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Johnny Herrera cowboys up at Vado Speedway Park in POWRi Sprint Car competition

Johnny Herrera

By Bryan Hulbert – With nearly an inch of rain dropping on the Vado Speedway Park surface prior to the Inaugural Turkey Bowl, wily veteran Johnny Herrera rode the ruts and flew threw traffic to grab the win in his first visit to the southern New Mexico oval.

“I’m really glad my family was able to be here tonight. They don’t get to see me race very often, and I have to thank Royal Jones. This is his engine in the car, and without him, we couldn’t be here,” stated Herrera in Western Tech Victory Lane.

Chasing the lead early, slower traffic and a rut played to the advantage of Herrera to work around early race leader, John Carney II who hooked the rut in the first turn; nearly sending the No. J2 into the fence. Taking advantage, Herrera shot between the bouncing No. J2 and slower traffic. Back after the No. 45x with Wes Wofford also in the mix, the trio worked for several laps with anyone in position to win.

Getting some breathing room through the mid-point of the feature, Herrera’s advantage began to disappear as Carney worked the low line of the Vado Speedway Park. Diving the bottom with seven laps to run, a little too much steam sailed the No. J2 hard into a rut, sending Carney flipping from the bottom of the first turn to the top of the second turn. John was ok.

Putting Wes Wofford to second with Buddy Tubbs in third, the chase was on with Herrera working middle to top to hold off the late-race charge of Wes Wofford. Colorado’s Buddy Tubbs grabbed third with Kyle McCutcheon picking up seven spots to fourth. Working from the 16th starting spot, Lorne Wofford made it up to fifth.

Rick Ziehl crossed sixth with CJ Hulsey seventh. Fading from the pole, Richard Wilbee ended up eighth with Brandon Schure and Jett Carney coming up 12 spots to complete the top ten.



Heat 1: 1-Wofford.W 2-Carney.J 3-Harris.D 4-Hood.R 5-Jones.R 6-Lovelady.R 7-Blaeser.D.

Heat 2: 1-Tubbs.B 2-Wilbee.R 3-Schure.B 4-Wofford.L 5-Higginbotham.J 6-Jonas.J.

Heat 3: 1-Herrera.J 2-Wofford.V 3-McDaniel.J 4-McCutcheon.K 5-DeMartino.D 6-Holden.R.

Heat 4: 1-Wells.M 2-Herrera.R 3-Ziehl.R 4-Hulsey.C 5-Quijano.A 6-Carney.J.

Feature: 1-Herrera.J 2-Wofford.W 3-Tubbs.B 4-McCutcheon.K 5-Wofford.L 6-Ziehl.R 7-Hulsey.C 8-Wilbee.R 9-Schure.B 10-Carney.J 11-Jones.R 12-Hood.R 13-McDaniel.J 14-Lovelady.R 15-Wofford.V 16-DeMartino.D 17-Herrera.R 18-Carney.J 19-Wells.M 20-Harris.D 21-Higginbotham.J 22-Holden.R 23-Quijano.A 24-Jonas.J 25-Blaeser.D.


Heat 1: 1-LeCroix.E 2-Smith.P 3-Stewart.N 4-Saunders.A 5-Scott.C 6-Masterson.J.

Heat 2: 1-Dons.C 2-Jackson.J 3-Smith.D 4-Beiter.T 5-Woody.T 6-Rodriguez.Z 7-Cassidy.D.

Feature: 1-Jackson.J 2-Beiter.T 3-Dons.C 4-Rodriguez.Z 5-Smith.P 6-Smith.D 7-Stewart.N 8-Scott.C 9-Saunders.A 10-Cassidy.D 11-LeCroix.E 12-Woody.T 13-Masterson.J.


Heat 1: 1-Bennett.B 2-Cain.J 3-Kyle.W 4-Barnett.S 5-Flores.D 6-Reynolds.J 7-Gibson.F 8-Smith.J.

Heat 2: 1-Privette.J 2-Nunez.M 3-Gallardo.J 4-White.C 5-Mitchell.J 6-Allen.R 7-Black.O 8-Huskey.A.

Feature: 1-Bennett.B 2-White.C 3-Privette.J 4-Reynolds.J 5-Gibson.F 6-Kyle.W 7-Barnett.S 8-Gallardo.J 9-Smith.J 10-Cain.J 11-Flores.D 12-Nunez.M 13-Mitchell.J 14-Allen.R 15-Huskey.A 16-Black.O

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