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DOUBLE-X SPEEDWAY – Results 5-26-19

Double X Speedway California, MO May 26, 2019

For Immediate Release— By Dean Reichel

9th Annual “Tribute to Jesse” contested at Double X Speedway

Nine years can be an eternity or it can seem like yesterday, depending on your point of view. Nine years ago, a son, a friend but first and foremost, a racer, left us all wondering, what might have been. Known as Jesse, Lester but best known as “The Rocket”, Jesse Hockett was a bright shining star on the national racing map. But, no matter where he was, what car he was driving, Jesse considered a little track on the edge of town, Double X Speedway, home. For nine years, racing faithful have gathered at the little clay oval to tell stories, reminisce and honor “The Rocket” with family and friends. The 2019 version was another celebration of one of the greatest racers to come out of the great state of Missouri.

Joining the three weekly classes on this special evening were the POWRi WAR Sprint Cars, a concept near and dear to Jesse Hockett. Leading off the heat races were the Super Stocks. “Smokin” Joe Miller of Centertown picked up the win outdueling John Clancy to the checkered. Visiting John Brooks finished third, Mark Davis fourth and Brandon Hays completed the top five. Kyler Girard, Rick Girard and Dale Berry wrapped up the finishing order. In the Hobby Stock division Kyle “ Fabio” Smith picked up the win over hard charging Mike Schrader. Jeremiah Wallingford finished a strong third, Chuck Coffey was fourth, and Dakota Girard was fifth. John Canada was unable to make the starting grid. In the Winged Sprint Car heat race number one, Taylor Walton put his number 93 under the checkered flag first with last starting Tyler Blank finishing second. Tyler Utz was third Mike Trent fourth, and Nathan Ryun completed the top five. The second heat race saw Quinton Benson pick up the win after a tough battle for the top spot. Randy Martin used a last lap pass to claim the second position, Mackenzie Borchers was third in the Ben Brown 49B, and Riley Kreisel completed the finishing order.

In POWRi WAR Sprint Car action, three heat races were on tap to set the feature event lineup. The first heat saw Wesley Smith pick up the win in the Helm Racing #12 machine, Kaitlin Leer crossed the stripe second, Joe B. Miller claimed third, Chris Morgan was fourth, Neal Matuska was fifth. Broc Elliott and Chris Parkinson were sixth and seventh and provided some excitement as they tangled after the checkered flag, both drivers were okay after the tumble. In the second heat Jack Wagner picked up the victory in the JHR #77. Riley Kreisel finished second with Samuel Wagner in third. Brian Beebe and Slater Helt were credited with fourth and fifth after getting together in turn four while racing for the checkered flag. Again, both drivers were able to walk away from the incident. The third heat saw Quinton Benson score a decisive victory over Brad Wyatt in second and Kory Schudy in third. Korey Weyant, Braydon Cromwell and Jason Billups completed the finishing order.

Feature event time on the Double X oval provides some close racing and the Super Stocks did not disappoint. Veterans Joe Miller and John Clancy Jr. were side by side on the front row and they pretty
much raced that way for 15 laps. Clancy maintained a slim advantage with Miller right on his rear bumper for 14-3/4 laps. In turns 3 & 4 on the final lap, Miller tried the high line and Clancy had the same idea, when Miller checked up he spun ending a good run as the checkered came out over the #8 of Clancy. Finishing second was John Brooks from Warrensburg, Mark Davis was third, Brandon Hays fourth and Kyler Girard fifth. Miller was credited with sixth and Rick Girard seventh. Dale Berry was unable to make the starting grid.

In the Hobby Stock feature it was all “Fabio” as Kyle Smith picked up win #2 on the 2019 season. It was a special victory as Kyle and Jesse Hockett were friends since childhood and Jack Hockett remarked in victory lane hoe special the win was for his family as well as Smith. Chuck Coffey was second, Dakota Girard was third, Jeremiah Wallingford was fourth and John Canada was fifth. Mike Schrader was initially third but was disqualified for a technical infraction during post race inspection.

The Winged Sprint Car Feature saw Tyler Blank have to pass the leader twice to pick up win number 3 on the season. The earlier pass was negated by a caution flag relegating Blank to second behind leader Taylor Walton. On the restart it was obvious that Blanks JR1 Chassis would get better as the run went on and he was able to pass Walton one more time, this time for keeps as he collected feature win number three on the season at Double X. Walton would finish a strong second, Riley Kreisel finished third with only a handful of winged sprint car starts to his credit, Quinton Benson finished fourth and Randy Martin was fifth. Tyler Utz finished sixth, Mike Trent was seventh, Kaitlyn Boland crossed the stripe eighth, Mackenzie Borchers ninth, Nathan Ryun tenth and Broc Elliott eleventh.

