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Tri-State Speedway Results – 10/21/17


Haubstadt, IN (October 21, 2017) – C.J. Leary of Greenfield, IN, raced to victory Saturday night in claiming the “Harvest Cup” to close out the season for the Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series and Tri-State Speedway. Leary was the quickest in a 21 car field whose overall performance produced an event with all 30 laps completed under the green flag. There were no restarts and every position drivers gained took an all out effort.

Leary took the lead from Chase Stockon on lap 7. The gap between the two leaders varied as they overtook traffic. However Leary was in control. Stockon would cross the finish line a second and a half behind. Leary collected $5,000 in winning his first career MSCS feature. Leary’s car is sponsored by Leary Construction and Highsmith Guns. The car owners are Chuck and Tammy Leary.

The other drivers in the top five were grouped further back in a second contest with Kyle Cummins leading Kevin Thomas Jr. and Chase Briscoe to the line. The second five was led by overall fast qualifier Chet Williams who was followed by rookie Stephen Schnapf, Robert Ballou, Donny Brackett, and Brady Short. Carson Short received the Wilwood Tuff Brakes Award as the eleventh place finisher.

Brady Short was the Keizer Aluminum Wheels Hard Charger for the race.

He had improved 7 positions overall. Kent Schmidt took a provisional to start the feature and also improved seven spots to finish fourteenth. Winner C.J. Leary started seventh and passed six top competitors. The ZERO redraw had produced a straight up starting field.

Drivers throughout the field came to race that one last time this season.

Brady Short and car owner Cam Pottorff received their 2017 Hoosier Tire MSCS Championship trophies and award jackets during opening ceremonies. It was the fourth series championship for Brady Short and third in the row for the duo. The MSCS Rookie of the Year Award was presented to Kendall Ruble during a second presentation which followed the feature.

In preliminary action the three heat races were won by Chase Stockon, Kyle Cummins, and Carson Short. Tyler Thomas and Brady Short finished one and two in the B Main. Collin Ambrose was to have been one of the 12 starters for the B but had to scratch for the event after hitting the concrete wall and fencing on the backstretch in the second heat and flipping. Brandon Mattox and Kent Schmidt were involved in another accident in that heat. It started with a spin and ended when Schmidt’s car flipped up onto that of Mattox. However Mattox started the B and took the last feature transfer position.

Planning and preparation will replace racing for a few months until the series can return to action next spring for an eighteenth consecutive year.

Two other classes were in competition at “The Harvest Cup.” The UMP Modifieds competed in a 25 lap feature. Dave Beck of Petersburg, IN, took the $1,500 top prize. Dustin Beck was second in the main event followed by fast qualifier Mark Lamont. The top three also won their respective heat races. Matt Hines and Trent Young rounded out the top five for the feature. Lance Forman won the B Main.

The MMSA Mini Sprint feature was the last event on the race card.

Andy Bradley crossed the finish line ahead of Anthony Haas and Chayse Hayhurst. Jesse Vermillion was fourth followed by Chase Briscoe.
Briscoe was the only driver pulling double duty. He was fifth in both the MSCS feature and the MMSA feature. Hayhurst won the B Main.
Anthony Haas, Justin Lewis, and Chase Briscoe took the three heat races.

Provided as News and Information for MSCS and Tri-State Speedway.

SUMMARY: “Harvest Cup” / Tri-State Speedway, Haubstadt, IN / October 21,

Hoosier Tire Midwest Sprint Car Series (27 Entries):

