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Like Father, Like Daughter: Johnny & Maria Cofer Set Rare USAC Feat

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On September 22 at Gas City (Ind.) I-69 Speedway, Maria Cofer (Macdoel, Calif.) became one of the select few drivers to follow in their father’s footsteps in becoming a fast qualifier with the USAC NOS Energy Drink Midget National Championship. (Chuck Reed Photo)

By: Richie Murray – USAC Media

Speedway, Indiana (October 4, 2022)………Like father, like daughter.

On September 22 at Gas City (Ind.) I-69 Speedway, Maria Cofer became one of the select few offspring to follow in their father’s footsteps in becoming a fast qualifier with the USAC NOS Energy Drink Midget National Championship.

Maria’s father, Johnny Cofer, accomplished the same feat during the tail-end of the 1995 season when he set fast time at Ventura (Calif.) Raceway, setting a new track record which still stands to this day.

Next, Maria is set to take on a pair of USAC National Midget events this weekend, starting Friday night, October 7, at Wayne City, Illinois’ Wayne County Speedway and on Saturday night, October 8, at Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, Ind.

Now, the Cofers enter the weekend as just one of 17 parent/child duos to record a fast time with the series since its inception in 1956.

In doing so, they became the second father/daughter to tally fast times with the USAC National Midget series. Warren Mockler scored a fast qualifying award twice on the Illinois’ dirt bullrings of Godfrey Speedway in 1981 and Belle-Clair Speedway in 1982. Daughter Stephanie Mockler’s turn came in 2007 when she earned P1 in time trials on the pavement of Ohio’s Mansfield Motorsports Park.

Overall, the first father/child pair to achieve the mark was Gene and Ted Hartley in 1961. Most unusual about this case is that Gene, the son, set fast time prior to his father, Ted!

After winning the first ever feature in 1956 at the Fort Wayne (Ind.) Memorial Coliseum, Gene recorded his first USAC National Midget fast time in the third event of the inaugural season at Michigan’s Grand Rapids Stadium, a February event which was halted with 37 laps complete due to snow!

Ted, meanwhile, had to wait until November 1961 when he set quick time at the slightly more comfortable confines indoors at Ohio’s Cincinnati Gardens.

On four separate occasions, a father and his multiple children were fast-timers with the series. The first to do so was Tony Bettenhausen followed by his two sons Gary and Merle. Parnelli Jones sons, P.J. and Page, followed suit as well in the coming years. Jim Hines and his two boys, Ted and Tracy, all hit the top of the speed chart in qualifying during their careers. All three of these father/sons pairings – Bettenhausen, Jones and Hines – won USAC National Midget features as well.

Pancho Carter and sons Dane and Cole soon added their names to the fast qualifying list in the coming years. Dane and Cole set those marks under the watchful eye of their father, USAC’s first Triple Crown champion driver to capture a USAC National Midget, National Sprint Car and Silver Crown title in his career.

There’s been just one single instance of three generations from a single family emerging as USAC National Midget fast qualifiers. Gene Gurney notched his first in 1960 at California’s Kearney Bowl. His son, Chuck, tripped the timing light fastest overall on Valentine’s Day 1975 when he turned the quickest lap at the Oklahoma City Sports Arena. Gene’s grandson and Chuck’s son, Chuck Gurney Jr., made his historic mark on the timing charts and in the USAC record books with fast time at Indianapolis Raceway Park in 2010.


Next up on the USAC calendar are a pair of National Midget outings this weekend, Friday, October 7, in the 9th running of the Peoples National Bank Jason Leffler Memorial at Wayne County Speedway in Wayne City, Ill. and on Saturday, October 8, in the Harvest Cup at Haubstadt, Indiana’s Tri-State Speedway.

Friday at Wayne City, the grandstands open at 5pm Central with the drivers meeting at 6pm and hot laps at 6:30pm with racing immediately following. Adult general admission tickets are $30. Kids 12 & under are free. Pit passes are $30 for members and $35 for non-members. Non-Wing Outlaw Micros, Restrictors and Junior Sprints will also be on hand.

Saturday at Tri-State, pits open at 3pm Central with grandstands opening at 4pm, the drivers meeting at 4:30pm and hot laps at 5:30pm with qualifying and racing immediately following. Adult general admission tickets are $25, students aged 13-18 are $20 and kids aged 12 & under are free. Pit passes are $30 for members and $35 for non-members. Also racing at the Harvest Cup are the Midwest Sprint Car Series and the Midwest Mini Sprint Association.



