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Will Krup Wins Rain Shortened POET BioFuels 30

Will Krup – Jim DenHamer photo

Lake Odessa, MI (Saturday, June 8, 2019) – The American Ethanol Modified Tour Presented by Allstar Performance took on Montpelier Motor Speedway for the first time in 2019 with the POET BioFuels 30. Over 30 cars checked in for the chance at $1,500 and the title of an AEmods winner, but Tour regulars proved to be up to the challenge.

The evening began with American Ethanol Qualifying, as competitors battled for a chance to be the Motul Motor Oil and Lubricants Fast Qualifier. In group one, Darryl Banks lead the way with a 15.598 over Todd Sherman’s 15.697 and Will Krup’s 15.846. Group two saw Ryan Cripe take the top spot with a 15.039, ahead of Scott Orr’s 15.743, and Logan Kickman’s 15.998. Group three was lead by Bub Roberts with a 15.725 over Ryan Sutter with a 15.899, and Tony Anderson with a 15.996. The fourth and final group was lead by Zeke McKenzie’s 15.441, ahead of Scottie Williams’ 16.038, and Clayton Bryant’s 16.089. Cripe would set the over all fast time, and take home the Motul Motor Oil and Lubricants Fast Qualifier Award.

In Allstar Performance Heat Race Number One, current points leader Will Krup set the pace, picking up the win ahead of Sherman, Daniel Sanchez and Dillon Nusbaum. IBEC Heat Race Number Two was taken by Cripe, over Erin Orr, Scott Orr, and Matt Twining. Tony Anderson claimed the GetBioFuels.com Heat Race Number Three over Bub Roberts, Ryan Sutter, and Andy Bishop. The fourth and final DUPONT Heat Race Number Four lead McKenzie to victory lane ahead of Scottie Williams, Brandon McComas, and Garrett Rons. The top two finishers from each heat race qualified for the redraw, while the top four transferred to the show.

Two Last Chance Qualifiers were needed to finalize the starting line up for the main event. Lane Automotive Heat Race Number One took 2018 Montpelier Motor Speedway AEmods feature winner Bill Lewis to victory lane ahead of Darryl Banks. American Ethanol Last Chance Qualifier Number Two was won by Jimmie HAager ahead of Clayton Bryant. Only the top two would transfer into the show. Luke Hubbell was awarded the American Ethanol Champions provisional.

In the POET BioFuels 30, McKenzie and Cripe lead the field to the American Ethanol Green Flag. Cripe made quick work of McKenzie, opening up a several car length advantage within two laps. His lead wouldn’t last long though, as the first caution of the night flew when Garrett Rons, Bryant Clayton, and Brandon McComas got together in turns one and two.

On the ensuing restart, McKenzie struggled off the line, allowing Sherman to get around him for second. McKenzi held strong though, continuing to fight to get the spot back, but as he did, it allowed 7th starting Krup to close in. McKenzie powered around Sherman for second on the top of the race track, as Sherman continued to put power to the ground on the bottom. Sherman suddenly had company on the bottom, as Krup muscled his way to his inside. Krup wasted no time getting around Sherman, and was battling with McKenzie for second just two laps later. Krup cleared McKenzie after a short battle, and had his sights locked in on Crape, and was reeling him in when a single car spin on the backstretch would bring out the second caution of the race on lap 12.
Light and intermittent rain added extra pace laps to ensure the track was good to race on, and drivers prooved it was. Krup used his inside row two starting spot to pull along side Crape on the restart. The two waged a three lap, side-by-side battle before another caution flew at the half-way point for a two car spin in one and two – at the last completed lap, Krup had just edged Crape across the line, and would lead the field back to green.

With weather pressing down on the Speedway, driver put on their A-Game for the final laps. Krup opened up a huge lead over Crape and McKenzi, who battled heavily for nearly half a dozen laps before the final caution of the night, when Bill Lewis got high in turn four, and spun to the infield at a rapid pace, crashing through Montpelier Motor Speedway victory lane. As officials worked to free Lewis’ car from the wooden framework, weather continued to move in, and a brief heavy rain with just five laps to go would end the night, and send Krup to YellowHose.com Victory Lane for the second night in a row.

Next up for the AEmods is a trip to Ontario, Canada and Southern Ontario Motor Speedway for a doubleheader weekend Friday and Saturday, June 14th and 15th. Keep up with the AEmods on social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and log onto AEmods.com for a complete schedule, points standings, and more!

Unofficial Results
POET BioFuels 30
1. K19 Will Krup
2. 24 Zeke McKenzie
3. 23C Ryan Cripe
4. 88 Scott Orr
5. 22T Tony Anderson
6. 18 Ryan Sutter
7. 65 Todd Sherman
8. 16W Dillon Nusbaum
9. 2B Darryl Banks
10. 5 Jimmie Haager
11. 96 Erin Orr
12. 77 Andy Bishop
13. 1 Scottie Williams
14. T5X Bub Roberts
15. 118L Bill Lewis
16. 463 Daniel Sanchez
17. 4 Brandon McComas
18. M1G Matt Twining
19. 23 Luke Hubbell
20. 114 Clayton Bryant
21. 9 Garrett Rons

Lane Automotive Last Chance Qualifier 1:
1. 118L Bill Lewis
2. 2B Darryl Banks
3. 27 Frank Paladino
4. 7 Drew Smith
5. 14B Josh Betts
6. 44 Andy Sherley
7. 80 Daniel Russell
8. 9PG Percy Gendreau

American Ethanol Last Chance Qualifier 2:
1. 5 Jimmie Haager
2. 114 Clayton Bryant
3. 80S Cole Sink
4. 14S Jessica Sroufe
5. 22 Will Bennett
6. 98 Time Meine
7. 23 Luke Hubbell
8. 9N Travis Nichols
9. 12 John McClure

Allstar Performance Heat Race 1:
1. K19 WIll Krup
2. 65 Todd Sherman
3. 463 Daniel Sanchez
4. 16W Dillon Nusbaum
5. 27 Frank Paladino
6. 118L Bill Lewis
7. 2B Darryl Banks
8. 80 Daniel Russell
9. 12 Brian Williams

IBEC Heat Race 2:
1. 23C Ryan Cripe
2. 96 Erin Orr
3. 88 Scott Orr
4. M1G Matt Twining
5. 5 Jimmie Haager
6. 80S Cole Sink
7. 14S Jessica Sroufe
8. 1K Logan Kirkman
9. 22 Will Bennett

GetBioFuels.com Heat Race 3:
1. 22T Tony Anderson
2. T5X Bub Roberts
3. 18 Ryan Sutter
4. 77 Andy Bishop
5. 7 Drew Smith
6. 9PG Percy Gendreau
7. 44 Andy Sherley
8. 14B Josh Betts

DUPONT Heat Race 4:
1. Zeke McKenzie
2. 1 Scottie Williams
3. 4 Brandon McComas
4. 9 Garrett Rons
5. 9N Travis Nichols
6. 23 Luke Hubbell
7. 114 Clayton Bryant
8. 12 John McClure

Photos by Jim DenHamer

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