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What We’ve Learned: USAC’s Indiana Midget Week (So Far)

RMS Racing teammates Justin Grant (#2J) & Thomas Meseraull (#7x)
(Travis Branch Photo)

By: Richie Murray – USAC Media

Speedway, Indiana (June 8, 2021)………The crossed flags signify the halfway point of Indiana Midget Week 2021 and we’ve already witnessed the first last lap IMW victory in eight years, a first-time USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget winner, newcomers making a name for themselves and, most importantly, all four races were run to completion despite the troublesome forecasts to open and close the first part of the 17th edition of the series.

Chris Windom (Canton, Ill.) leads the Indiana Midget Week standings at the moment with four top-tens in four starts, including two 2nd place runs to go along with a 3rd. Only four previous times has a driver won the Indiana Midget Week title without a feature win: Shane Cottle (2005), Tracy Hines (2008), Bryan Clauson (2016) and Shane Golobic (2017).

At the moment, Windom, the reigning series champion, is in the driver’s seat to join a list six drivers who have won a USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget driving championship, then followed up the next year with an Indiana Midget Week title: Jerry Coons Jr. (2007), Brad Kuhn (2010), Bryan Clauson (2011), Rico Abreu (2015), Spencer Bayston (2018) and Logan Seavey (2019).

Buddy Kofoid (Penngrove, Calif.) leads the overall USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget points by a slim seven-point margin over Windom. Like Windom, Kofoid, along with others, aim to double up by capturing both the USAC and Indiana Midget Week titles in the same season, something which has been accomplished five previous times: Jerry Coons Jr. (2007), Bryan Clauson (2011), Darren Hagen (2012), Christopher Bell (2013) and Rico Abreu (2014).

We’ve gotten the chance already to see a first-time USAC National Midget winner in Kyle Cummins (Princeton, Ind.) at Tri-State Speedway last Sunday. He’s now one of 11 drivers to have won their first career USAC National Midget feature during Indiana Midget Week, joining National champions Christopher Bell, Tanner Thorson, Spencer Bayston, Tyler Courtney, Chris Windom, plus Kyle Larson, Shane Cottle, Brady Bacon, Steve Buckwalter and Johnny Rodriguez who’ve all done so.

Cummins is one of four drivers to have earned a career-best USAC National Midget feature finish that has also resulted in a top-ten this past week. Brenham Crouch (Lubbock, Texas) took 5th Saturday at Lawrenceburg while Corey Day (Clovis, Calif.) earned a 6th, just one spot behind Crouch in the order. USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget Rookie of the Year leader, Bryant Wiedeman (Colby, Kan.), was 5th on Friday at Bloomington.

At Bloomington and Lawrenceburg, Day became the first driver to earn his first two Fatheadz USAC National Midget Fast Qualifying times in consecutive races since Logan Seavey in 2018 at Nebraska’s Jefferson County Speedway and Missouri’s Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex. Day and Windom are the only two drivers to earn fast qualifying times during Indiana Midget Week thus far with two apiece. Windom’s time of 13.377 beat Bryan Clauson’s 11-year-old one-lap track record for USAC Midgets at Tri-State.

At Paragon on Thursday, Thomas Meseraull led one lap and one lap only – the last one. The San Jose, Calif. native became the first driver since Kyle Larson at Gas City in 2013 to make a last lap pass for the win. Like Meseraull, Larson led just the final lap in that one as well.  And, similarly, both had incidents in their post-race celebration. Larson’s series of donuts after the checkered flag resulted in him flipping the car. Meseraull, meanwhile, took a spill during his cage stand, losing his balance while standing atop the car before falling directly on his hip. In both cases, the celebration was only momentarily deterred.

Logan Seavey’s Lawrenceburg victory came on a historically successful night for the Sutter, Calif. driver. The 2019 Indiana Midget Week champion captured the USAC National Midget feature, then followed it up with a Lawrenceburg Sprint Car feature win less than an hour later. Just 24 hours after that, Kyle Cummins did the same exact thing at Tri-State, scoring an MSCS Sprint Car win, then jumping in the midget to win yet again at his home track.

Conversely to Meseraull leading the minimum one-lap in his win, both Cummins and Seavey led all but one of the 30 laps in their respective wins, 29 apiece, a number which leads all drivers in that category for Indiana Midget Week 2021.

Kofoid and Windom are the only drivers to finish inside the top-five in three of the four events thus far. Meanwhile, four pilots have finished their races inside the top-ten in all four IMW starts, including Kofoid, Windom, Justin Grant (Ione, Calif.) and Daison Pursley (Locust Grove, Okla.).

