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Central Missouri Speedway Extreme Action Race Report – Lewis Jackson, Marc Carter, Ed Griggs, Jake Richards, and Dakkota Brisbin Capture Wins on Pepsi Night at the Races!

Modifieds, Street Stocks, Mod-Lites, B-Mods, Pure Stocks
Central Missouri Speedway, Warrensburg, MO
Event 4, Weekly Racing, May 12, 2018

On the eve of honoring the great ladies in our lives for Mother’s Day, Central Missouri Speedway (CMS) hosted another strong night of racing in five divisions as two of the five winners on the night captured their first-ever main event victories. In racing, there’s nothing more thrilling than a driver capturing their first-ever victory. On Saturday at CMS, Lewis Jackson in the ‘Mighty’ Modifieds and Dakkota Brisbin in Pure Stocks each experienced the thrill of victory for the first time in their respective classes.

Drivers in each of the five divisions competed in three heat races to establish the total passing points lineups for the main event starting grids. David Doelz, Joey Harper, and Steve Evans were Pure Stock winners while Jacob Ebert, Brad Smith, and Jeremy Lile captured B-mod victories, Mod-Lite heat-victories went to Dillon Raffurty, Ed Griggs and Donnie Dannar while in Street Stock preliminaries John Brooks, Brett Wood, and Marc Carter captured the wins. Finishing out the final heats of the night in less than an hours’ time, Chad Lyle, Terry Schultz, and Brian Johnson commanded their respective races to capture Modified heat-race wins.

The Pure Stock main event had more twists and turns than a daytime soap opera as Joey Harper led early before tenth-starting Dakkota Brisbin of Richmond, Missouri took command of the event in a fierce battle with Steve Evans to record his first-ever feature win. Jake Richards’ stellar year continued Saturday night at CMS as he took control of the B-Mod field to record his second CMS main-event win of the season over Brad Smith and Cody Brill in dominating fashion. One of the largest weekly racing car counts of the year took place for the Mod-Lites with 22 cars in the house as Ed Griggs of Pleasant Hill, Missouri parked his familiar #47 in victory lane once again. After last week’s disappointment, Marc Carter roared back to life in Street Stock competition by capturing his 45th career CMS win in Street Stock competition over Bobby Ruff and Brett Wood. To close out the night, Kansas driver Lewis Jackson stalked race leader Kevin Blackburn over the final 10 laps and eventually overtook the former champion to come away with his first-ever feature event in yet another outstanding Modified finale. Terry Schultz was second for second-consecutive week with Blackburn in third.

Racing resumes Saturday, May 19th for KFKF Country 94.1 FM Night at the Races with ‘Mighty’ Modifieds, Street Stocks, Mod-Lites, B-Mods, and Pure Stocks. Pit Gates open at 4:30 followed by Spectator Grandstands at 5. Driver pill-draw ends at 6:15, the pit meeting takes place at 6:30, practice ‘hot laps’ begin at 7, and racing begins at 7:30. Adult general admission is $12, Active Military and Senior Citizens ages 65 to 74 $10, Kids ages 6 to 12 are $6. Seniors 75 and over and patrons permanently confined to a wheelchair are free in the grandstands. All pit passes are $30. Times and pricing are subject to change for special events.

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Quick-view top-three results. For complete results visit www.centralmissourispeedway.net.
Pure Stocks: 1) 42 Dakkota Brisbin, 2) 89e Steve Evans, 3) 3b Darrin Christy
B-Mods: 1) 7j Jake Richards, 2) 99 Brad Smith, 3) 96 Cody Brill
Mod-Lites: 1) 47 Ed Grigg, 2) 171 Donnie Dannar, 3) 46 Dillon Raffurty
Street Stocks: 1) 21 Marc Carter, 2) x15 Bobby Ruff, 3) 7 Brett Wood
Modifieds: 1) 3j Lewis Jackson, 2) 90 Terry Schultz, 3) 26k Kevin Blackburn

A-Main Events from Central Missouri Speedway 5-12-18

Pure Stock Feature   
1st-      74-Jaren Powrie, Nevada
2nd-     25x-Rodger Detherage, Windsor
3rd-      43-Zach Johnson, Sibley
4th-      21-Joey Harper, Buckner
5th-      4d-David Doelz, Warsaw
6th-      89-Jonathan Evans, Knob Noster
7th-      53k-Larry Norris, Lone Jack
8th-      42-Dakkota Brisbin, Richmond
9th-      13-Gary Akers, Independence
10th-    7-Spencer Reiff, Kansas City
11th-    12-Scott Martin, Warrensburg
12th-    296-Chuck Gard, Kingsville
13th-    22-Dustin Dillon, Warrensburg
DNS-    10-David Schirlls, Pleasant Hill

