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Tri-City Speedway’s Road to the Dome & Micro Event are canceled for this weekend due to weather!

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  1. I can understand if it’s maybe rain or something but cold you guys schedule this the last Friday of October you had to realize it would be cold a little bit come on now just because it’s a little cold you’re going to cancel that’s insane wow all I’m saying

  2. They aren’t in business to lose money. It was a rather large purse and would need a good fan count to make up for it. Gripe all ya want but it is the right call.

  3. How do u not expect this weather in late october? One would think if they planned the race in this date, they would be ready to absorb whatever mother nature throws at them. Its not like this is our first fall in St Louis. I understand not wanting to lose money, but who the hell expects sunny and 80 in late october?

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