Isaacs, Carter, Reiff, and Roark Collect Kid’s Night Victories at Central Missouri Speedway!

Central Missouri Speedway
August 6, 2022
By Sam Stoecklin
For Immediate Release

(Warrensburg, Missouri) The first weekend of August arrived and to the next generation of race fans and drivers, that meant only one thing … Kid’s Night at the Speedway! The night featured kid’s racing in their age groups on the track and weekly racing action in all four divisions.

There were 18 B-Mods on hand along with 10 POWRi Super Stocks, 13 Pure Stocks, and 21 POWRi Midwest Mods for a total of 63 race teams taking part in the action. At the end of the night, Ethan Isaacs ended a long dry spell in B-Mods, Marc Carter collected his fiftieth career win in POWRi Super Stocks, Spencer Reiff fought hard for the Pure Stock win, while Earl Roark collected another POWRi Midwest Mods victory.

B-Mods – 18 Entries
Heat 1 – 8 Laps:  1. 66-Ethan Isaacs[2]; 2. 7B-Terry Schultz[5]; 3. 38D-Darrion McLaughlin[3]; 4. 171-Donnie Dannar[6]; 5. 33C-Cole Moore[4]; 6. 26-Derick Schlarb[1]

Heat 2 – 8 Laps:  1. 61-Sturgis Streeter[1]; 2. 12-Parker Smith[3]; 3. 88-Derek Nevels[5]; 4. 99-Brad Smith[6]; 5. 20-Tyler Cochran[4]; 6. (DNS) 15J-Jake Fetterman

Heat 3 – 8 Laps:  1. 05-Jeremy Lile[2]; 2. 251M-Mike Ryun[1]; 3. 00-Kyler Girard[6]; 4. 22C-Cole Campbell[3]; 5. 12JR-Olen Stephens[5]; 6. R33-Austen Raybourn[4]

Bonner Springs, Kansas, driver Ethan Isaacs and Higginsville, Missouri’s Jeremy Lile led the field to green for the 20-lap B-Mod main event with Lile grabbing the early edge. In a tight race at the front, the two drivers ran high and low in one of the most close and intense battles of the year after an early caution. However, it was Terry Schultz who moved to the front by lap three leading Lile, Isaacs, and Sturgis Streeter. As Schultz edged away, Isaacs and Lile kept their battle going in a high-side, low-side clinic with Isaacs eventually taking second by lap eight. The leaders encountered lapped cars by lap 11 with Schultz leading; however, on the next circuit Schultz’s night ended in heartbreak as he retired from the vent. Caution slowed the field for a second time at lap 13 with Isaacs leading Brad Smith, who moved from eleventh on the field to second. Over the remaining circuits, Smith was unable to reel in Isaacs, who went on to claim the victory. It was the 2009 B-Mod champion’s sixth career CMS victory. Smith settled for second with Lile third. Twelfth-starting Cole Campbell finished a solid fourth with Streeter rounding out the top five with Parker Smith sixth.

A Feature – 20 Laps:  1. 66-Ethan Isaacs[1]; 2. 99-Brad Smith[11]; 3. 05-Jeremy Lile[2]; 4. 22C-Cole Campbell[12]; 5. 61-Sturgis Streeter[4]; 6. 12-Parker Smith[5]; 7. 171-Donnie Dannar[10]; 8. 88-Derek Nevels[8]; 9. 251M-Mike Ryun[7]; 10. 33C-Cole Moore[13]; 11. 00-Kyler Girard[6]; 12. 12JR-Olen Stephens[15]; 13. 20-Tyler Cochran[14]; 14. R33-Austen Raybourn[17]; 15. 26-Derick Schlarb[16]; 16. (DNF) 38D-Darrion McLaughlin[9]; 17. (DNF) 7B-Terry Schultz[3]; 18. (DNS) 15J-Jake Fetterman

