Carthage driver Goodman captures Enduro Easter Bowl 150 at Lucas Oil Speedway

Clay Goodman captured the Enduro Easter Bowl 150 at Lucas Oil Speedway on Saturday night. (GS Stanek Racing Photography)

WHEATLAND, MO. (April 16, 2022) – As its name would suggest, Enduro races reward those who successfully endure the marathon nature of the unique-style event.

Clay Goodman of Carthage outlasted 36 others Saturday night in the inaugural Enduro Easter Bowl 150 at Lucas Oil Speedway, coming home two laps in front of runner-up Troy Mitchell in the 150-lap feature.

“I’ll get to keep that one forever,” Goodman said in victory lane, after becoming the first winner of an Enduro race at Lucas Oil Speedway.

Goodman, who started 18th, earned $1,500 for the victory in the first racing event of the 2022 Lucas Oil Speedway season.

Predictably wild, the race for cars that are basically street-legal with some racing modifications for safety, was a free-for-all with bumping, banging and spins – but only one brief stoppage for a red flag. It took one hour, five minutes to complete and proved that the fastest was not necessarily the first to finish.

Mitchell, of Henley, Missouri, was a distant second and Jeremy Wilson of Humboldt, Kansas, wound up third after starting 33rd. Butch Knox of Sedalia was fourth and Scott Lampe of Fair Grove – who led a race-high 77 laps – wound up fifth.

Lampe had taken over the lead on lap 83 when Sims Nick spun after encountering a lapped car, appeared to have things going his way. But Lampe, who had Goodman a lap down, began to slow on lap 127 with steering issues.

Twice Lampe’s car failed to corner properly in turn one and Goodman was able to take advantage and drive past on lap 133. He drove away from there to prevail.

“I really appreciate everybody that helped me out on this,” Goodman said. “It feels pretty good. I didn’t expect this to happen. I’m pretty happy.”

In victory lane, Goodman also mentioned that the car had all Lucas Oil products in it from transmission to engine. He said the car had been sitting for six years prior to him purchasing it for this event.

Lampe drove into the lead on lap 83 as Sims Nick headed to the pits to change a flat tire. Sims returned, but three laps down, and Lampe soon had the entire field a lap down.

The race’s lone red flag flew on lap 89 as Sean Steward rolled his car on the backstretch. He was able to drive it to the infield and the race resumed after a brief delay.

As the 37-car field took the green from a standing, three-wide start it was Kevin Perkins leading the opening lap and Butch Knox lap two.

Derek Lampe took command on lap three and held it until pulling into the pits with smoke pouring from underneath on lap 23 with Scott Lampe assuming the top spot.


Enduro Easter Bowl 150

  1. 32-Clay Goodman[18]; 2. 22-Troy Mitchell[17]; 3. 14-Jeremy Wilson[33]; 4. 1-Butch Knox[1]; 5. 179-Scott Lampe[12]; 6. 3-Kevin Perkins[2]; 7. 171-Eric Lampe[8]; 8. 83-Sims Nick[26]; 9. 56-Joey Prater[28]; 10. 6-Jeremy Jones[5]; 11. 412-Justin Lake[27]; 12. 06-Scott Symmonds[13]; 13. 11-Jeremy Polston[24]; 14. 42-Alex P Thomas[19]; 15. 17L-Rick Lampe[7]; 16. 174-Derek Lampe[9]; 17. 175-John Lampe[11]; 18. 32M-Michael Groesbeck[35]; 19. 1S-Rick Sharp[25]; 20. 203-George Turpin[34]; 21. 27-Payten Dinges[21]; 22. 6X-Eric Atwood[37]; 23. 777-Randall Calvert[22]; 24. 10-Josh Stringer[30]; 25. 85-Sean Steward[29]; 26. 2L-Tom Lampe[10]; 27. 2C-Kent Cruzan[31]; 28. 9-Darrin Crisler[14]; 29. 33-Michael Gillis[20]; 30. 5-Scott Benedix[4]; 31. 01-Dominick Dattoli[16]; 32. 54-Ken Snyder[6]; 33. 20-Justin Day[36]; 34. 85C-Brett Cox[3]; 35. 15T-Curt Turpin[15]; 36. 32D-Darrin Moyers[32]; 37. (DNS) 14M-Skyler Myers

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