B-Mod Feature
1st-      7j-Jake Richards, Lansing, KS
2nd-     99-Brad Smith, Belton
3rd-      96-Cody Brill, Harrisonville
4th-      05-Jeremy Lile. Higginsville
5th-      68m-Joe Walker, Harrisonville
6th-      15s-Kody Bray, Archie
7th-      2j-Jason Billups, Holt
8th-      1-Dallas White, Centerview
9th-      20b-Michael Bixby, Harrisonville
10th-    10w-Doug Wetzel, Leeton
11th-    03-Chris Brockway, Knob Noster
12th-    13k-Chris Kitch, Belton
13th-    12c-Steve Clancy, Odessa
14th-    38-Gary McGinnis, Blue Springs
15th-    80-Ernie Walker, Sedalia
16th-    21-Kelly Keith, El Dorado Springs
17th-    12jr-Olen Stephens, Warrensburg
18th-    14k-Michael King, Warrensburg
19th-    94-Jacob Ebert, Oak Grove
20th-    14-Kameron Grindstaff, Independence
21st-    18-Zachary Whitaker, El Dorado Springs
22nd-   99L-Jeff Lockard, Butler
23rd-    99c-Jack Cunningham, Wellington
24th-    2-Rick Anderson, Slater
DQ-      7b-Bobby Russell, Smithville

Mod-Lite Feature      
1st-      47-Ed Griggs, Pleasant Hill
2nd-     171-Donnie Dannar, Oak Grove
3rd-      46-Dillon Raffurty, Kansas City
4th-      64-David Raffurty, Kansas City
5th-      41-Mike Raffurty, Kansas City
6th-      7-Cody Miller, Kansas City
7th-      36-Travis Alexander, Tonganoxie, KS
8th-      33-Kevin White, DeSoto, KS
9th-      3-Nathan Wolfe, Lee’s Summit
10th-    98-Jeff Raffurty, Holt
11th-    8v-Cody Vail, Louisburg KS
12th-    73-Tony Kerr, Kansas City
13th-    88-John Sharp, Vassar KS
14th-    02-Anthony Lane, Belton
15th-    4r-Robert Baslee, Holden
16th-    09-Josh Guy, Knob Noster
17th-    12v-Kellie Vail, Louisburg KS
18th-    85-Dave Thomas, Kansas City
19th-    78-Renee Sharp, Vassar KS
20th-    02T-Tyler Furrell, Belton
21st-    75-Justin Raffurty, Kansas City
22nd-   33L-Mark Lane, Grain Valley

Street Stock A-Main  
1st-      21-Marc Carter, Warrensburg
2nd-     x15-Bobby Ruff, Raymore
3rd-      7-Brett Wood, Warrensburg
4th-      30c-Clayton Campbell, Otterville
5th-      m20-Michael Mullins, Kingsville
6th-      28k-Chris Kircher, Drexel
7th-      67-Devin Irvin, Cleveland
8th-      27-John Brooks, Warrensburg
9th-      77-Danny Mckenzie, Warrensburg
10th-    09-Chad Eickleberry, Warrensburg
11th-    93-Sam Scott, Polo
12th-    7b-Stewart Burton, Cenrtalia
13th-    3p-Allen Perryman, Belton
14th-    25xxx-Jay Prevete, Windsor
15th-    51-Randy Jester, Odessa

‘Mighty’ Modified Feature   
1st-      3j-Lewis Jackson, Wellsville KS
2nd-     90-Terry Schultz. Sedalia
3rd-      26k-Kevin Blackburn, Fulton
4th-      88j-Jimmy Dowell, Boonville
5th-      16s-Chad Lyle, Oak Grove
6th-      00m-Jim Moody, Odessa
7th-      75-Gunner Martin, Sugar Creek
8th-      68-Dean Wille, Warrensburg
9th-      24jr-Jimmy Eaton, Bates City
10th-    85s-Tyler Shaw, Mexico
11th-    75rpm-Scotty Martin, Independence
12th-    69-Zach Zanders, Kearney
13th-    19b-Kaleb Bray, Archie
14th-    17k-Kyle Westerhold, Blue Springs
15th-    97k-Brian Johnson, Independence
16th-    30-Dalton Kirk, Edgerton KS
17th-    77-Jeff Douty, Butler
18th-    82-David Wood, Richmond

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