Tyler Erb Gets First Lucas Oil Win of the Season at Muskingum County

Tyler Erb – Heath Lawson photo

ZANESVILLE, OH (July 3, 2020) – Tyler Erb earned his first Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series win of 2020 on Friday Night at the Muskingum County Speedway. The reigning series rookie-of-the-year took the lead from Jonathan Davenport on lap 44 and withstood a caution flag with two laps to go for the victory. He becomes the 12th different winner this year on the series tour. Devin Moran finished in second followed by Jonathan Davenport, Tyler Carpenter, and Hudson O’Neal.

Davenport started on the pole was hindered from running away with the first portion of the race as four cautions came out within the first nine laps of race. The race finally saw a long green flag stretch, and Davenport encountered heavy traffic quickly. Erb and several other drivers closed the gap on him, bringing chase as they maneuvered through the field of lap cars. Davenport held the point for the first 43 laps of the race until Erb passed him in traffic a lap later. Moran was able to also slip past Davenport on the same lap to gain the runner-up position.

With the win at Muskingum County, Erb becomes the 13th different winner in 14 appearances by the series at the Moran family-promoted facility. “I want to thank all of my crew. This deal is tough, it’s not easy. In all honestly, I think we have had a better year as far as being consistent than last year. We are going to keep digging, we want to get that orange spoiler before the end of the year.”

“This is almost one of my home tracks, I’ve stayed with Devin [Moran] several times. I have made many laps here with Donnie [Moran] to help me get better, but this is the first time I have turned competitive laps here. It seems like I’ve made 10 million laps here. I just want to thank the Moran family for everything they have done for me. This was my home shop for a while. This is just awesome,” said the 23-year-old Texas native.

Moran was pleased with his runner-up finish before his hometown fans. “The track was pretty good; it’s been 95 degrees all week. I was kind of hoping JD and Tyler would get into each other. I was going to roll around the top or diamond off the corner. Congrats to Tyler, he’s been like my brother for like the last four years. He’s never raced here, but people don’t realize he’s made a lot more laps than a lot of those other guys here tonight. I thought I might have had a chance with that last caution, but he [Erb] was so much better on the restarts.”

Davenport, the 3-time and reigning series champion came home in third after leading the most laps during the race. “When I got to those couple of lap cars, they moved up to the top where I was running which was the fast line to be in. Even so, we had a really good car tonight. I think it’s the best finish we have ever had here, so we will take it and move on to Portsmouth tomorrow night.”

The winner’s Eric and Kelly Brock/Best Performance Motorsports owned Rocket Chassis is powered by a Durham Racing Engine and sponsored by Roberts Bee Company, First Class Septic, Franklin Enterprises, Industrial Resourcing Group, Integra, and Valvoline.

Completing the top ten were Jimmy Owens, Steve Casebolt, Tanner English, Billy Moyer Jr., and Kyle Bronson.

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series
Race Summary
Freedom 50
Friday, July 3rd, 2020
Muskingum County Speedway – Zanesville, OH

Lucas Oil Time Trials
Fast Time Group A: Jimmy Owens / 15.204 seconds (overall)
Fast Time Group B: Tyler Erb / 15.544 seconds

Penske Race Shocks Heat Race #1 Finish (10 Laps, Top 4 Transfer):  1. 49-Jonathan Davenport[2]; 2. 21-Billy Moyer Jr[4]; 3. 25-Shane Clanton[6]; 4. 2S-Stormy Scott[3]; 5. 20-Jimmy Owens[1]; 6. 12D-Doug Drown[9]; 7. 71R-Rod Conley[7]; 8. 81-Jason Riggs[5]; 9. 88-Dustin Smith[8]

FK Rod Ends Heat Race #2 Finish (10 Laps, Top 4 Transfer):  1. 9-Devin Moran[1]; 2. 50-Shanon Buckingham[4]; 3. 28X-Tyler Carpenter[6]; 4. 1-Earl Pearson Jr[3]; 5. 20B-Todd Brennan[7]; 6. 16J-Jason Jameson[5]; 7. 2K-Kevin Smith[8]; 8. 57-Mike Marlar[2]

Simpson Race Products Heat Race #3 Finish (10 Laps, Top 4 Transfer): 1. 1T-Tyler Erb[1]; 2. 39-Tim McCreadie[3]; 3. 72-Michael Norris[4]; 4. C9-Steve Casebolt[2]; 5. 16-Tyler Bruening[5]; 6. 40B-Kyle Bronson[6]; 7. 111-Matthew Lux[7]; 8. 24-Jerry Aber[8]

Ohlins Shocks Heat Race #4 Finish (10 Laps, Top 4 Transfer): 1. 14-Josh Richards[1]; 2. 71-Hudson O’Neal[3]; 3. 81E-Tanner English[2]; 4. 59M-Shane McLoughlin[6]; 5. 79-Kyle Hardy[4]; 6. 18C-Mitch Caskey[8]; 7. 17E-Lance Elson[5]; 8. 14M-Reid Millard[7]

Tiger Rear Ends B-Main #1 Finish (12 Laps, Top 3 Transfer):  1. 20-Jimmy Owens[1]; 2. 12D-Doug Drown[3]; 3. 57-Mike Marlar[8]; 4. 71R-Rod Conley[5]; 5. 16J-Jason Jameson[4]; 6. 88-Dustin Smith[9]; 7. 2K-Kevin Smith[6]; 8. 81-Jason Riggs[7]; 9. 20B-Todd Brennan[2]