Overall Fastest Qualifier – 38 Chet Williams, 13.518 seconds

First Heat – 32 Chase Stockon, 9K Kevin Thomas Jr., 30 C.J. Leary, 5 Chase Briscoe, _________ 24 Nate McMillin, 11p Brady Short, 17gp Tyler Thomas, 27 Brian Wallace, _________ 17 Kendall Ruble, DNS Second Heat – 3R Kyle Cummins, 38 Chet Williams, 61m Stephen Schnapf, 45K Ben Knight,
____________34 Parker Frederickson, 37 Dave Gross, 36 Collin Ambrose, 28 Brandon Mattox, ____________5K Kent Schmidt Third Heat – 21 Carson Short, 4B Donny Brackett, 12 Robert Ballou, 10 Aric Gentry, __________ 14 Jadon Rogers, 56x Mitchell Davis, 77 Hunter O’Neal, 20 Steve Thomas, __________ 56 Jared Fox B Main – 17gp Tyler Thomas, 11P Brady Short, 27 Brian Wallace, 56x Mitchell Davis,
________28 Brandon Mattox, 17 Kendall Ruble, 77 Hunter O’Neal, 5K Kent Schmidt,
________56 Jared Fox, 37 Dave Gross, 20 Steve Thomas DNS, 36 Collin Ambrose, SCR.
Feature (30 Laps) – 30 C.J. Leary, 32 Chase Stockon, 3R Kyle Cummins, 9K Kevin Thomas Jr.,
_______5 Chase Briscoe, 38 Chet Williams, 61m Stephen Schnapf, 12 Robert Ballou, _______ 4B Donny Brackett, 11P Brady Short, 21 Carson Short, 17gp Tyler Thomas, _______ 24 Nate McMillin, 5K Kent Schmidt, 45K Ben Knight, 28 Brandon Mattox, _______ 56x Mitchell Davis, 14 Jadon Rogers, 27 Brian Wallace, 34 Parker Frederickson, _______ 21 Aric Gentry

UMP Open Wheel Modifieds (24 Entries):

Overall Fastest Qualifier – 7 Mark Lamont, 15.115 seconds First Heat – 7 Mark Lamont, 8K Levi Kissinger, 54 Josh McPherson, 2M David Mitchell Second Heat – 11 Dave Beck, 10Y Trent Young, 84 Stan Beadles, 62K Joel Jensen Third Heat – 75 Dustin Beck, 57 Matt Hines, 16c John Clippinger, K7 Gabriel Kirtley B Main – 41 Lance Foreman, 99t Tyler Loughmiller, 42K Neal Kramer, 81c Chris Cole Feature (25 Laps) – 11 Dave Beck, 75 Dustin Beck, 7 Mark Lamont, 57 Matt Hines, ______10Y Trent Young, 54 Josh McPherson, 62K Joel Jensen, 42 Paul Niznik,
______K7 Gabriel Kirtley, 16C John Clippinger, 99T Tyler Loughmiller, cs16 Rick Pauley, ______3M Trace Mehler, 41 Lance Foreman, 8K Levi Kissinger, 29 Aaron Zellers, ______81c Chris Cole, 42K Neal Kramer, 84 Stan Beadles, 2M David Mitchell

MMSA Mini Sprints (25 Entries):

First Heat – 81h Anthony Haas, 7H Kyle Hathaway, 34T Cody Trammel, 88 Jeff Schindler Second Heat – 77 Justin Lewis, 12J Jacob Samm, 86 Andy Bradley, 11X Damon Fortune Third Heat – 1X Chase Briscoe, 99 Dean Parker, 5 Jesse Vermillion, 73 Jeffrey Vermillion B Main – 20 Chayse Hayhurst, 8e8 Ethan Rutherford, 76H Tim Light, 87 Travis Stickels Feature – 86 Andy Bradley, 81H Anthony Haas, 20 Chayse Hayhurst, 5 Jesse Vermillion, ________1X Chase Briscoe, 77 Justin Lewis, 11x Damon Fortune, 12J Jacob Samms,
________73 Jeffrey Vermillion, 11s Brandon Smith, 21B Ryan Barr, 34T Cody Trammel, ________ 18C Cindy Chambers, 76H Tim Light, 88 Jeff Schindler, 7H Kyle Hathaway, ________ 8e8 Ethan Rutherford, 72 Ron Tepe, 87 Travis Stickels, 99 Dean Parker, ________ 17D Dylan Moan

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