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Carter Sweeps Memphis Fall Nationals

by Brian Neal

Memphis, MO (Saturday, October 21, 2017) – The second and final night of the “Fall Nationals” at the Pepsi Scotland County Speedway in Memphis, Missouri took place on Saturday, October 21st. One Hundred and seven driver’s returned in hopes of finding victory lane at the end of the night. One driver who won their feature event on Friday, also won their feature event on Saturday to sweep the weekends action.


After sixteen qualifying races were completed to set the line-ups for the feature events, the 12 lap Sport Compact feature would take to the track first. Kimberly Abbott and Brandon Reu drew the front row, with Abbott edging out Reu and Barry Taft at the line to lead lap 1. Abbott, who worked the bottom and middle grooves, Reu, who worked the bottom, and Taft, who worked the top, battle two and even three wide at times for the top spot. But Abbott was able to hold the lead at the line to keep the top spot. That was until lap 9, when Reu was able to work under Abbott to take the lead. Reu then held off Abbott and Taft over the final lap of a caution free race to claim the win. Abbott was 2nd, Taft was 3rd, Jake Benischek was 4th, with Josh Barnes rounding out the top 5.


Up next was the 14 lap Hobby Stock feature, with Jason Fusselman and Dustin Griffiths leading the field to the drop of the green flag. Griffiths used the momentum off the top of track in turn 4 to edge Fusselman out at the line by inches to lead lap 1. Fusselman would follow in Griffiths tire tracks over the entire 14 laps, and waited for Griffiths to make a mistake. But Griffiths ran a smooth enough race that Fusselman wasn’t able to get the lead away from him in a caution free race. Fusselman settled for 2nd, Keith Burg was 3rd, Aaron Martin came from 8th to finish in 4th, with Mike Kincaid coming from 9th to finish in 5th.


Jeremy Pundt and Johnny Spaw drew the front row for the 20 lap Stock Car feature, with Pundt edging out Spaw and Mike Hughes out at the line to lead lap 1. But the lead for Pundt only lasted for 1 lap, as Spaw slipped under him on lap 2 to take over the top spot. The action up front would be slowed for the first and only time on lap 8, when Rob Wilsey spun in turn 2 to bring out the yellow. On the restart Spaw moved back out front, with Hughes and Jason Cook close behind. Hughes would try to work under Spaw over the final 11 laps, while Cook had to work to hold back Dustin Griffiths, who started 10th, and Abe Huls, who started 12th, in the battle for third. Spaw was able to hold off Hughes to pick up the win and the $1,000 top prize to go with it. Hughes was 2nd, Cook won the battle for 3rd, Griffiths was 4th, with Huls finishing in 5th.


Up next was the 16 lap SportMod feature, with Chad Ryerson and Brett Lowry leading the field to green. But just as the green flag was waved the caution light came on for debris down the front stretch. On the original restart Lowry jumped out front to lead lap 1 over Austen Becerra and Brayton Carter, who started 7th. Becerra would use the bottom of the track to slip past Lowry on lap 2 to take over the top spot. Five laps later, on lap 7, Carter used the same move as Becerra used to get the lead. Becerra then tried to work back under Carter over the next 4 laps, when the second and final caution of the race appeared on lap 11 to slow the action. Lee Becker would get into Cody Agee in turn 3, which resulted in Agee spinning to bring out the yellow. On the restart Carter moved back out front, with Curtis Van Der Wal, who started 11th, over taking Becerra for second. Van Der Wal then tried to work under Carter over the final 5 laps, but Carter was able to hold him off to claim the win and the $1,000 check. Van Der Wal settled for 2nd, Becerra was 3rd, Brandon Lennox was 4th after starting in 8th, with Logan Anderson passing 10 cars from his 15th place starting spot to come home in 5th.


The final feature to take to the track was the 22 lap Modifieds, with Jardin Fuller and Michael Long making up the front row. Just as the green flag was waved the caution light would come on, as Jordan Walker, who started 3rd, spun in turn 4 to bring out the yellow. On the original restart Long grabbed the lead on lap 1 over Fuller and Jeff Waterman. While Long set a fast pace out front, all eyes were on Cayden Carter, who started 11th. By lap 4 Carter had worked himself into 3rd, and then on lap 11 he grabbed the runner up spot. With the use of heavy lapped traffic Carter was able to close in on Long’s back bumper on lap 15. One lap later, lap 16, Carter then slipped under Long to take over the top spot. The second and final caution of the race appeared on lap 18 to slow the pace. Fuller, who was running 3rd, got into a lapped car in turn 4 and spun to bring out the yellow. On the restart Carter moved back out front, with Kurt Kile, who started 8th, over taking Long for second. Kile tried to challenge Carter over the final laps. But Carter held on for his second win of the weekend and another $1,000 top prize to go with it. Kile was 2nd, Long was 3rd, Bruce Hanford started 12th and finished 4th, with Milo Veloz finishing 5th after starting in 9th.



