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Martin, Fischer, Campbell, Raffurty, and Russell Take Night One Labor Day Weekend Wins at Central Missouri Speedway!

Central Missouri Speedway
September 5, 2020
For Immediate Release

(Warrensburg, Missouri) The annual two-night Labor Day weekend special events at Central Missouri Speedway began Saturday night with 104 entries checked in among five classes. Drivers competed in a total of 21 races throughout the night.

On hand were 24 A-Mods competing in night one qualifying heats and the 20-lap scramble to set the stage for the night two finale first six rows. Also, on hand were 33 B-Mods, 13 Mod-Lites, 14 Pure Stocks, and 20 POWRi Lightning Sprints, making their first appearance under the POWRi banner.

Pure Stocks Recap: Collecting heat-race wins to start the night were Bobby Russell over Jonathan Evans and James Mirts ahead of Darrin Christy. James Mirts and Bobby Russell took front-row honors with Russell darting out to take the early race lead. Mirts was solid in second early on with Jonathan Evans third. Russell comfortably led through lap nine at the first caution of the race. Another two cautions flew on the attempt to restart as Russell and Evans broke away when green-flag racing ensued. Mirts closed in on Evans by lap 11 but caution flew late in the race to setup a four-lap dash to the finish. Russell raced hard holding off Evans for the victory, his third straight. Evans was second followed by Brian Meyers, James Mirts, Rodger Detherage and Preston McDowell.

Mod-Lites Recap: Dillon Raffurty took command from the start of heat one to grab the win over Donnie Dannar while Garrett Stonum advanced from fourth to take the final heat over David Raffurty. Garrett Stonum and Dillon Raffurty led the 20-lap feature to the initial green, but caution flew at lap one with Raffurty out front. When racing resumed, David Raffurty moved to second behind his son and ran there through a lap-five caution. Dillon Raffurty again checked out on the restart in search of his 11th victory of the season. By the halfway point, Dillon Raffurty had a three-second lead over his father and Stonum. While Dillon checked out for the remainder of the race, David Raffurty and Stonum fought hard for second. In the end, Dillon Raffurty picked up his 11th victory of his championship season. David Raffurty finished second with Stonum third, Michael Raffurty fourth, and Travis Alexander fifth.

B-Mods Recap: Jacob Ebert recently earned the 2020 B-Mod championship and kept his momentum rolling with a victory in the opening B-Mod heat race ahead of Cody Brill. For heat two, it was Cole Campbell leading the way over Brad Smith. Patrick Royalty picked up the third heat over Doug Wetzel while Charles McCartney of Blue Springs picked up the final heat over Chad Staus. B-Main victories went to Rick Beebe and Cory Janasek. Patrick Royalty and Cole Campbell led to the field to the 20-lap main. Royalty and Campbell ran side-by-side for the opening laps until Campbell edged to the front by lap three. Brad Smith, Jeremy Lile and Earl Roark. Caution flew at lap four with Brad Smith moving to second on the restart. Royalty moved to the high side and put pressure back on Smith for second by lap nine as Campbell pulled away. Royalty took second by lap 12 dropping Smith to third. Meanwhile, Dakota Foster moved to fourth as Lile and Sturgis Streeter battled for fifth. In heavy lapped traffic Campbell fought his way around cars but caution flew at lap 15, realigning the field. For the final four laps, Campbell ran high with Smith low trying to hold on for the win. At the finish, Campbell prevailed for his

Lightning Sprints Recap: Mark Billings dominated heat one for the opening POWRi Lightning sprint heat ahead of Brandon Smith. Ken Billings took the second heat with Jeff Bard of Basehor, Kansas in second. The final heat of the night went to Tom Brown of Caresco, Nebraska, over Chasity Younger.

Younger and Jeff Bard earned front-row starting honors, but it was Younger who raced her way to the front to lead Billings through the first half of the race. The leaders approached heavy lapped traffic by the halfway marker as Billings closed in on the leader. Chase Fischer and Jerran Falke were strong inside the top five. Billings put heavy pressure on the leader by lap twelve as Sears closed in on second-running Billings by lap 14. Younger slipped trying to avoid a slower car off turn four Fischer and Billings moved to first and second at the front of the field. A late-race restart bunched the field a final time as Fischer of Jefferson City, worked hard to hold off Billings for the victory. In the end, Fischer was too strong with Billings in second with Stanley Kreisel advancing from tenth to third, Younger slipped to fourth just in front of Tom Brown to round out the top five.