(As of October 4, 2022)

Father: Don Vogler (6) & Son: Rich Vogler (84)

Father: Bob Wente (72) & Son: Terry Wente (1)

Father: Jim Hines (2) & Sons: Tracy Hines (38) & Ted Hines (3)

Father: Dave Strickland (38) & Son: Dave Strickland Jr. (9)

Father: Johnnie Parsons (3) & Son: Johnny Parsons (36)

Father: Parnelli Jones (27) & Sons: P.J. Jones (3) & Page Jones (2)

Father: Tony Bettenhausen (3) & Sons: Gary Bettenhausen (25) & Merle Bettenhausen (5)

Father: Ted Hartley (2) & Son: Gene Hartley (24)

Father: Pancho Carter (10) & Sons: Dane Carter (4) & Cole Carter (3)

Father: Henry Pens (7) & Son: Danny Pens (2)

Father: Billy Boat (5) & Son: Chad Boat (6)

Father: Bob Gregg (1) & Son: Mike Gregg (6)

Father Danny Frye (4) & Son: Danny Frye Jr. (1)

Father: Gene Gurney (1), Son: Chuck Gurney (4) & Grandson: Chuck Gurney Jr. (1)

Father: Warren Mockler (2) & Daughter: Stephanie Mockler (1)

Father: Johnny Cofer (1) & Daughter: Maria Cofer (1)

Father: Danny Kladis (1) & Son: George Kladis (1)



Driver Point Leader: Buddy Kofoid

Entrant Point Leader: Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports #67

Leading Rookie Driver in Points: Mitchel Moles

Most Feature Wins: 10-Buddy Kofoid

Laps Led: 140-Buddy Kofoid

Top-Fives: 19-Buddy Kofoid

Top-Tens: 21-Buddy Kofoid

Fast Qualifying Times: 5-Buddy Kofoid

Heat Race Wins: 7-Buddy Kofoid

Feature Starts: 23-Kaylee Bryson, Justin Grant, Buddy Kofoid, Cannon McIntosh, Mitchel Moles & Bryant Wiedeman

Most Positions Gained in a Feature: Jun 5: Tri-State Speedway – Kaylee Bryson (22nd to 4th)



Feb 11: Bubba Raceway Park | Ocala, FL
WINNER: Justin Grant (RMS Racing #2J)

Feb 12: Bubba Raceway Park | Ocala, FL
WINNER: Justin Grant (RMS Racing #2J)

Apr 22: Port City Raceway | Tulsa, OK
WINNER: Justin Grant (RMS Racing #2J)

Apr 23: Port City Raceway | Tulsa, OK
WINNER: Buddy Kofoid (Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports #67)

Jun 2: Tri-City Speedway | Granite City, IL
WINNER: Buddy Kofoid (Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports #67)

Jun 3: Bloomington Speedway | Bloomington, IN (I)
WINNER: Buddy Kofoid (Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports #67)

Jun 4: Lawrenceburg Speedway | Lawrenceburg, IN (I)
WINNER: Buddy Kofoid (Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports #67)

Jun 5: Tri-State Speedway | Haubstadt, IN (I)
WINNER: Thomas Meseraull (RMS Racing #7x)

Jun 9: Lincoln Park Speedway | Putnamville, IN (I)
WINNER: Jacob Denney (Mounce-Stout Motorsports #61)

Jun 11: Kokomo Speedway | Kokomo, IN (I)
WINNER: Cannon McIntosh (Dave Mac-Dalby Motorsports #08)

Jul 8: Huset’s Speedway | Brandon, SD (A)
WINNER: Buddy Kofoid (Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports #67)

Jul 9: Huset’s Speedway | Brandon, SD (A)
WINNER: Buddy Kofoid (Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports #67)

Jul 10: Huset’s Speedway | Brandon, SD (A)
WINNER: Cannon McIntosh (Dave Mac-Dalby Motorsports #08)

Jul 12: Red Dirt Raceway | Meeker, OK (M)
WINNER: Ryan Timms (Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports #97K)

Jul 13: Solomon Valley Raceway | Beloit, KS (M)
WINNER: Thomas Meseraull (RMS Racing #7x)

Jul 15: Jefferson County Speedway | Fairbury, NE (M)
WINNER: Mitchel Moles (CB Industries #89)

Jul 16: Jefferson County Speedway | Fairbury, NE (M) (F)
WINNER: Buddy Kofoid (Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports #67)

Aug 3-4: (F) The Dirt Track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway | Speedway, IN
WINNER: Buddy Kofoid (Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports #67)

Sep 9: Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex | Sweet Springs, MO
WINNER: Cannon McIntosh (Dave Mac-Dalby Motorsports #08)

Sep 10: Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex | Sweet Springs, MO
WINNER: Buddy Kofoid (Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports #67)

Sep 22: Gas City I-69 Speedway | Gas City, IN
WINNER: Buddy Kofoid (Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports #67)

Sep 23: Eldora Speedway | Rossburg, OH
WINNER: Mitchel Moles (CB Industries #89)

Sep 24: (F) Eldora Speedway | Rossburg, OH
WINNER: Chris Windom (CB Industries #89x)

Oct 7: (F) Wayne County Speedway | Wayne City, IL

Oct 8: Tri-State Speedway | Haubstadt, IN

Nov 15: Bakersfield Speedway | Bakersfield, CA

Nov 17: (A) Placerville Speedway | Placerville, CA (A)

Nov 18: (A) Placerville Speedway | Placerville, CA (A)

Nov 19: (F) Placerville Speedway | Placerville, CA (F)

Nov 22: Merced Speedway | Merced, CA

Nov 23: Merced Speedway | Merced, CA

Nov 26: Ventura Raceway | Ventura, CA

———————— KEY DEFINITIONS ————————-

(I) represents an Indiana Midget Week event

(M) represents a Mid-America Midget Week event

(A) represents an event awarding appearance points only

(N) represents an indoor event

(F) represents an event awarding feature points only




1 1,581 Buddy Kofoid, Penngrove, Calif.

