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DOUBLE-X SPEEDWAY Results 6-9-19

Double-X Speedway
California, MO
June 9, 2019

Sunday night saw the 3rd annual Dylan Bias Memorial Race come to the Double-X Speedway. The event is contested to honor the memory of a young racer taken from us early in life. This annual event highlights the Super Stock division with added purse money and special races. With 18 Super Stocks signing in for the evening, fans were treated to an exciting night of stock car action. The Miller and Bias families worked very hard to make the event special for the drivers with the added purse monies and special awards in the class.

Cars and drivers came from far and wide to compete in this very special event. In heat one of the evening, Warrensburg, MO veterans Marc Carter and John Brooks paced the field to the green flag. After three laps side by side Brooks would take the advantage over Carter with Derek Henson moving up to challenge the leader as the white flag waved. Side by side they raced the last lap with Henson squeezing out the victory over Brooks. Carter was third, Steve Beach fourth, Dale Berry fifth and Zack Smith  credited with sixth. Heat race two saw Cole Henson take the win in a comfortable fashion over the field with Mark Davis second, John Clancy third, Ted Welschmeyer fourth, Joe Miller fifth and Cody Frazon sixth.  Heat race saw Toby Ott take the early lead with Tyler Blank in second. Clayton Campbell took only a second lap to move in to the number two spot with Zach Zeugin following into the three spot. At the checkered it was Ott picking up the win with Clayton Campbell second, Zach Zeugin third, Tyler Blank fourth, Evan Hays fifth and Brandon Hays sixth.

The Hobby Stocks took to the track for two heat races with Isaiah Penton picking up the victory. Dakota Girard placed second, Matt Smith third, John Canada fourth, Chris Kammerich fifth and Josh Clark sixth. Heat two saw Chuck Coffey claiming the victory with Kyle Smith second, Jeremiah Wallingford third, Mike Schrader fourth and Karen Johnson fifth.

360 Winged Sprint Cars contested two heat races on the evening also. In heat one it was Kyle Bellm winning over Riley Kreisel. Third went to Taylor Walton, fourth was Ayrton Gennetten, fifth was claimed by Monty Ferreria and sixth went to Broc Elliott. Lanny Carpenter was credited with seventh. Heat race two had a rough start with three consecutive cautions. On the restart Tyler Blank took the lead into turn one with Tyler Utz and Randy Martin giving chase. Blank would continue to lead after a lap two restart, until a lap 5 yellow. The dash to the checkered saw Blank picking up the win over Tyler Utz, Martin was third, Timmy Smith fourth and Mackenzie Borchers fifth.

The Super Stock class ran a special Dash for Cash and it was Derek Henson standing tall in victory lane with the winners spoils including $300 and a 70 quart cooler from Clennin Farm Supply of California, MO.

The feature events rolled off with the Super Stocks leading off with a 25 lap main event first on tap. The Henson brothers Derek and Cole led the field to the green flag to begin the event.  Derek Henson would use the low groove to take the lead which never grew over four car lengths for the duration of the event.  Toby Ott and Marc Carter ran second and third right on the bumper for the majority of the event. Some close racing between Henson and Ott led to Ott coming to a stop on the top of turn four on lap 22. On the restart Derek Henson was still at the point with Carter and Cole Henson lining up behind him. With three laps remaining, Henson would hold the slim advantage over the field to claim the victory. Marc Carter would earn a well contested second, Cole Henson was third, Zach Zeugin was fourth and Joe Miller finished fifth after starting thirteenth. In sixth through tenth were Clayton Campbell, Ted Welschmeyer seventh,  John Clancy recovered from a pit stop to finish eighth, Steve Beach was ninth and Brandon Hays rounded out the top ten.

The Hobby Stock division rolled out next on the feature slate with Chuck Coffey and Kyle Smith running one-two early and just past the halfway point Dakota Girard joined the fray. Smith and Girard would challenge the leader on the white flag lap but Coffey was not to be denied. Smith would win the duel for second with Girard finishing third. Isaiah Penton finished fourth and John Canada was fifth. Josh Clark claimed sixth on his first night at Double-X, Chris Kammerich was seventh, Matt Clark was eighth and Jeremiah Wallingford ninth.