FAST Shafts B-Main #2 Finish (12 Laps, Top 3 Transfer): 1. 79-Kyle Hardy[2]; 2. 16-Tyler Bruening[1]; 3. 40B-Kyle Bronson[3]; 4. 18C-Mitch Caskey[4]; 5. 111-Matthew Lux[5]; 6. 24-Jerry Aber[7]; 7. 14M-Reid Millard[8]; 8. 17E-Lance Elson[6]

Lucas Oil Feature Finish (50 Laps):

Pos Start Car # Competitor Hometown Pay
1 2 1T Tyler Erb New Waverly, TX $12,700
2 3 9 Devin Moran Dresden, OH $6,200
3 1 49 Jonathan Davenport Blairsville, GA $4,500
4 11 28X Tyler Carpenter Parkersburg, WV $2,750
5 8 71 Hudson O’Neal Martinsville, IN $2,250
6 17 20 Jimmy Owens Newport, TN $2,700
7 14 C9 Steve Casebolt Richmond, IN $1,500
8 12 81E Tanner English Benton, KY $2,100
9 5 21 Billy Moyer Jr Batesville, AR $1,900
10 22 40B Kyle Bronson Brandon, FL $1,800
11 15 1 Earl Pearson Jr Jacksonville, FL $1,875
12 7 50 Shanon Buckingham Morristown, TN $1,750
13 4 14 Josh Richards Shinnston, WV $1,825
14 20 16 Tyler Bruening Decorah, IA $1,000
15 24 16J Jason Jameson Lawrenceburg, IN $1,000
16 19 12D Doug Drown Wooster, OH $1,000
17 9 25 Shane Clanton Zebulon, GA $1,700
18 10 72 Michael Norris Sarver, PA $1,000
19 21 57 Mike Marlar Winfield, TN $1,000
20 6 39 Tim McCreadie Watertown, NY $1,700
21 25 20b Todd Brennan Zanesville, OH $1,000
22 13 2S Stormy Scott Las Cruces, NM $1,000
23 26 18C Mitch Caskey North Lawrence, OH $1,000
24 23 81 Jason Riggs College Grove, TN $1,000
25 16 59M Shane McLoughlin Zanesville, OH $1,000
26 18 79 Kyle Hardy Stephens City, VA $1,000

Race Statistics
: 33
Lap Leaders: Jonathan Davenport (Laps 1 – 43): Tyler Erb (Laps 44 – 50)
Wrisco Feature Winner: Tyler Erb
Margin of Victory: 1.808 seconds
Cautions: Todd Brennan  (Lap 4); Josh Richards (Lap 5); Josh Richards (Lap 6); Tim McCreadie (Lap 9); Michael Norris (Lap 48)
Series Provisionals: n/a
Fast Time Provisional: Jason Riggs, Jason Jameson
Muskingum Co. Speedway Track Provisionals: Todd Brennan, Mitch Caskey
Series Emergency Provisionals: n/a
Big River Steel Podium Top 3: Tyler Erb, Devin Moran, Jonathan Davenport
Optima Batteries Hard Charger of the Race
: Kyle Bronson (Advanced 12 Positions)
Midwest Sheet Metal Spoiler Challenge Point Leader: Jimmy Owens
Allstar Performance Most Laps Led: Jonathan Davenport (43 Laps)
Sunoco Race for Gas Highest Finisher: Tyler Erb
Eibach Springs Rookie of the Race: Tanner English
ARP Engine Builder of the Race: Durham Racing Engines
Miller Welders Chassis Builder of the Race: Rocket Chassis
Outerwears Crew Chief of the Race: Randall Edwards (Tyler Erb)
Dirty Girl Racewear Fastest Lap of the Race: Tyler Carpenter (Lap #15 – 16.750 seconds)
STEEL-IT Tough Break of the Race: Josh Richards
PFC Brakes Pole Award: Jonathan Davenport
Time of Race: 27 minutes 44 seconds

Lucas Oil Point Standings:

Pos Car # Competitor Hometown Points Pay
1 20 Jimmy Owens Newport, TN 3755 $102,000
2 1T Tyler Erb New Waverly, TX 3375 $59,800
3 49 Jonathan Davenport Blairsville, GA 3365 $67,800
4 39 Tim McCreadie Watertown, NY 3270 $60,050
5 9 Devin Moran Dresden, OH 3265 $49,407
6 14 Josh Richards Shinnston, WV 3255 $55,300
7 40B Kyle Bronson Brandon, FL 3155 $46,700
8 25 Shane Clanton Zebulon, GA 3120 $47,400
9 21 Billy Moyer Jr Batesville, AR 2910 $31,925
10 81E Tanner English Benton, KY 2805 $26,125
11 50 Shanon Buckingham Morristown, TN 2675 $25,075
12 71 Hudson O’Neal Martinsville, IN 2650 $26,175
13 1 Earl Pearson Jr Jacksonville, FL 2645 $24,775
14 16 Tyler Bruening Decorah, IA 2480 $14,875
15 2s Stormy Scott Las Cruces, NM 2330 $13,975

*Results are unofficial until Close of Business on the Tuesday following Race Day*