Pepsi Scotland County Speedway – Memphis, MO

Saturday, October 21, 2017 – Fall Nationals Night 2




A-Feature: 1. Cayden Carter, Oskaloosa, IA; 2. Kurt Kile, Nichols, IA; 3. Michael Long, Fowler, IL; 4. Bruce Hanford, Davenport, IA; 5. Milo Veloz, Colona, IL; 6. Andrew Schroeder, Keswick, IA; 7. Jeff Waterman, Quincy, IL; 8. Bill Roberts Jr., Burlington, IA; 9. Jardin Fuller, Memphis, MO; 10. Ronnie Woods, Mexico, MO; 11. Rich Smith, Taylor Ridge, IL; 12. Greg Cox, Kellogg, IA; 13. Ed Thomas, Waterloo, IA; 14. John Davis, Altoona, IA; 15. George Spence III, Orion, IL; 16. Jordan Walker, Cedar Rapids, IA; 17. Derek Walker, Riverside, IA; 18. Jesse Belez, Marengo, IA; 19. Dakota Simmons, Douds, IA; 20. Kevin Goben, Sherrard, IL; 21. Shawn Ritter, Keystone, IA; 22. Ryan Cook, Burlington, IA; 23. Jerad Fuller, Memphis, MO; 24. Lance Arneson, Abrams, WI


B-Feature: (Top 6 to A) 1. Andrew Schroeder; 2. Dakota Simmons; 3. Derek Walker; 4. Ed Thomas; 5. Kevin Goben; 6. Shawn Ritter; 7. Colton Prevo, Bloomfield, IA; 8. Michael Larsen, Monroe City, MO (DNS)


Heat 1: 1. Jerad Fuller; 2. Ronnie Woods; 3. Bruce Hanford; 4. Lance Arneson; 5. Greg Cox; 6. Jesse Belez; 7. Dakota Simmons; 8. Derek Walker; 9. Michael Larsen


Heat 2: 1. Kurt Kile; 2. Jeff Waterman; 3. Bill Roberts Jr.; 4. Jordan Walker; 5. Rich Smith; 6. John Davis; 7. Andrew Schroeder; 8. Ed Thomas; 9. Colton Prevo


Heat 3: 1. Michael Long; 2. Cayden Carter; 3. Jardin Fuller; 4. Milo Veloz; 5. Ryan Cook; 6. George Spence III; 7. Kevin Goben; 8. Shawn Ritter



Stock Cars


A-Feature: 1.  Johnny Spaw, Cedar Rapids, IA; 2. Mike Hughes, Oskaloosa, IA; 3. Jason Cook, Mt. Pleasant, IA; 4. Dustin Griffiths, Hedrick, IA; 5. Abe Huls, Carthage, IL; 6. Derrick Agee, Huntsville, MO; 7. Keith Knop, Shelby, IA; 8. John Oliver Jr., Danville, IA; 9. Todd Reitzler, Grinnell, IA; 10. Chris Wibbell, Dallas City, IL; 11. Eric Arneson, Oconto Falls, WI; 12. Chad Krogmeier, Burlington, IA; 13. Jeremy Pundt, Donnellson, IA; 14. Rob Wilsey, Keokuk, IA; 15. Shane Ebaugh, Evansdale, IA; 16. Ty Hill, Ankeny, IA; 17. Tom Cannon, West Branch, IA; 18. Kevin Balmer, Garwin, IA; 19. Jim Redmann, Lockridge, IA; 20. Brandon Comins, Moline, IL; 21. Jimmy Comins, East Moline, IL; 22. Tyler Pickett, Boxholm, IA


Heat 1: 1. Keith Knop; 2. Tom Cannon; 3. Jeremy Pundt; 4. Derrick Agee; 5. Chris Wibbell; 6. Chad Krogmeier; 7. Ty Hill; 8. Brandon Comins


Heat 2: 1. Abe Huls; 2. Jason Cook; 3. Tyler Pickett; 4. Rob Wilsey; 5. Kevin Balmer; 6. Shane Ebaugh; 7. Jimmy Comins


Heat 3: 1. Johnny Spaw; 2. Dustin Griffiths; 3. Mike Hughes; 4. John Oliver Jr.; 5. Eric Arneson; 6. Jim Redmann; 7. Todd Reitzler