A-Mods Recap: Heat race winners were Dustin Hodges over Lewis Jackson, Gunner Martin ahead of Dalton Kirk, and Kevin Blackburn over Kameron Grindstaff. Hodges and Martin took top passing points honors and started the 20-lap scramble from row one. Martin led early until caution flew by lap 12. Hodges was involved in the yellow as was Karrick and both drivers had to restart from the tail of the field. Up front, it was all Martin as he pulled away from Blackburn. Meanwhile, Kameron Grindstaff ran solid in third with Dalton Kirk fourth, Darron Fuqua fifth and Terry Schultz sixth. Caution flew at lap seven with Martin out front but caution quickly returned to the race for a several car spin in turn two. Martin again worked the throttle on the high side for the restart but caution again flew shortly after the restart. Schultz and Fuqua moved to the extreme high side to gain positions inside the top five by the midway point. Martin built up a quarter straightaway lead by lap 13 over Blackburn, Schultz, Fuqua, and Kirk inside the top five. Martin was too strong on this night and sailed away to take the win and the pole position for Sunday night’s 35-lap main event. Blackburn finished second and will start outside of row one on Sunday. The rest of the top 12 finish to secure a spot in the first six rows for Sunday night was Terry Schultz, Darron Fuqua, Brian Johnson, Dalton Kirk, Dean Wille, Randall Schiffelbein, Jr., Kameron Grindstaff, Chad Lyle, Dennis Elliott, and Robbie Reed.

Labor Day weekend racing concludes tomorrow, Sunday, September 6th featuring A-Mod Qualifying (For Rows 7-12) and $3,000-to-Win finale. Also running $2,000-to-win Street Stocks, plus B-Mods, POWRi Lightning Sprints, and Mod-Lites. All Special Event pricing is in effect. All pit passes $40 regardless of age. Pit passes sold separately from all entry fees for A-Mods and Street Stock drivers. No entry fees other than pit passes for other competing classes. Lightning Sprints subject to their payout and fee normal procedures. After racing concludes, everyone is invited to the party barn on the front stretch for an after-race night of free fun, games, and music. This is a bring your own drinks event.

Pit gates will open at 4:30, followed by grandstand admission at 5, driver pill draw cutoff at 6:15 (no passing points if driver is a late check-in), pit meeting at 6:30, hot laps at 7, and racing at 7:30.  Adult Admission $15, Active Duty Military and Senior Citizens aged 65 to 72 $12, Kids 6 to 12 years old $6, five and under free, 75 and older and individuals permanently confined to a wheelchair are free in the grandstands.

Johnson County Community Health Services (JCCHS) implemented a face covering mandate for the county. The order states face coverings are required in outdoor public gatherings when social distancing is not an option. Click here to read the exact wording of the mandate so you can decide for yourself regarding masks.

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Remaining Events at Central Missouri Speedway
Sunday, September 6th – Race #17 – $3,000-to-win A-Mods, $2,000-to-win Street Stocks. Plus, POWRi Lightning Sprints, B-Mods, and Mod-Lites.
September 25th (Friday) – Race #18 – Big Bad B-Mod Blowout Night 1, featuring three rounds of passing points heat races for B-Mods. Also running $500-to-win Pure Stocks, plus Mod-Lites!
September 26th (Saturday) – Race #19 – Big Bad B-Mod Blowout Night 2 – $3,000-to-Win B-Mods! Plus, A-Mods and Mod-Lites!

A-Main Results from 9-5-20. Full results at www.centralmissourispeedway.myracepass.com.