2 1,424 Justin Grant, Ione, Calif.

3 1,232 Bryant Wiedeman, Colby, Kan.

4 1,227 Cannon McIntosh, Bixby, Okla.

5 1,219 Thomas Meseraull, San Jose, Calif.

6 1,215 (R) Mitchel Moles, Raisin City, Calif.

7 1,173 Kaylee Bryson, Muskogee, Okla.

8 970 (R) Jacob Denney, Galloway, Ohio

9 967 Taylor Reimer, Bixby, Okla.

10 858 Brenham Crouch, Lubbock, Texas

® = USAC NOS Energy Drink National Midget Rookie of the Year Contender




1 1,581 Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports, Columbus, Ind. (#67)

2 1,424 RMS Racing, Western Springs, Ill. (#2J)

3 1,247 RMS Racing, Western Springs, Ill. (#7x)

4 1,232 Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports, Columbus, Ind. (#01)

5 1,227 Dave Mac Dalby Motorsports, Bixby, Okla. (#08)

6 1,215 CB Industries, Mooresville, N.C. (#89)

7 1,173 Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports, Columbus, Ind. (#71)

8 1,134 Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports, Columbus, Ind. (#97)

9 1,023 Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports, Columbus, Ind. (#25K)

10 1,003 Bundy Built Motorsports, Mooresville, N.C. (#9m)




1 1,215 Mitchel Moles, Raisin City, Calif.

2 970 Jacob Denney, Galloway, Ohio

3 666 Chase McDermand, Springfield, Ill.

4 653 Jade Avedisian, Clovis, Calif.

5 585 Jace Park, Overland Park, Kan.

6 525 Cade Lewis, Bakersfield, Calif.

7 513 Dominic Gorden, Clovis, Calif.

8 278 Mariah Ede, Fresno, Calif.

9 264 Blake Brannon, Morgan Hill, Calif.

10 96 Travis Buckley, Auckland, N.Z.



10-Buddy Kofoid (Apr 23 at Port City Raceway, Jun 2 at Tri-City Speedway, Jun 3 at Bloomington Speedway, Jun 4 at Lawrenceburg Speedway, Jul 8 at Huset’s Speedway, Jul 9 at Huset’s Speedway, Jul 16 at Jefferson County Speedway, Aug 4 at The Dirt Track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Sep 10 at Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex & Sep 22 at Gas City I-69 Speedway)

3-Justin Grant (Feb 11 at Bubba Raceway Park, Feb 12 at Bubba Raceway Park & Apr 22 at Port City Raceway)

3-Cannon McIntosh (Jun 11 at Kokomo Speedway, Jul 10 at Huset’s Speedway & Sep 9 at Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex)

2-Thomas Meseraull (Jun 5 at Tri-State Speedway & Jul 13 at Solomon Valley Raceway)

2-Mitchel Moles (Jul 15 at Jefferson County Speedway & Sep 23 at Eldora Speedway)

1-Jacob Denney (Jun 9 at Lincoln Park Speedway)

1-Ryan Timms (Jul 12 at Red Dirt Raceway)

1-Chris Windom (Sep 24 at Eldora Speedway)



140-Buddy Kofoid
135-Cannon McIntosh
111-Justin Grant
90-Mitchel Moles
63-Thomas Meseraull
47-Ryan Timms
36-Chance Crum
36-Jacob Denney
23-Chris Windom
22-Chase McDermand
19-Jerry Coons Jr.
18-Jade Avedisian
18-Kaylee Bryson
16-Zach Daum
12-Cade Lewis
11-Brenham Crouch
3-Daison Pursley



19-Buddy Kofoid
13-Justin Grant
10-Cannon McIntosh
8-Thomas Meseraull
7-Jacob Denney
7-Mitchel Moles
6-Brenham Crouch
6-Zach Daum
5-Kaylee Bryson
5-Bryant Wiedeman
3-Jerry Coons Jr.
3-Ryan Timms
2-Jade Avedisian
2-Alex Bright
2-Chance Crum
2-Kyle Cummins
2-Kyle Larson
2-Logan Seavey
2-Chris Windom
1-Emerson Axsom
1-Brady Bacon
1-Shane Golobic
1-Chase McDermand
1-Jason McDougal
1-Ethan Mitchell
1-Jace Park
1-Daison Pursley
1-Tanner Thorson