POWRi Super Stock – 10 Entries
Heat 1 – 8 Laps:  1. 4-Branden Bise[2]; 2. G1-Nick Gibson[4]; 3. 21W-Ted Welschmeyer[3]; 4. 14-Larry Ferris[5]; 5. 3P-Tyler Perryman[1]

Heat 2 – 8 Laps:  1. 04-Blaine Ewing[4]; 2. 10-Marc Carter[1]; 3. 21-Jay Prevete[5]; 4. 07D-Mike Daughtery[3]; 5. 83K-Denny Fitzpatrick[2]

Blaine Ewing of Green Ridge, Missouri, and Branden bise of Holts Summit, Missouri led the field to the original green flag for the POWRi Super Stock main with Ewing showing the way early on. The top four ran super close over the opening quarter of the race as Ewing led Bise, Marc Carter, and Jay Prevete. After a quick lap five restart, Carter moved into the second position in a close battle for the lead with Ewing in a two-car breakaway. The fierce battle between the leaders lasted several laps until Carter emerged as the leader at lap nine. At the halfway marker, Carter led Ewing, Bise, Prevete, and Nick Gibson. Ewing nearly had a disastrous moment in turn four while running second but saved the car from spinning and continued while only losing one position. Shortly after, a multi-car accident forced the retirement of Ted Welschmeyer and Larry Ferris with Gibson going to the back of the field. When racing resumed, Carter again had his hands full with Bise who challenged several times for the lead with Carter and Bise swapping the lead I the last third of the race. Carter edged to the front at lap nineteen and took the lead for good, ultimately scoring his first victory of the season and fiftieth career victory. Bise unfortunately spun from contention on the final lap and turn and dropped to eighth in final rundown. Ewing recovered to second, ahead of Nick Gibson, Tyler Perryman, Jay Prevete, and Mike Daughtery at the finish.

A Feature – 20 Laps:  1. 10-Marc Carter[4]; 2. 04-Blaine Ewing[1]; 3. G1-Nick Gibson[3]; 4. 3P-Tyler Perryman[9]; 5. 21-Jay Prevete[5]; 6. 07D-Mike Daughtery[8]; 7. 83K-Denny Fitzpatrick[10]; 8. (DNF) 4-Branden Bise[2]; 9. (DNF) 21W-Ted Welschmeyer[6]; 10. (DNF) 14-Larry Ferris[7]

Pure Stocks – 13 Entries
Heat 1 – 6 Laps:  1. 89-Jonathan Evans[5]; 2. 30K-Cameron Kelly[6]; 3. 69R-RIchard Jameson[2]; 4. 3J-Jerett Evans[4]; 5. 3B-Darrin Christy[3]; 6. 53K-Larry Norris[7]; 7. 5C-Charles Norman[1]

Heat 2 – 6 Laps:  1. 27-Jason Ryun[5]; 2. 7-Spencer Reiff[6]; 3. 17-Cory Howard[4]; 4. (DNF) M87-Mallory Stiffler[1]; 5. (DNF) 00-Cory Flamm[2]; 6. (DNS) 21-Joey Harper

Jonathan Evans and Jason Ryun began the 20-lap main event for Pure Stocks from row one with Ryun taking command early on. Evans held strong in second but had his hands full in a close battle with Spencer Reiff in the first part of the race. Evans then searched the lines for a way to the front, but Spencer Reiff also showed some muscle as he made it a three-car battle for the lead. Cameron Kelly then moved into the race for the lead as the four drivers ran hard at the front of the field in a four-car breakaway from the rest of the pack. By lap eight, Reiff moved in on Ryun up front just as yellow-flag conditions flew over the field. Ryun stayed in the lead as Reiff, and Evans resumed their close battle for second as Kelly looked on. At the lap 15 marker, Reiff again looked to the high side for a way to the front. At lap 17, Reiff had a strong run off turn two and took the lead from Ryun down the back stretch. The lead duo stayed close through lap 19 as Ryun catfished the low side trying to find a way back to the lead. However, on this night it was all Reiff as he collected his fourteenth career CMS victory over Ryun in second. Jonathan Evans was third, ahead of Kelly, Jerett Evans, and Darrin Christy to round out the top six.

