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Tri-City Speedway Entry List for May 29th Back to Business 40

Entry List
Back to Business 40
32 Late Models & 60 Modifieds

If you have a question or maybe not see your Entry please text Tammy at 636-448-9111 and we will get you taken care of.

Late Models
10 Daryn Klein LM #10
11 Gordy Gundaker LM #11 St. Charles, MO
11 Trevor Gundaker LM #11 St. Charles, MO
11 Jeff Herzog LM #11
12 Jason Wagner Late Model J12 East Peoria
12 Brandon Queen LM #12
12 Jeff Curl LM #12
14 Paul Kuper Class: Late Model Car #: 14 Aviston
14 Reid Millard Class: LM #14
15 Kolby Vandenbergh Late Model 15 Ashland, IL
15 Jeremy Conaway LM
15 Terry Michael Bolin late Model
16 Rusty Griffaw LM #16
16 Mike Hammerle LM #16
21 Billy Moyer LM #21 Batesville, Ak
24 Ryan Unzicker Late Model #24
27 Joe Denby LM # Winchester Tn
30 Mark Voigt LM #30
32 Danny Maguire #32 Late Model
56 Tony Jackson Jr Late Model #56
82 Billy Laycock LM #82
84 Myles Moos Super late model #84 Lincoln Illinois
86 Jeb Simmons LM #86 Wentzville MO
1H Josh Heuiser Class: LM #1H Hometown: St. Jacob, IL
25W Allen Weisser Modified Late Model Peoria IL 25w
32M Cody Maguire Super late Model. 32M Carlinville, Il.
33H Roben Huffman, LM #33H Clinton, IL
3s Brian Shirley LM #3s
48T Phillip Taylor LM #48T, Illiopolis, IL
6k Michael Kloos LM #: Circle 7 or 6K Hometown:Trenton IL
81E Tanner English Late Model 81e Benton, KY
J8 Jadon Frame LM # Winchester Tn 37398

0 Tim Hancock Sr Modified #O
2 Peyton Walker #2 Open wheel modified Paducah Ky
3 Jeff Leka A-Mod Buffalo Illinois
4 Bobby Regot #4 Modified
4 Chad Parson Modified #4
5 David Wietholder
7 Tim Nash Amod 7 Farmington,MO
7 Mark Lamont Mod #7 (Ted Brown’s)
9 Jay Sansone Mod#: 9 Hometown: Roxana, IL
14 Rick Conoyer Mod #: 14 Hometown: Wentzville, MO
14 Shad Prescott Amod #14 House Springs, MO
16 John Clippinger 16 Modified
18 Tommie Seets ModCar#: 18 Hometown: Brighton, IL
18 Michael Long Mod #18
19 Will Krup Mod #19
19 Tyler Erb Mod #19
21 Willy myers, modified, 21m, Collinsville il
21 Randy Dickman Modified #21
22 Wade Wenthe Modified 22 Effingham illinois
24 Mike Harrison #24H Ump Modified Highland, Illinois
25 Bill Kettering JR modified 25 Glasford,IL
25 Len Garson -a-mod-25-pocahontas il.
25 Tyler Nicely Modified #25 Owensboro,KY
36 Kenny Wallace A Mod #36 Imperial Mo.
37 Everett Bradham modified #37 Olney
43 Jason Johnson Mod Car #: 43 Hometown: Alvin, Illinois
51 Timmy Hill Modified #51
54 Shaun Hortsmann Mofified #54 HIGHLAND,IL
64 Dawson Cook UMP Modified 64 Morton, ILLINOIS
77 Rick Stevenson Mod Car #: 77 Hometown: O’Fallon, MO
88 Rob Lee Sorento, Il Impressive Chassis #88 Modified
93 Brayden Watson Mod #93 Bedford IN Number-
94 Cory Balkey UMP Modified #94, Paducah, KY
98 Shawn Vaughn/Modified/#98/Springfield Illinois
117 Mark Enk Modified #117
313 Jordan Warren Modified 313 Brighton
517 Rick Hamilton Modified division #517 Decatur, IL
777 Trevor Neville Ump modified #777 Mackinaw, IL
10J Steve Jones Modified 10J East Peoria, il
11D Brian Diveley Modified 11D Springfield Il
11z Zane oedewaldt 11z modified Hanna city IL
15b Eddie Bolin Class: A-Mod Car # 15B Hometown: Brighton
17V Michael Vanderiet Jr Ump modified 17v Centralia mo
19C Wendell Zulauf Jr Mod 19c Hometown: Taylorville IL
1A Steve Meyer Modified 1A Staunton,Illinois
1JR Floyd Jordan Jr Mod #1JR Pekin, IL
1S Brian Shaw Modified 1s Robinson, IL
1Z Zach Hoffman Modified 1z Troy, Illinois
21B Dustin Branch Class: Modified Car #: 21b Hometown: London Mills, Illinois
24L Sydney Landes Class: Modified :24L Terre haute,IN
25W Allen Weisser Modified Late Model Peoria IL 25w
29s Bill Sollers UMP Modified 29s Marshall, IL
59R Jacob Rexing Modified 59R Brighton IL
5S Alan Stipp Modified 5s Fairbury, IL
72A Austin Lynn Modified 72A Mason City, IL
7S Ethan Schnapp Modified 7s Springfield IL
8K Levi Kissinger 8K Modified Mount Vernon, IN
8s Kyle Steffens Mod #8s St. Charles, MO
99B Brandyn Ryan Amod 99b Coatsburg il
J24 Jeremy Nichols Car #: J24 Class: Amod Hometown: Lovington IL

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