21-Buddy Kofoid
20-Justin Grant
16-Cannon McIntosh
16-Thomas Meseraull
14-Mitchel Moles
14-Bryant Wiedeman
13-Kaylee Bryson
12-Zach Daum
12-Jacob Denney
11-Brenham Crouch
9-Logan Seavey
6-Chance Crum
6-Ethan Mitchell
6-Taylor Reimer
5-Jerry Coons Jr.
4-Brady Bacon
4-Kyle Cummins
3-Jade Avedisian
3-Dominic Gorden
3-Chase McDermand
3-Tanner Thorson
3-Ryan Timms
2-Alex Bright
2-Tanner Carrick
2-Shane Golobic
2-Kyle Larson
2-C.J. Leary
2-Jason McDougal
2-Jace Park
2-Daison Pursley
2-Chris Windom
1-Emerson Axsom
1-Maria Cofer
1-Trey Gropp
1-Anton Hernandez
1-Kyle Jones
1-Cade Lewis
1-Hayden Reinbold
1-Kevin Thomas Jr.



5-Buddy Kofoid
2-Jade Avedisian
2-Justin Grant
2-Cannon McIntosh
2-Mitchel Moles
2-Taylor Reimer
1-Maria Cofer
1-Chance Crum
1-Shane Golobic
1-Ethan Mitchell
1-Tanner Thorson


HEAT RACE WINS: (Presented by Simpson Race Products, Competition Suspension, Inc., Pit Stop USA & Rod End Supply)

7-Buddy Kofoid
6-Thomas Meseraull
6-Bryant Wiedeman
5-Zach Daum
4-Jade Avedisian
4-Ethan Mitchell
4-Mitchel Moles
3-Jerry Coons Jr.
3-Dominic Gorden
3-Justin Grant
3-Cade Lewis
3-Cannon McIntosh
3-Taylor Reimer
2-Kaidon Brown
2-Maria Cofer
2-Brenham Crouch
2-Jacob Denney
2-C.J. Leary
2-Jace Park
2-Logan Seavey
2-Chris Windom
1-Brady Bacon
1-Tyler Courtney
1-Chance Crum
1-Kyle Cummins
1-Michael Faccinto
1-Kyle Jones
1-Chase McDermand
1-Hayden Reinbold
1-Jody Rosenboom
1-Tanner Thorson



1-Kaylee Bryson
1-Jacob Denney
1-Buddy Kofoid
1-Cannon McIntosh
1-Jace Park
1-Bryant Wiedeman


SEMI WINS: (Presented by Elliott’s Custom Trailers & Carts)

3-Jace Park
2-Jade Avedisian
1-Brenham Crouch
1-Justin Grant
1-Chase McDermand
1-Cannon McIntosh
1-Joe B. Miller
1-Mitchel Moles
1-Hayden Reinbold
1-Bryant Wiedeman


23-Kaylee Bryson
23-Justin Grant
23-Buddy Kofoid
23-Cannon McIntosh
23-Mitchel Moles
23-Bryant Wiedeman
22-Thomas Meseraull
22-Hayden Reinbold
21-Taylor Reimer
20-Ethan Mitchell
19-Jacob Denney
18-Brenham Crouch
18-Logan Seavey
16-Chase McDermand
15-Zach Daum
14-Jade Avedisian
13-Jace Park
12-Dominic Gorden
11-Cade Lewis
10-Maria Cofer
10-Chance Crum
10-Trey Gropp
7-Jerry Coons Jr.
7-Kyle Cummins
7-Mariah Ede
6-Brady Bacon
6-Jason McDougal
5-Blake Brannon
5-Ryan Timms
4-Sam Johnson
4-Corey Joyner
4-Tanner Thorson
4-Chris Windom
3-Emerson Axsom
3-Alex Bright
3-Tanner Carrick
3-Shane Golobic
3-Joe B. Miller
3-Alex Schriever
2-Jonathan Beason
2-Tanner Berryhill
2-Kaidon Brown
2-Steve Buckwalter
2-Braden Chiaramonte
2-J.R. Ewing
2-Andrew Felker
2-Luke Icke
2-Kyle Jones
2-Kameron Key
2-Kyle Larson
2-C.J. Leary
2-Michael Magic
2-Shannon McQueen
2-Daison Pursley
2-Ben Rhodes
2-Jody Rosenboom
2-Kevin Thomas Jr.
1-Oliver Akard
1-Chris Baue
1-Frank Beck
1-Lance Bennett
1-Jakeb Boxell
1-Chase Briscoe
1-Travis Buckley
1-Tyler Courtney
1-Andrew Deal
1-Rylan Gray
1-Noah Harris
1-Anton Hernandez
1-Trey Marcham
1-Michael Pickens
1-Karter Sarff
1-Alex Sewell
1-Matt Sherrell
1-Bryan Stanfill
1-Ricky Stenhouse Jr.
1-Adam Taylor



