Double X Speedway Results – 6/12/22

Race Results 6-12-22

360 Winged Sprints

Feature- 1. 93-Taylor Walton, Odessa;  2. 77-Jack Wagner, Lone Jack;  3. 73-Samuel Wagner, Lone Jack;  4. 49-Tyler Elliott, California;  5. 88g-Garrett Hulsey, Lone Jack;  6. 4-Tyler Blank, California;  7.  0-Jake Griffin, Quincy IL;  8. 41-Mackenzie Borchers, Marshall;  9. 3-Russell Potter, Boonville;  10. 00-Broc Elliott, California, MO;  11. X-Ben Brown, Marshall;  12. 36jr-Camden Couch, Agency;  13. 36j-Luis Gutierrez, Agency.

Heat 1–  Walton, Blank, Hulsey, S. Wagner, Borchers, Potter, Gutierrez.

Heat 2–  Griffin, Brown, J. Wagner, B. Elliott, T. Elliott, Couch.

Super Stocks

Feature–  1. 05-Dale Berry, Tuscumbia;  2. 8D-Darek Wiss, Centralia;  3. 12-Jody Romig, Syracuse;  4. 19j-Tyler Crocker, Holts Summit;  5. 22-Tyler Potter, Fulton;  6. 409-Joe Miller, Centertown.

Heat–  Wiss, Crocker, Berry, Romig, Potter, Miller.


Feature-  1. 55-Colson Kirk, Urbana;  2. 7B-Terry Schultz, Sedalia;  3. 74-Adam Hall, Columbia;  4. 94-Tyler Potter, Fulton;  5. 52-Jimmy Borgmann, Boonville;  6. Justin Dick, Sedalia;  7. 30-Dustin Loucas, Fulton;  8. 21 Jacob Potter, Fulton.

Heat-  Schultz, Hall, Kirk, T. Potter, Dick, Borgmann, J. Potter, Loucas.

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