The finale of the evening was the 360 Winged Sprint Car feature event.  Central Missouri Racing supporter Tony Stuart Racing added some excitement to the event. If Tyler Blank won his fifth straight he would receive an extra $100, however, if another driver won they would receive $200 extra. The racing surface for the feature proved to be a technical one providing challenges to the drivers. Kyle Bellm took the lead from his pole position starting spot and ran near perfect laps to secure the victory. Fellow front row starter Tyler Blank would hold down second place from the green until lap 23 when he would stop at the top of turn four with a flat right rear tire. Kyle Bellm was able to maintain the advantage for the final three laps to claim his first victory of the season at Double-X . Tyler Utz posted a good finish in second, Taylor Walton was third, Ayrton Gennetten finished fourth and Randy Martin completed the top five. Completing the top ten were Riley Kreisel in sixth, Lanny Carpenter in seventh, Monty Ferreria in eighth, Timmy Smith ninth and Mackenzie Borchers tenth.

Be sure to come out next weekend as the POWRi WAR non wing sprint cars will be making their second appearance of the season.  On June 23 it will be Legends and Old Timers night at the speedway.

Double-X Speedway Complete Results

June 9, 2019


Super Stocks-

Feature Event (25 laps)- 1. 27D-Derek Henson, Russellville; 2. 10-Marc Carter, Warrensburg; 3. 31C-Cole Henson, Russellville; 4. 35Z-Zach Zeugin, Fair Play; 5. 409-Joe Miller, Centertown;  6. 30C-Clayton Campbell, Otterville; 7. 21W-Ted Welschmeyer, Tebbetts; 8. 8-John Clancy,Jr., California; 9. G1- Steve Beach, Eldon, MO 10. 54-Brandon Hays, California; 11. Ott27-Toby Ott, Wheatland; 12. 116-Zack Smith, Centertown; 13. 27B-John Brooks, Warrensburg (DNF); 14. 2-Tyler Blank, California (DNF); 15. 04-Cody Frazon, LaMonte (DNF); 16. 7-Evan Hays, California (DNF); 17. 05-Dale Berry, Tuscumbia (DNS); 18. 56-Mark Davis, Grovespring (DNS)

Heat 1- 1. D. Henson; 2. Brooks; 3. Carter; 4. Beach; 5. Berry; 6. Smith

Heat 2-1. C. Henson; 2. Davis; 3. Clancy; 4. Welschmeyer; 5. Miller; 6. Frazon

Heat 3- 1. Ott; 2. Campbell; 3. Zeugin; 4. Blank; 5. E. Hays; 6. B. Hays

Dash For Cash- 1. D. Henson; 2. Clancy; 3. Brooks; 4. Welschmeyer; 5. Campbell; 6. Ott


Hobby Stocks

Feature-1. 171- Chuck Coffey, Windsor; 2. 11K-Kyle Smith, Stover; 3. 14-Dakota Girard, Moberly; 4. 8P-Isaiah Penton, Huntsville; 5.32-John Canada, Fulton; 6. 57-Josh Clark; 7. 2F-Chris Kammerich, Pilot Grove; 8. 97-Matt Smith, Bersailles; 9. 84-Jeremiah Wallingford, Prairie Home; 10. 96K-Karen Johnson, Marshall (DNS); 11. 11-Mike Schrader, Sedalia (DNS)

Heat 1-1. Penton; 2. Girard; 3. M. Smith; 4. Canada; 5. Kammerich; 6. Clark

Heat 2- 1. Coffey; 2. K.Smith; 3. Wallingford; 4. Schrader; 5. Johnson


360 Winged Sprint Cars

Feature- 1. 14K-Kyle Bellm, Nixa; 2. 3V-Tyler Utz, Sedalia; 3. 93-Taylor Walton, Warrensburg; 4. 3-Ayrton Gennetten, Gravois Mills; 5. 14-Randy Martin, California; 6. 91-Riley Kreisel, Warsaw; 7. 24-Lanny Carpenter, Clarksburg; 8. 45-Monty Ferrerria, Lincoln,NE; 9. 86-Timmy Smith, Rocheport; 10. 43-Mackenzie Borchers, Marshall; 11. 75E-Broc Elliott, California; 12. 75-Tyler Blank, California (DNF); 13. 49B-Ben Brown, Marshall(DNS); 14. 4-Evan Martin, Lohman (DNS)

Heat 1- 1. Bellm; 2. Kreisel; 3. Walton; 4. Gennetten; 5. Ferrerria; 6. Elliott; 7. Carpenter

Heat 2-1. Blank; 2. Utz; 3. R. Martin; 4. Smith; 5. Borchers; 6. Brown (DNF)l; 7. E. Martin (DNS)

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