Feb 11: Bubba Raceway Park – Thomas Meseraull (13th to 4th)
Feb 12: Bubba Raceway Park – Kevin Thomas Jr. (15th to 9th)
Apr 22: Port City Raceway – Andrew Felker (22nd to 11th)
Apr 23: Port City Raceway – Justin Grant (10th to 3rd)
Jun 2: Tri-City Speedway – Kyle Larson (13th to 2nd)
Jun 3: Bloomington Speedway – Thomas Meseraull (22nd to 10th)
Jun 4: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Kyle Cummins (19th to 9th)
Jun 5: Tri-State Speedway – Kaylee Bryson (22nd to 4th)
Jun 9: Lincoln Park Speedway – Brady Bacon (14th to 6th)
Jun 11: Kokomo Speedway – Brenham Crouch (18th to 8th)
Jul 8: Huset’s Speedway – Buddy Kofoid (12th to 1st)
Jul 9: Huset’s Speedway – Thomas Meseraull (24th to 10th)
Jul 10: Huset’s Speedway – Logan Seavey (14th to 3rd)
Jul 12: Red Dirt Raceway – Buddy Kofoid (18th to 5th)
Jul 13: Solomon Valley Raceway – Ryan Timms (16th to 3rd)
Jul 15: Jefferson County Speedway – Cannon McIntosh (16th to 5th)
Jul 16: Jefferson County Speedway – Thomas Meseraull (17th to 9th)
Aug 4: The Dirt Track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway – Justin Grant (18th to 4th)
Sep 9: Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex – Bryant Wiedeman (11th to 4th)
Sep 10: Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex – Kaylee Bryson (22nd to 5th)
Sep 22: Gas City I-69 Speedway – Cannon McIntosh (23rd to 7th)
Sep 23: Eldora Speedway – Chris Windom (14th to 4th)
Sep 24: Eldora Speedway – Cannon McIntosh (16th to 7th)



Feb 11: Bubba Raceway Park – Cannon McIntosh
Feb 12: Bubba Raceway Park – Justin Grant
Apr 22: Port City Raceway – Tanner Berryhill
Apr 23: Port City Raceway – Ethan Mitchell
Jun 2: Tri-City Speedway – Justin Grant
Jun 3: Bloomington Speedway – Buddy Kofoid
Jun 4: Lawrenceburg Speedway – Buddy Kofoid
Jun 5: Tri-State Speedway – Jade Avedisian
Jun 9: Lincoln Park Speedway – Ethan Mitchell
Jun 10: Gas City I-69 Speedway – Mitchel Moles
Jun 11: Kokomo Speedway – Justin Grant
Jul 8: Huset’s Speedway – Brady Bacon
Jul 9: Huset’s Speedway – Cannon McIntosh
Jul 10: Huset’s Speedway – Brady Bacon
Jul 12: Red Dirt Raceway – Jonathan Beason (13.094)
Jul 13: Solomon Valley Raceway – Mitchel Moles
Jul 15: Jefferson County Speedway – Cade Lewis (11.170)
Jul 16: Jefferson County Speedway – Ryan Timms (10.979)
Aug 4: The Dirt Track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway – Cannon McIntosh (12.136) & Michael Pickens (12.074)
Sep 9: Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex – Zach Daum (11.520)
Sep 10: Sweet Springs Motorsports Complex – Chase McDermand (11.708)
Sep 22: Gas City I-69 Speedway – Kaylee Bryson (12.319)
Sep 23: Eldora Speedway – Jacob Denney (16.658)
Sep 24: Eldora Speedway – Chris Windom (16.816)