Pursley and Kevin Thomas Jr. (Cullman, Ala.) lead all with two heat race wins while a whopping 17 drivers have started all four feature events: Emerson Axsom (Franklin, Ind.), Brenham Crouch, Kyle Cummins, Corey Day, Justin Grant, Trey Gropp (Lincoln, Neb.), Buddy Kofoid, Thomas Meseraull, Cannon McIntosh (Bixby, Okla.), Ethan Mitchell (Mooresville, N.C)., Daison Pursley, Logan Seavey, Kevin Thomas Jr., Tanner Thorson (Minden, Nev.), Bryant Wiedeman, Hayden Williams and Chris Windom.

USAC Rookie Brian Carber (Lewisberry, Pa.) made the biggest advancement of any driver during the first half of Indiana Midget Week with a 22nd to 10th place run Saturday at Lawrenceburg.

Auckland, New Zealand’s Hayden Williams made his first trip out to Indiana Midget Week since 2015. Before 2021, his most recent USAC start resulted in a career-best 7th place finish at Lawrenceburg six years ago. He picked right up back in the top-ten six years later with a 10th in Thursday’s opener at Paragon.

Indiana Midget Week’s final four rounds get underway on four consecutive nights this week with the series’ debut at Circle City Raceway in Indianapolis on Wednesday, June 9; Lincoln Park Speedway in Putnamville on Thursday, June 10; Gas City I-69 Speedway on Friday, June 11; and the finale at Kokomo Speedway on Saturday, June 12.

Tickets for all Indiana Midget Week events are available in advance at www.TracPass.com. By purchasing TracPass tickets in advance, you will save $5 on the price you’ll pay at the gate. Tickets will be on sale at the gate on each race day as well.

Each and every Indiana Midget Week event will be streamed LIVE on FloRacing at https://bit.ly/3dgONXz.



Driver Point Leader: Chris Windom

Most Feature Wins: 1-Kyle Cummins, Buddy Kofoid, Thomas Meseraull & Logan Seavey

Laps Led: 29-Kyle Cummins & Logan Seavey

Top-Fives: 3-Buddy Kofoid & Chris Windom

Top-Tens: 4-Justin Grant, Buddy Kofoid, Daison Pursley & Chris Windom

Fast Qualifying Times: 2-Corey Day & Chris Windom

Heat Race Wins: 2-Daison Pursley & Kevin Thomas Jr.

Feature Starts: 4-Emerson Axsom, Brenham Crouch, Kyle Cummins, Corey Day, Justin Grant, Trey Gropp, Buddy Kofoid, Thomas Meseraull, Cannon McIntosh, Ethan Mitchell, Daison Pursley, Logan Seavey, Kevin Thomas Jr., Tanner Thorson, Bryant Wiedeman, Hayden Williams & Chris Windom

Most Positions Gained in a Feature: Jun 5: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Brian Carber (22nd to 10th)



Jun 3: Paragon Speedway – Paragon, IN

              WINNER: Thomas Meseraull (RMS Racing #7x)

Jun 4: Bloomington Speedway – Bloomington, IN

               WINNER: Buddy Kofoid (Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports #67)

Jun 5: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Lawrenceburg, IN

               WINNER: Logan Seavey (Tom Malloy #25)

Jun 6: Tri-State Speedway – Haubstadt, IN

               WINNER: Kyle Cummins (Glenn Styres Racing #3G)

Jun 9: Circle City Raceway – Indianapolis, IN

Jun 10: Lincoln Park Speedway – Putnamville, IN

Jun 11: Gas City I-69 Speedway – Gas City, IN

Jun 12: Kokomo Speedway – Kokomo, IN



POS.     PTS.      DRIVER

1             283        Chris Windom

2             270        Buddy Kofoid

3             256        Logan Seavey

4             247        Justin Grant

5             243        Daison Pursley

6             220        Thomas Meseraull

7             218        Cannon McIntosh

8             202        Kevin Thomas Jr.

9             189        Emerson Axsom

10          185        Jason McDougal

11          181        Kyle Cummins

12          180        Corey Day

13          170        Bryant Wiedeman

14          163        Tanner Thorson

15          162        Brenham Crouch

16          146        Hayden Williams

17          124        Trey Gropp

18          119        Brian Carber

19          116        Ethan Mitchell

20          114        Cole Bodine

21          97          Kaylee Bryson

22          90          Chase Randall & Chance Crum

24          80          Brady Bacon

25          56          Sam Johnson

26          51          Ryan Timms

27          40          Bryan Stanfill & Blake Brannon

29          36          Stephen Schnapf

30          31          Hayden Reinbold

31          30          Chett Gehrke

32          20          Max Guilford, Tyler Nelson & Travis Buckley

35        10        Michael Clark, Oliver Akard, Tommy Thompson, Aiden Purdue & Kendall Ruble




1-Kyle Cummins (June 6 at Tri-State Speedway)

1-Buddy Kofoid (June 4 at Bloomington Speedway)

1-Thomas Meseraull (June 3 at Paragon Speedway)

1-Logan Seavey (June 5 at Lawrenceburg Speedway)



29-Kyle Cummins & Logan Seavey

27-Cannon McIntosh

16-Chris Windom

15-Buddy Kofoid

2-Justin Grant

1-Thomas Meseraull & Daison Pursley



3-Buddy Kofoid & Chris Windom

2-Justin Grant, Thomas Meseraull, Logan Seavey & Kevin Thomas Jr.

