Haubstadt, IN – May 26, 2019 –  The feature race Sunday night at Tri-State Speedway lived up to its name,  The BRANDEIS Midwest Sprint Car event would conclude as advertised – a Memorial Weekend Classic.

    Kyle Cummins of Princeton, IN, was on the move and would be the victor.  It was his second MSCS win in two opportunities to race at Tri-State Speedway this season.

    Kyle Cummins started the evening by setting the fastest overall time during group qualifications.  The Princeton, IN, driver followed that initial effort with a winning performance in the third heat race with Stephen Schnapf his closest rival.  The two would match speeds again during the feature.  Schnapf led the early portion of the event with Cummins in hot pursuit.  He kept the pressure on in the Rock Steady 3R and completed the task with a pass midway through the race.

    C.J. Leary and Kevin Thomas Jr. advanced to finish second and third in the feature.  Schnapf held fourth place at the finish.  Carson Short moved up 13 positions to finish fifth.  The superb effort was tops for the field thus the defending series champion was the Certified Rentals Hard Charger of the race.

    Robert Ballou also made a charge from the back of the field in finishing sixth.  Ballou needed a long visit to the work area after being involved in the incidents in turn three on the first lap of the original start.  It was the first of at least 4 caution flags needed during the feature.  Critter Malone was seventh followed by Donny Brackett, Dakota Jackson, and Brady Short.  Kendall Ruble picked up the Wilwood Tuff Brakes Award.

    Three heats and a B Main were held during the BRANDEIS Midwest Sprint Car Series preliminary events.  Team mates Kent Schmidt and Chase Stockon won the first two heats with Cummins the victor in the final heat.  Collin Ambrose of Owensboro, KY, was the winner in the B Main which consisted of a 13 car field.

    UMP Modified driver Brandon McDowell swept that portion of the racing program  Sunday night.  He turned in the fastest time with a 15.672 seconds lap as one of the drivers qualifying in the first group.  He then won the first heat race in a close duel with Dustin Beck.  The 25lap feature also became a final contest between McDowell and Beck.

    McDowell took the victory.  That was the first feature win for McDowell at the speedway this season.  Will Krup finished third behind Beck.  The modifieds driven by Michael Hussman and Jason Kibby rounded of the top five.  Krup had won the second heat held during the preliminary events.

    Cody Trammel drove the 34T numbered mini sprint to victory in the MMSA feature.  The 20 lap event provided the closest main event finish of the night.  Brad Strunk was just.two seconds behind in finishing second.  Jeff Schindler was third.  Dylan Moan and Keith Langley were next as 11 of the 22 starters finished on the lead lap.

    Heat races went to winners Jaylon Mills, Brad Strunk, and Ethan Rutherford.

    The entire racing program was completed following noon time and mid afternoon showers.  The track crew evaluated the situation, made the call, and then quickly prepared the track so racing could go on as scheduled.

    The next event booked for Tri-State Speedway is one of the top dollar MSCS shows of the season.  The Summer Showdown is scheduled for Saturday June 8th.  It will pay $5,000 to win the BRANDEIS MSCS feature.  The UMP Modifieds and MMSA Mini Sprints will also be competing in the program.



    Tri-State Speedway

    Haubstadt, IN, May 26, 2019


    BRANDEIS MSCS Sprint Cars:

    (28 Entries)

    Top Overall Qualifier –  3R Kyle Cummins, 13:519 seconds

    First Heat – 5K Kent Schmidt, 12 Robert Ballou, 04 Joe Stornetta Jr., 17 Kendall Ruble, 7 Critter Malone, 36 Collin Ambrose, 21 Carson Short, 28 Brandon Mattox, 5T Tye Mihocko, 45 Eric Perrott

    Second Heat – 5s Chase Stockon, 3 Dakota Jackson, 19 Kevin Thomas Jr., 19az C.J. Leary, 4B Donny Brackett, 75 Dustin Christie, 73 Blake Vermillion, 5v Jesse Vermillion, 10 Aric Gentry