1. [111 wins] Mel Kenyon
2. [95 wins] Rich Vogler
3. [78 wins] Bob Wente
4. [63 wins] Bob Tattersall
5. [59 wins] Sleepy Tripp
6. [48 wins] Jimmy Davies
7. [38 wins] Bryan Clauson
8. [35 wins] Tracy Hines
9. [31 wins] Gene Hartley & Chuck Rodee
11. [30 wins] Dave Darland, Mike McGreevy & Johnny Parsons
14. [27 wins] Gary Bettenhausen, Tony Stewart & Tanner Thorson
17. [25 wins] Darren Hagen, Parnelli Jones, Kyle Larson & Dave Strickland
21. [24 wins] Billy Engelhart
22. [23 wins] Christopher Bell, Pancho Carter, Tommy Copp, Kevin Olson & Billy Vukovich
27. [22 wins] Tom Bigelow, Bobby East & Shorty Templeman
30. [21 wins] Steve Cannon, Jimmy Caruthers, Rex Easton & Ken Schrader
34. [20 wins] A.J. Foyt
35. [19 wins] Jerry Coons Jr., Tyler Courtney, Stan Fox, Buddy Kofoid & Jason Leffler
40. [18 wins] Dave Steele
41. [17 wins] Jay Drake & J.J. Yeley
43. [16 wins] Rico Abreu, George Amick, Billy Cantrell, Lee Kunzman, Bobby Olivero & Henry Pens
49. [15 wins] Don Branson & Larry Rice
51. [14 wins] Chuck Arnold, Jack Turner, Leroy Warriner & Chris Windom
55. [13 wins] Steve Knepper, Don Meacham, Ryan Newman & Stevie Reeves
59. [12 wins] Danny Caruthers, Gene Force, Russ Gamester, Jeff Gordon, Justin Grant, Bobby Grim & Ron Shuman
65. [11 wins] Kasey Kahne, Jimmy Knight, Bob McLean, Johnny Moorhouse, Bobby Santos & Brad Sweet
71. [10 wins] Allen Heath, Doug Kalitta, Brad Kuhn, Steve Lotshaw, Jerry McClung & Chuck Weyant
78. [9 wins] Billy Boat, Chad Boat, Tony Elliott & Chuck Gurney
82. [8 wins] Brady Bacon, Merle Bettenhausen, Tony Bettenhausen, Hank Butcher, Kevin Doty, Dan Drinan, Ronnie Duman, Brian Gerster, Kenny Irwin Jr., Eddie Johnson, Michael Lewis, Thomas Meseraull, Andy Michner, Logan Seavey & Josh Wise
97. [7 wins] Tommy Astone, Jack Hewitt, Don Horvath, Page Jones, Kenneth Nichols, Larry Patton, Les Scott, Len Sutton & Johnnie Tolan
106. [6 wins] Donnie Beechler, George Benson, Dana Carter, Bob Cicconi, Robby Flock, Nick Fornoro Jr., Arnie Knepper, Cannon McIntosh, Ricky Shelton, Mike Streicher, Dave Strickland Jr., Kevin Thomas Jr. & Roger West
119. [5 wins] Spencer Bayston, Mike Bliss, Lonnie Caruthers, Larry Dickson, Mike Fedorcak, Burt Foland, Mack McClellan, Danny McKnight, Cliff Spalding, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. & Jerry Weeks
130. [4 wins] Caleb Armstrong, Teddy Beach, Johnny Boyd, Frank Burany, Russ Congdon, Ray Elliott, Aaron Fike, Danny Frye, Billy Garrett, Mike Gregg, Jim Hettinger, John Heydenreich, Bubby Jones, Levi Jones, Andy Linden, Bobby Marshman, Roger McCluskey, Billy Mehner, Ken Nichols, Jeff Nuckles, Jan Opperman, Michael Pickens, Gary Ponzini, Davey Ray, Eddie Sachs, Don Schilling, Sam Sessions, George Snider, Dale Swaim, Kevin Swindell, Rodger Ward & Zeb Wise
162. [3 wins] John Batts, Gays Biro, Shane Cottle, Allen Crowe, Zach Daum, Bruce Field, A.J. Fike, Drew Fornoro, Gene Gennetten, Rick Goudy, Bob Hare, Bob Hauck, Jeff Heywood, Bill Homeier, Sam Isenhower, Jim Keeker, Jim McClean, Warren Mockler, Dave Moses, Earl Motter, Jerry Nuckles, Danny Oakes, Johnnie Parsons, Porky Rachwitz, Johnny Riva, Johnny Roberts, Lowell Sachs, Billy Shuman, Tom Steiner, Bobby Unser & Billy Wease
193. [2 wins] Al Alpern, Sonny Ates, Emerson Axsom, Johnny Baldwin, Jim Beckley, Dean Billings, Alan Brown, Jack Calabrase, Johnny Cofer, Mel Cornett, Cotton Farmer, Terry Farrar, Joe Garson, Chuck Gurney Jr., Kyle Hamilton, Bob Hogle, Rick Hood, P.J. Jones, Critter Malone, Jimmy McCune, Jason McDougal, Mitchel Moles, Aaron Pollock, Daison Pursley, Barry Reed, Lloyd Ruby, Joe Saldana, Tom Sellberg, Tony Simon, Danny Stratton, Kody Swanson, Ryan Timms, Steve Troxell, Don Vogler, Bruce Walkup, Terry Wente, Johnny White, Tommy White & Cole Whitt
232. [1 win] John Andretti, Mario Andretti, Mike Appio, Dick Atkins, Paul Bates, Harry Beck, Bud Bogard, Tony Bonadies, Dan Boorse, Don Boorse, Dwight Brown, Steve Buckwalter, Barry Butterworth, Gary Byers, Larry Cannon, Tyce Carlson, Ed Carpenter, Tanner Carrick, Dane Carter, Billy Cassella, Bill Chennault, Bill Clemons, Roy Cook Jr., Kyle Cummins, Corey Day, Jacob Denney, Ryan Durst, Edgar Elder, Todd Forbes, Joe Gaerte, Bradley Galedrige, Steve Gennetten, Elmer George, Potsy Goacher, Shane Golobic, David Gough, Ron Gregory, Norm Hall, Bob Harkey, Vern Harriman, Scott Hatton, Al Herman, Jordan Hermansader, Mike Hess, Jim Hines, Ted Hines, Shane Hmiel, Dean Holden, Blake Hollingsworth, Chuck Hulse, Buddy Irwin, Eddie Jackson, Van Johnson, Brent Kaeding, Bud Kaeding, Jimmy Kirk, Kevin Koch, Randy Koch, Bill Kollman, Cory Kruseman, Michael Lang, Greg Leffler, Larry McCloskey, Jim McElreath, Mel McGaughy, John Meyers, J.R. Miller, Travis Miniea, Russ Moynagh, Richard Myhre, Dick Northam, Hank Nykaza, Brian Olson, Danny O’Neill, Jim Packard, Wally Pankratz, Forrest Parker, Gene Pastor, Gary Patterson, Danny Pens, Jiggs Peters, Dick Pole, Richard Powell, Buddy Rackley, Keith Rauch, Dave Ray, Jimmy Reece, Bob Richards, Bruce Robey, Johnny Rodriguez, Gene Roehl, Jack Runyon, Sam Sauer, Gio Scelzi, Dutch Schaefer, Ryan Scott, Frank Secrist, Jimmy Sills, Jigger Sirois, Lee Smith, Ron Smoker, Ned Spath, J.P. Standley, Graham Standring, Jerry Stone, Tanner Swanson, Buddy Taylor, Tyler Thomas, Randy Tolsma, Leo Tucker, Bob Veith, Joe Walter, Eric Wilkins, Mauri Wilson, Doug Wolfgang & Billy Wood