1-Brady Bacon, Brenham Crouch, Kyle Cummins, Cannon McIntosh, Daison Pursley & Bryant Wiedeman



4-Justin Grant, Buddy Kofoid, Daison Pursley & Chris Windom

3-Jason McDougal, Cannon McIntosh & Logan Seavey

2-Thomas Meseraull, Kevin Thomas Jr. & Tanner Thorson

1-Emerson Axsom, Brady Bacon, Kaylee Bryson, Brian Carber, Brenham Crouch, Kyle Cummins, Corey Day, Bryant Wiedeman & Hayden Williams



2-Corey Day & Chris Windom


HEAT RACE WINS: (Presented by Simpson Race Products, Competition Suspension, Inc., Indy Metal Finishing & Indy Race Parts)

2-Daison Pursley & Kevin Thomas Jr.

1-Emerson Axsom, Cole Bodine, Chance Crum, Justin Grant, Jason McDougal, Thomas Meseraull, Tanner Thorson, Bryant Wiedeman, Hayden Williams & Chris Windom



1-Brenham Crouch, Chase Randall, Kevin Thomas Jr. & Hayden Williams



4-Emerson Axsom, Brenham Crouch, Kyle Cummins, Corey Day, Justin Grant, Trey Gropp, Buddy Kofoid, Thomas Meseraull, Cannon McIntosh, Ethan Mitchell, Daison Pursley, Logan Seavey, Kevin Thomas Jr., Tanner Thorson, Bryant Wiedeman, Hayden Williams & Chris Windom

3-Cole Bodine, Brian Carber, Jason McDougal & Chase Randall

2-Kaylee Bryson, Chance Crum & Sam Johnson

1-Brady Bacon, Hayden Reinbold, Stephen Schnapf, Bryan Stanfill & Ryan Timms



June 3: Paragon Speedway – Logan Seavey

June 4: Bloomington Speedway – Chris Windom

June 5: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Hayden Williams

June 6: Tri-State Speedway – Daison Pursley



June 3: Paragon Speedway – Thomas Meseraull (12th to 1st)

June 4: Bloomington Speedway – Emerson Axsom (22nd to 11th)

June 5: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Brian Carber (22nd to 10th)

June 6: Tri-State Speedway – Justin Grant (19th to 8th)



June 3: Paragon Speedway – Tanner Thorson

June 4: Bloomington Speedway – Thomas Meseraull

June 5: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Tanner Thorson

June 6: Tri-State Speedway – Logan Seavey



June 3: Paragon Speedway – Cole Bodine

June 4: Bloomington Speedway – Kaylee Bryson

June 5: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Chett Gehrke

June 6: Tri-State Speedway – Travis Buckley



9-Bryan Clauson & Kyle Larson

5-Christopher Bell

4-Rico Abreu & Tanner Thorson

3-Spencer Bayston, Shane Cottle, Tyler Courtney, Darren Hagen, Brad Kuhn & Michael Pickens

2-Jerry Coons Jr., Davey Ray, Logan Seavey, Brad Sweet & Chris Windom

1-Brady Bacon, Chad Boat, Steve Buckwalter, Kyle Cummins, Dave Darland, Zach Daum, Jay Drake, Justin Grant, Tracy Hines, Levi Jones, Buddy Kofoid, Thomas Meseraull, Johnny Rodriguez, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Kevin Swindell & Kevin Thomas Jr.



9-Rico Abreu & Kyle Larson

5-Bryan Clauson

4-Chris Windom

3-Brady Bacon, Chad Boat, Steve Buckwalter, Brad Sweet & Tanner Thorson

2-Christopher Bell, Jerry Coons Jr., Corey Day, Bobby East, Shane Golobic & Tracy Hines

1-Spencer Bayston, Tanner Carrick, Tyler Courtney, Dave Darland, Zach Daum, Justin Grant, Darren Hagen, Thomas Meseraull, Ethan Mitchell, Michael Pickens, Logan Seavey, Danny Stratton & Kevin Thomas Jr.



2005: Shane Cottle, 2006: Shane Cottle, 2007: Jerry Coons Jr., 2008: Tracy Hines, 2009: Bryan Clauson, 2010: Tracy Hines & Brad Kuhn, 2011: Bryan Clauson, 2012: Darren Hagen, 2013: Christopher Bell, 2014: Rico Abreu, 2015: Rico Abreu, 2016: Bryan Clauson, 2017: Shane Golobic, 2018: Spencer Bayston, 2019: Logan Seavey, 2020: Kyle Larson

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