    Third Heat – 3R Kyle Cummins, 61M Stephen Schnapf, 11p Brady Short, 38 Chet Williams, 14 Jadon Rogers, 20 Chayse Hayhurst, 7H Kyle Hathaway, 7R Ryan Bond, 90 Patrick Budde

    B Main – 36 Collin Ambrose, 75 Dustin Christie, 21 Carson Short, 20 Chayse Hayhurst, 10 Aric Gentry, 28 Brandon Mattox, 7H Kyle Hathaway, 73 Blake Vermillion, 5v Jesse Vermillion, 5T Tye Mihocko, 45 Eric Perrott, 90 Patrick Budde, 7R Ryan Bond

    Feature (25 Laps) – 3R Kyle Cummins, 19az C. J. Leary, 19 Kevin Thomas Jr., 61m Stephen Schnapf, 21 Carson Short, 12 Robert Ballou, 7 Critter Malone, 4B Donny Brackett, 3 Dakota Jackson, 11p Brady Short, 17 Kendall Ruble, 75 Dustin Christie, 38 Chet Williams, 14 Jadon Rogers, 20 Chayse Hayhurst, 36 Collin Ambrose, 5K Kent Schmidt, 04 Joe Stornetta Jr., 28 Brandon Mattox, 5s Chase Stockon, 10 Aric Gentry



    Tri-State Speedway (Continued)

    May 26, 2019


    (15 Entries)

    Top Overall Qualifier – 18 Brandon McDowell, 15.672 seconds

    First Heat – 18 Brandon McDowell, 75 Dustin Beck, 84 Stan Beadles, 07 Dane Heilman, 16c John Clippenger, 42K Neal Kramer, 41 Lance Foreman, 71 Ricky Frasure

    Second Heat – K19 Will Krup, 95z Zach Fair, 91K Jason Kibby, 95 Levi Kissinger, 21H Michael Hussmann, 87 Samatha Beadles, 15 Brandon Justus

    Feature (25 Laps) – 18 Brandon McDowell, 75 Dustin Beck, K19 Will Krup, 21H Michael Hussmann, 91K Jason Kibby, 41 Lance Foreman, 42K Neal Kramer, 15 Brandon Justus, 84 Stan Beadles, 07 Dane Heilman, 16c John Clippenger, 71 Ricky Frasure, 95 Levi Kissinger, 95z Zach Fair, 87 Samatha Beadles


    MMSA Mini Sprints:

    (25 Entries)

    First Heat – 419 Jaylon Mills, 34T Cody Trammel, 18c Cindy Chambers, 5 Tres Mehler, 99 Dean Parker, 11 Brandon Smith, 93 Logan Anderson, 9H Josh Hixson, 9 Casey Meyer

    Second Heat – 23s Brad Strunk, 17D Dylan Moan, 81H Anthony Hass, 88x Jeff Schindler, 19B Brandon Deputy, 87 Travis Stickels, 28 Raymond Holden, 29H Kyle Helsley

    Third Heat – 8E8 Ethan Rutherford, 26 Keith Langley, 56 Kinser Medler, 9c John Baumeyer, 21B Ryan Barr, 22 Brandon Coffey, 17B Cody Beard, 5M Ira McGill

    Feature – 34T Cody Trammel, 23S Brad Strunk, 88x Jeff Schindler, 17D Dylan Moan, 26 Keith Langley, 5 Tres Mehler, 8E8 Ethan Rutherford, 11 Brandon Smith, 99 Dean Parker, 21B Ryan Barr, 56 Kinser Medler, 22 Brandon Coffey, 18c Cindy Chambers, 9c John Baumeyer, 29H Kyle Helsley, 9H Josh Hixson, 93 Logan Anderson, 87 Travis Stickels, 9 Casey Meyer, 28 Raymond Holden, 81H Anthony Hass, 5M Ira McGill



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