1. (93) Mel Kenyon
2. (84) Rich Vogler
3. (77) Jimmy Davies
4. (72) Bob Wente
5. (43) Mike McGreevy
6. (38) Tracy Hines, Dave Strickland & Bob Tattersall
9. (36) Johnny Parsons
10. (33) Chuck Rodee
11. (29) Jimmy Caruthers
12. (28) Tommy Astone & Kevin Olson
14. (27) Parnelli Jones
15. (26) Jason Leffler
16. (25) Gary Bettenhausen
17. (24) Gene Hartley & Tanner Thorson
19. (22) Stan Fox
20. (21) Don Branson, Tony Stewart, Shorty Templeman
23. (20) Bryan Clauson, Dan Drinan, Bobby East & Bobby Grim
27. (19) Jay Drake & Kyle Larson
29. (17) Dave Steele & Mike Streicher
31. (16) Rico Abreu, Billy Engelhart, Darren Hagen, Steve Lotshaw & Bobby Olivero
36. (15) Tom Bigelow, Billy Cantrell, Tyler Courtney, Bob McLean & Les Scott
41. (14) Jerry Coons Jr., Dave Darland, Jeff Gordon & Kenny Irwin Jr.
45. (13) George Benson, Jimmy Knight & J.J. Yeley
48. (12) Larry Rice & Josh Wise
50. (11) Brady Bacon, Danny Caruthers, Lonnie Caruthers, Russ Congdon, Tommy Copp, Don Meacham, Ryan Newman, Ken Schrader, Len Sutton, Brad Sweet & Sleepy Tripp
61. (10) George Amick, Pancho Carter, Allen Crowe, Logan Seavey, Billy Vukovich & Leroy Warriner
67. (9) A.J. Foyt, Doug Kalitta, Cannon McIntosh, Larry Patton, Stevie Reeves, Dave Strickland Jr. & Jerry Weeks
74. (8) Spencer Bayston, Christopher Bell, Dana Carter, Rex Easton, Russ Gamester, Don Horvath, Kasey Kahne, Sammy Sessions, George Snider & Jack Turner
84. (7) Mike Bliss, Ray Elliott, Allen Heath, Billy Mehner, Andy Michner, Henry Pens, Lowell Sachs, Kody Swanson & Kevin Thomas Jr.
93. (6) Chad Boat, Burt Foland, Brian Gerster, Mike Gregg, Kyle Hamilton, Buddy Kofoid, Lee Kunzman, Jerry McClung, Ron Shuman, Jimmy Sills, Don Vogler, Chris Windom & Billy Wood
106. (5) Merle Bettenhausen, Billy Boat, Steve Cannon, Ray Crawford, Kevin Doty, Ronnie Duman, Aaron Fike, Shane Golobic, Rick Goudy, Justin Grant, Jeff Heywood, Eddie Johnson, Steve Knepper, Brad Kuhn, Andy Linden, Bobby Santos, Chris Shultz, Billy Shuman, Chuck Weyant & Mauri Wilson
126. (4) Johnny Anderson, Caleb Armstrong, Sonny Ates, Gary Byers, Dane Carter, Joe Corrigan, Zach Daum, Mike Fedorcak, Robby Flock, Danny Frye, Joe Garson, Chuck Gurney, Jim Hettinger, Arnie Knepper, Chuck Marshall, Danny McKnight, Ethan Mitchell, Jeff Nuckles, Danny Oakes, Gary Ponzini, Richard Powell, Porky Rachwitz, Ricky Shelton, Tom Steiner, Bruce Walkup, Rodger Ward, Roger West, & Zeb Wise
154. (3) Bob Cicconi, Cole Carter, Don Anderson, Donnie Beechler, Dwight Brown, Hank Butcher, Harry Beck, Jack Calabrase, Larry Dickson, Mario Clouser, Steve Buckwalter, Tony Bettenhausen, Tony Elliott, Bruce Field, A.J. Fike, Gene Force, Bob Hare, Ted Hines, P.J. Jones, Greg Leffler, Grier Manning, Mack McClellan, Roger McCluskey, Thomas Meseraull, Mitchel Moles, Johnny Moorhouse, Kenneth Nichols, Jerry Nuckles, Tim Pangborn, Forrest Parker, Johnnie Parsons, Taylor Reimer, Johnny Roberts, Randy Roberts, Lloyd Ruby, Eddie Sachs, Don Schilling, Tom Sellberg, Dale Swaim, Johnnie Tolan & Dillon Welch