A-Mods, Scramble, 20 Laps (Top 12 Locked in for Sunday’s 35-lap, $3,000-to-win Finale)
1. 75-Gunner Martin[2]; 2. 16S-Kevin Blackburn[3]; 3. 90-Terry Schultz[10]; 4. 87-Darron Fuqua[7]; 5. 97K-Brian Johnson[13]; 6. 30-Dalton Kirk[4]; 7. 68-Dean Wille[14]; 8. 11JR-Randal Schiffelbein Jr[8]; 9. 14-Kameron Grindstaff[5]; 10. 33-Chad Lyle[16]; 11. 29X-Dennis Elliott[9]; 12. 5-Robbie Reed[24]; 13. 17-Rod Cordon[11]; 14. 1K-Tim Karrick[12]; 15. 38C-Jason Pursley[18]; 16. 55-Colson Kirk[17]; 17. 75X-Tad Davis[19]; 18. 3J-Lewis Jackson[6]; 19. 6-Ryu Taggart[22]; 20. 13R-John Rathgeber[23]; 21. (DNF) 22H-Dustin Hodges[1]; 22. (DNF) 7-Anthony Tanner[21]; 23. (DNF) 66-Eric Johnson[20]; 24. (DNF) 8X-Robby Love[15].

B Mods, A Feature, 20 Laps
1. 22C-Cole Campbell[2]; 2. 49-Patrick Royalty[1]; 3. 99S-Brad Smith[7]; 4. 5-Dakota Foster[12]; 5. 05-Jeremy Lile[4]; 6. 61-Sturgis Steeter[13]; 7. 14S-Sebastian Wolfenbarger[19]; 8. 17-Earl Roark[9]; 9. 94-Jacob Ebert[6]; 10. 7B-Rick Beebe[17]; 11. 11P-Jeremy Price[21]; 12. 75-Scotty Martin[23]; 13. 96-Cody Brill[11]; 14. 10W-Doug Wetzel[5]; 15. 88-Derek Nevels[8]; 16. 5T-Buddy Thompson[24]; 17. 8R-Chris Giles[15]; 18. 52-Cory Janasek[18]; 19. 77-Jeff Douty[16]; 20. C3-Chad Staus[10]; 21. (DNF) 27D-Larry Drake[20]; 22. (DNF) 73M-Charles McCartney[3]; 23. (DNF) 25-Matthew Clark[22]; 24. (DNF) 37-Wesley Brown[14].

POWRi Lightning Sprint Feature, 20 Laps
1. 22-Chase Fischer[4]; 2. 51-Mark Billings[5]; 3. 18-Stanley Kreisel[10]; 4. 10-Chasity Younger[1]; 5. B20-Tom Brown[6]; 6. 17-Dan Hillberg[9]; 7. 42-Alex Davis[13]; 8. 11-Brandon Smith[3]; 9. 85-Ken Billings[7]; 10. 51X-Danny Johnson[8]; 11. 00-David Hammons[15]; 12. 7-Tyler Johnson[14]; 13. 91-Mike Tindell[12]; 14. 44-Dustin Shaner[19]; 15. 10X-Nick Hillberg[17]; 16. RJ45-Jerran Falke[18]; 17. (DNF) 49B-Kenny Bowers[11]; 18. (DNF) 99-Emma Martin[16]; 19. (DNF) 13J-Jeffrey Sears[20]; 20. (DNF) 71-Jeff Bard[2].

Mod-Lites, A Feature, 20 Laps
1. 46-Dillon Raffurty[2]; 2. 64-David Raffurty[4]; 3. 4K-Garrett Stonum[1]; 4. 41-Michael Raffurty[5]; 5. 36-Travis Alexander[9]; 6. 33-Kevin White[6]; 7. 34-Tyler Furrell[11]; 8. 92-Michael Everhart[10]; 9. 73-Tony Kerr[8]; 10. 3XL-Josh Guy[13]; 11. 33L-Dustin Dennison[12]; 12. (DNF) 171-Donnie Dannar[3]; 13. (DNF) 17-Kyle Guy[7].

Pure Stocks A Feature, 15 Laps
1. 38-Bobby Russell[2]; 2. 89-Jonathan Evans[4]; 3. 2B-Brian Meyers[11]; 4. 39-James Mirts[1]; 5. 25JR-Rodger Detherage[6]; 6. 26-Preston McDowell[5]; 7. 19-Jerett Evans[10]; 8. M87-Mallory Stiffler[9]; 9. 3B-Darrin Christy[3]; 10. 8-Chris Dodson[13]; 11. (DNF) 30K-Cameron Kelly[8]; 12. (DNF) 28-Wayne Harper[12]; 13. (DNF) 2E-Steve Evans[7]; 14. (DNF) 90-Terry Moss[14].

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