A Feature – 20 Laps:  1. 7-Spencer Reiff[4]; 2. 27-Jason Ryun[2]; 3. 89-Jonathan Evans[1]; 4. 30K-Cameron Kelly[3]; 5. 3J-Jerett Evans[7]; 6. 3B-Darrin Christy[8]; 7. 53K-Larry Norris[9]; 8. 69R-RIchard Jameson[6]; 9. 17-Cory Howard[5]; 10. 5C-Charles Norman[10]; 11. (DNF) M87-Mallory Stiffler[11]; 12. (DNF) 00-Cory Flamm[12]; 13. (DNS) 21-Joey Harper

POWRi Midwest Mods – 21 Entries
Heat 1 – 6 Laps:  1. 8G-Tim Galvan[2]; 2. 59R-Logan Rash[1]; 3. 9-Brian Meyer[3]; 4. 41-Ashlyn Piburn[6]; 5. 10-Cody Bray[5]; 6. 95A-Kaden Schnakenberg[7]; 7. (DNF) 5F-Jess Fitzpatrick[4]

Heat 2 – 6 Laps:  1. 17R-Earl Roark[2]; 2. 45-Colt Cheevers[3]; 3. 33-Steve Muilenburg[4]; 4. 23-Dakota Dillon[6]; 5. 14-Josh Paul[1]; 6. 23T-Tim Smith[5]; 7. 12M-Mike Schnackenburg[7]

Heat 3 – 6 Laps:  1. 28-Shawn Burns[1]; 2. 17J-Dustin Dennison[2]; 3. 26-Devin Wetzel[3]; 4. 08P-Peyton Baker[5]; 5. 98-Dylon Smith[6]; 6. 114-Jonathan Parker[4]; 7. 51-Rylan Gibbs[7]

Kansas City’s Tim Galvan and Henley, Missouri’s Earl Roark began the 15-lap Midwest Mods main event from row one with Roark pulling away early on in front of a three-car battle for second between Colt Cheevers, Galvan, and Shawn Burns. A red-flag incident occurred for a multi-car pileup at lap two in turn one as all drivers checked out okay. Yellow flew again soon after, with the race slowed once again as Roark led Cheevers, Burns, , Steven Muilenburg, and Devin Wetzel. Roark held strong through a series of restarts with Cheevers searching for a way to close in throughout the race. Muilenburg looked strong in the final half of the race moving from his seventh starting position to fourth as Josh Paul advanced into the top five late in the race. Cheevers gave it all he could to gain ground but ran out of laps as Roark once again took the Midwest Mods victory, his fourth of the season. Cheevers finished a strong second with Burns solid in third in front of Muilenburg in fourth. Paul held on to finish fifth, one spot ahead of Tim Galvan, who recovered to sixth.

A Feature – 15 Laps:  1. 17R-Earl Roark[2]; 2. 45-Colt Cheevers[4]; 3. 28-Shawn Burns[3]; 4. 33-Steve Muilenburg[7]; 5. 14-Josh Paul[14]; 6. 8G-Tim Galvan[1]; 7. 5F-Jess Fitzpatrick[18]; 8. (DNF) 59R-Logan Rash[5]; 9. (DNF) 08P-Peyton Baker[12]; 10. (DNF) 98-Dylon Smith[19]; 11. (DNF) 10-Cody Bray[13]; 12. (DNF) 26-Devin Wetzel[9]; 13. (DNF) 12M-Mike Schnackenburg[17]; 14. (DNF) 51-Rylan Gibbs[21]; 15. (DNF) 95A-Kaden Schnakenberg[20]; 16. (DNF) 17J-Dustin Dennison[6]; 17. (DNF) 9-Brian Meyer[8]; 18. (DNF) 41-Ashlyn Piburn[10]; 19. (DNF) 23T-Tim Smith[15]; 20. (DNF) 114-Jonathan Parker[16]; 21. (DNS) 23-Dakota Dillon

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