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Scott Bloomquist penalized by Lucas Dirt Late Model Series

It was announced during Thursday’s drivers meeting at East Bay Raceway Park that Scott Bloomquist will face penalties and fines for infractions during Tuesday night’s Winternationals event.

Bloomquist left the facility on Tuesday night after an incident in his heat race. He did not compete in the B-Main but accepted a series provisional to start the A-Main. Unbeknownst to series officials, Bloomquist was not piloting the #0 during the five-laps the car completed during the A-Main before retiring from the event.

Bloomquist will face the following penalties and fines: disqualification from Tuesday’s event; loss of TV Race Challenge points earned; earnings from Tuesday’s event of $500 will be forfeited and paid to the next eligible provisional (based on Fast Time), Mike Benedum; a $1,000 fine; suspension from Thursday night’s program; and will face an indefinite probationary period.

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  1. Why would someone as good as Scott pull stunts like this ?

  2. Awesome! Maybe one of these days he’ll figure out he can’t just do whatever he wants…smh

    • Eric Holt but he can. Just like no one should tell you that you cant do whatever you want.

      I dont understand why everyone is always so concerned with what everyone else does. You live your life, let others live theirs.

    • Jordan Higby Well absolutely he CAN do what he wants. But he’d best not cry about the consequences…

  3. Glad he was suspended

  4. Suprise, Suprise…….

  5. but he’ll still be back to kick all you haters favorite drivers ass! 😂

  6. Bout time that cheater/dope-head got a slap from Lucas!!

  7. I’ve been a race fan all my life, I don’t see the fascination with the guy? He should win alot with all that backing but at I55 and fairbury he’s looked average at best.

  8. Wow big news 500 bucks that well make a dent lmfao!

  9. Violated a rule. Penalties ensue. Just like any other track across America. If the other guy is a series regular either driver or crew they should be fined as well. They all knew what they were doing.

  10. Make the Penalty fit the crime. This overboard crap is just losing drivers and fans. And before you all start on this. I’m not a big fan of Bloomquist but you’re only doing harm to Lucas oil fans not Scott.

  11. Brandon Modlin
    Tim Modlin

  12. I don’t get it. You pull for this guy listen to all the BS everyone talks about him then he pulls this shit! Hard to stay a fan.

  13. Drama queen strikes again what about that Scott lashee?

  14. Scott scrap Lucas Oil and go do your thing. Dont be tied down. World Domination.

  15. He can do it. He done it what should it matter the car started on the tail of the field.