A-Feature: 1. Brayton Carter, Oskaloosa, IA; 2. Curtis Van Der Wal, Oskaloosa, IA; 3. Austen Becerra, Bowen, IL; 4. Brandon Lennox, New London, MO; 5. Logan Anderson, Eddyville, IA; 6. Jeffrey DeLonjay, Quincy, IL; 7. Brett Lowry, Montezuma, IA; 8. Brandon Dale, Arbela, MO; 9. Joe Beal, Milan, IL; 10. Sean Wyett, Danville, IA; 11. Chad Ryerson, Wellsburg, IA; 12. Carter VanDenBerg, Oskaloosa, IA; 13. Brandon Symmonds, Keokuk, IA; 14. Jim Blazina, Blair, NE; 15. Cody Agee, Huntsville, MO; 16. Jason Riegel, Eldon, IA; 17. Jami Ritter, Keystone, IA; 18. Mike Goben, Milan, IL; 19. Lee Becker, Belle Plaine, IA; 20. John Anderson, Novinger, MO; 21. Justin Veloz, East Moline, IL; 22. Daniel Fellows, Keokuk, IA; 23. Tim Plummer, Norway, IA; 24. Tony Johnson, Oskaloosa, IA


B-Feature 1: (Top 4 to A) 1. Sean Wyett; 2. Tony Johnson; 3. Jim Blazina; 4. Brandon Symmonds; 5. Randy LaMar, Buffalo, IA; 6. Cody Layman, Ainsworth, IA; 7. Tom Lathrop, Ottumwa, IA; 8. Kevin Skaggs, Kirksville, MO


B-Feature 2: (Top 4 to A) 1. Cody Agee; 2. Jason Riegel; 3. Jami Ritter; 4. John Anderson; 5. Jared Miller, Iowa City, IA; 6. Tim Dawson, Callao, MO; 7. Hunter Longnecker, Woodward, IA


Heat 1: 1. Curtis Van Der Wal; 2. Justin Veloz; 3. Austen Becerra; 4. Carter VanDenBerg; 5. Sean Wyett; 6. Jim Blazina; 7. Cody Layman; 8. Kevin Skaggs


Heat 2: 1. Brandon Lennox; 2. Joe Beal; 3. Daniel Fellows; 4. Lee Becker; 5. Jason Riegel; 6. John Anderson; 7. Tim Dawson; 8. Jared Miller


Heat 3: 1. Brett Lowry; 2. Jeffrey DeLonjay; 3. Tim Plummer; 4. Logan Anderson; 5. Tony Johnson; 6. Tom Lathrop; 7. Randy LaMar; 8. Brandon Symmonds


Heat 4: 1. Brayton Carter; 2. Chad Ryerson; 3. Brandon Dale; 4. Mike Goben; 5. Hunter Longnecker; 6. Jami Ritter; 7. Cody Agee



Hobby Stocks


A-Feature: 1. Dustin Griffiths, Hedrick, IA; 2. Jason Fusselman, Shelby, IA; 3. Keith Burg, Carlisle, IA; 4. Aaron Martin, Richland, IA; 5. Mike Kincaid, Cincinnati, IA; 6. Randy Byerly, Tipton, IA; 7. Rick VanDusseldorp, Oskaloosa, IA; 8. Brok Hopwood, Ottumwa, IA; 9. Brian Derry, Collins, IA; 10. Jason Rindom, Moberly, MO


Heat: 1. Jason Fusselman; 2. Dustin Griffiths; 3. Randy Byerly; 4. Rick VanDusseldorp; 5. Keith Burg; 6. Brian Derry; 7. Brok Hopwood; 8. Aaron Martin; 9. Mike Kincaid; 10. Jason Rindom



Sport Compacts


A-Feature: 1. Brandon Reu, Donnellson, IA; 2. Kimberly Abbott, Camp Point, IL; 3. Barry Taft, Argyle, IA; 4. Jake Benischek, Durant, IA; 5. Josh Barnes, Keokuk, IA; 6. Jeffrey DeLonjay, Quincy, IL; 7. Chuck Fullenkamp, West Point, IA; 8. Matt Pederson, Lake Park, MN; 9. Nick VanHemert, Reinbeck, IA; 10. Trent Orwig, Ottumwa, IA; 11. Adam Gates, Marion, IA; 12. Alyssa Steele, Keokuk, IA; 13. Ryan Lewis, Clark, MO; 14. Dalton Brown, Drakesville, IA; 15. Jaden DeLonjay, Quincy, IL; 16. Brandon Lambert, Carthage, IL; 17. Tanner Burton, Centralia, MO (DNS); 18. John Sears, Gorin, MO (DNS)


Heat 1: 1. Barry Taft; 2. Chuck Fullenkamp; 3. Josh Barnes; 4. Matt Pederson; 5. Jaden DeLonjay; 6. Alyssa Steele; 7. Tanner Burton; 8. Ryan Lewis


Heat 2: 1. Brandon Reu; 2. Kimberly Abbott; 3. Jeffrey DeLonjay; 4. Jake Benischek; 5. Adam Gates; 6. Nick VanHemert; 7. Trent Orwig; 8. Brandon Lambert; 9. John Sears (DNS)

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