The headline division on the card was the POWRi WAR Sprint Cars with the final feature event of the evening. Brad Wyatt and Quinton Benson led the field to the green in the marquee event. Benson would move out to the early lead while the racing was going on behind him. Wesley Smith moved into second and moved to the rear bumper of the leader when the caution flew with seven laps in the books for Samuel Wagner and Brian Beebe. On the restart Benson continued to lead with Smith giving chase. Fans eyes were on Tyler Blank as he started at the rear of the field and was knocking on the top ten on the restart. On the restart Wesley Smith held off a hard charging Riley Kreisel and then set his sights on Benson. The two would dance around the oval high and low until Smith was able to make the pass on the low side of the back stretch. Benson would settle into second with Joe B. Miller in third. Riley Kreisel, Korey Weyant and Jack Wagner were al racing hard for position behind the leaders. AT the checkered flag it was Wesley Smith picking up the winners hardware. Hard charging Joe B. Miller came across second, Quinton Benson held on for third, Jack Wagner was fourth and Korey Weyant completed the top five. Kaitlyn Leer found herself in sixth at the finish, Riley Kreisel was seventh, Kory Schudy was eighth, Tyler Blank came home ninth and Chris Morgan tenth.

Next Sunday night June 2, the B Mods invade the confines of Double X Speedway. USRA rules will be in place for technical issues. The feature event will pay $500 to win in the B Mods. Winged Sprint Cars, Super Stocks and Hobby Stocks will be on the card also. For up to date information check out www.doublexspeedway.com and follow the Double X Speedway Fan Page on Facebook.

Conpete Results Double X Speedway Tribute To Jesse May 26, 2019

POWRi WAR Sprint Cars Feature- 1. 12-Wesley Smith; 2. 31B- Joe B. Miller; 3. 15B-Quinton Benson; 4.77-Jack Wagner; 5. 99-Korey Weyant; 6. 77K-Kaitlyn Leer; 7. 90-Riley Kreisel; 8. 28-Kory Schudy; 9. 75-Tyler Blank; 10. 81A-Chris Morgan; 11. 75E-Broc Elliott; 12. 48- Neal Matsukas; 13. 41- Brad Wyatt; 14. 73-Samuel Wagner; 15. 4- Braydon Cromwell; 16. 2-Jason Billups; 17. 37-Brian Beebe; 18. 65-Chris Parkinson; 19. 22S-Slater Helt (DNS)

Heat 1- 1. Smith; 2. Leer; 3. Miller; 4. Morgan; 5.Elliott; 6. Parkinson; 7. Matsukas Heat 2- 1. J. Wagner; 2. Kreisel; 3.S. Wagner; 4. Beebe; 5. Helt; 6. Blank (DNS) Heat 3- 1. Benson; 2. Wyatt; 3, Schudy; 4. Weyant; 5. Cromwell; 6. Billups

360 Winged Sprints Feature- 1. 75- Tyler Blank; 2. 93- Taylor Walton; 3. 91-Riley Kreisel; 4. 43-Quinton Benson; 5. 14-Randy Martin; 6. 3V-Tyler Utz; 7. 24-Mike Trent; 8. 15-Kaitlyn Boland; 9. 49B- Mackenzie Borchers; 10. 18X- Nathan Ryun; 11. 75E-Broc Elliott

Heat 1- 1. Walton; 2. Blank; 3. Utz; 4. Trent; 5. Ryun Heat 2- 1.Benson; 2. Martin; 3. Borchers; 4. Kreisel; 5. Elliott (DNS)

Super Stocks Feature- 1. 8-John Clancy, Jr.; 2. 27B-John Brooks; 3. 56-Mark Davis; 4. 54-Brandon Hays; 6. 14-Rick Girard; 7. 409Joe Miller; 8. 00X-Kyler Girard; 9. 05-Dale Berry (DNS) Heat- 1.Miller; 2. Clancy; 3. Brooks; 4. Davis; 5. Hays; 6. K. Girard; 7. R. Girard; 8. Berry Hobby Stocks Feature 1. 11K- Kyle Smith; 2. 171-Chuck Coffey; 3. 0-Dakota Girard; 4. 84-Jeremiah Wallingford; 5, John Canada; DQ-11 Mike Schrader Heat- 1, Smith; 2. Schrader; 3. Wallingford; 4. Coffey; 5. Gorard; 6. Canada (DNS)

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