 5, Rex Merritt. 6, Ronnie Woods. 7, Nathan Vaughn. 8, Daniel Wosoba.
Heat 2 – 1, Mickey Burrell. 2, Chase Domer. 3, Lucas Gibbs. 4, Donnie Fellers. 5, Jesse Willard. 6, James Thompson. 7, JC Morton.
Heat 3 – 1, Lance Town. 2, Johnny Fennewald. 3, Jeff Cutshaw. 4, Nathan Gold. 5, Eric Turner. 6, Jason Pursley. 7, Shad Badder.

Big O Tires Street Stocks
A Feature – 1, Toby Ott, Wheatland, MO. 2, Bobby Barnett, Republic, Mo. 3, Kenny Carroll, Camdenton, Mo. 4, Chris Tonoli, Hermitage, Mo. 5, David Hendrix, Waynesville, Mo. 6, Johnny Coats, Joplin, Mo. 7, Rick Girard, Moberly Mo. 8, Jay Prevete, Windsor, Mo. 9, Bradley Gideon, Ozark, Mo. 10, Scott Chism, Bolivar, Mo. 11, Larry Ferris, Kansas City, Kan. 12, Ted Welschmeyer, Tebbetts, Mo. 13, Josh Halbrook, Springfield, Mo. 14, Nicholas Gibson, Garden City, Mo. 15, DNS Shawn Whitman, Fair Grove, Mo
Heat 1 – 1, Kenny Carroll. 2, Johnny Coats. 3, Toby Ott. 4, Rick Girard. 5, Jay Prevete. 6, Larry Ferris. 7, Scott Chism. 8, Nicholas Gibson.
Heat 2 – 1, Bobby Barnett. 2, Bradley Gideon. 3, Ted Welschmeyer. 4, Chris Tonoli. 5, Josh Halbrook. 6, Shawn Whitman. 7, David Hendrix.

Racing and BBQ up next: Action at the speedway resumes July 8. The Springfield News-Leader Media Group Presents a Special Veterans and Military Appreciation Night of the Big Adventure RV Weekly Racing Series as all veterans and military personnel with ID will be admitted free. The Ozark Golf Cars USRA B-Mods will be the evening’s featured class running for a special 25-lap, $500-to-win main event.

In addition to the action on the track, the Inaugural “Red White Blue & Que” Presented by Lucas Oil Speedway is set for July 8-9. The Kansas City Barbecue Society-sanctioned competition will bring some of the nation’s top barbecue teams to south-central Missouri – and raise funds for a worthy cause.

Keeping with the veterans and military theme, proceeds from the Red White Blue & Que will go to The Warriors Journey, an online resource for military warriors and their families. Visit TheWarriorsJourney.org for more information on the organization based in Springfield, Mo., and the ways it offers help to military veterans and their families.

All veterans and active military, with ID, will be admitted free to the races. And fans attending the July 8 program will have the opportunity to sample barbecue from the competing teams, on the Lucas Oil Speedway midway prior to the races, for $5 for pulled pork and $1 per rib bone, and vote for their favorite to determine “People’s Choice” winner.

For ticket information on all all events at Lucas Oil Speedway, contact admission director Nichole McMillan at (417) 282-5984 or by email at Nichole@LucasOilSpeedway.com.

For complete Lucas Oil Speedway event information, archived stories, ticket info and the 2017 racing schedule, visit LucasOilSpeedway.com.

Lucas Oil Speedway is located at Highways 83 and 54 in Wheatland, Missouri. A campground with shower and bathroom facilities is also available. With its entrance located just outside the pit gate this sprawling scenic camping facility will continue to enhance the racing experience at the Diamond of Dirt Tracks.

Please visit www.LucasOilSpeedway.com for more information and detailed directions to the speedway or call the Track Hotline at (417) 282-5984.


In addition, fans can get social with Lucas Oil Speedway by following @LucasSpeedway on Twitter, clicking “Like” at www.facebook.com/LucasOilSpeedway and on www.youtube.com/LucasOilSpeedway.

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