195. (2) Sherman Armstrong Jr., Jade Avedisian, Jack Bates, Gays Biro, Art Bisch, Dan Boorse, Kaylee Bryson, Tanner Carrick, Bill Chennault, Paul Clark, Bob Cortner, Chris Cumberworth, Bob Davison, Corey Day, Edgar Elder, Todd Forbes, Nick Fornoro Jr., Gene Gennetten, Elmer George, Joe Giba, Ron Gregory, Ted Hartley, Mike Hess, Jim Hines, Shane Hmiel, Eddie Jackson, Bubby Jones, Dick Jones, Page Jones, Ronnie Kaplan, Johnny Kay, Walt Kennedy, Michael Lewis, Brad Loyet, Carson Macedo, Jim Mahoney, Jim McClean, Sarah McCune, Warren Mockler, Earl Motter, Ken Nichols, Hank Nykaza, Steve Paden, Danny Pens, Michael Pickens, Parker Price-Miller, Daison Pursley, Levi Roberts, Johnny Rodriguez, Joe Saldana, Sam Sauer, Ryan Scott, Jigger Sirois, Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Danny Stratton, Russ Sweedler, Buddy Taylor, George Tichenor, Bud Tingelstad, Steve Troxell, Bobby Unser, Billy Wease, Ken Weiland, Cole Whitt & Carl Williams
260. (1) Bobby Allen, Al Alpern, Chuck Amati, John Andretti, Capp Arnold, Chuck Arnold, Dick Atkins, Tony Ave, Emerson Axsom, Steve Barth, Dave Bartlett, Todd Barton, John Batts, Jim Beckley, Daniel Bedford, Dick Betts, Nick Bohanon, Tony Bonadies, Johnny Boyd, Alex Bright, Bob Burbridge, Larry Cannon, Roy Caruthers, Billy Cassella, Steve Chassey, Bud Clemons, Johnny Cofer, Maria Cofer, Duke Cook, Jay Cornell, Chance Crum, A.J. Davis, Duke DeRosa, Danny Ebberts, Bob Ellingham, Dean Erfurth, Russ Faucett, Sarah Fisher, Dan Ford, Josh Ford, Danny Frye Jr., Jim Gates, Johnny Gavin, Roy Gillhamer, Roy Graham, Bob Gregg, Mike Groff, Chuck Gurney Jr., Gene Gurney, Butch Haisman, Davey Hamilton, Garrett Hansen, Bob Harkey, Alex Harris, Scott Hatton, Jac Haudenschild, Jim Hemmings, Al Henderson, Jordan Hermansader, Mike Hill, Larry Hillerud, Bob Hogle, Shane Hollingsworth, Bill Homeier, Rick Hood, Wally Hostettler, Billy Hughes, Jeff Hunt, Tony Hunt, Gary Irvin, Bob Jesser, Ronnie Johncox, Paul Jones, Jack Jordan, Brent Kaeding, Gary Kanawyer, Jim Keeker, Harry Kern, Jimmy Kirk, Danny Kladis, George Kladis, Clay Klepper, Kevin Koch, Randy Koch, , Bill Kojis, Bill Kollman, Jim Lauri IV, Buddy Lee, Donnie Lehmann, Bob Lithgow, Eddie Loomis, Jim Bob Luebbert, Dave Lundy, Jim Malloy, Bobby Marshman, Larry McCloskey, Jimmy McCune, Lealand McSpadden, Al Miller, J.R. Miller, Stephanie Mockler, Davey Moses, Mike Mosley, Brad Noffsinger, Danny O’Neill, Jan Opperman, Junior Parkinson, Gary Patterson, Jiggs Peters, Dick Pole, Bill Puterbaugh, Jon Rahe, Bill Randall, Chase Randall, Norm Rapp, Keith Rauch, Dickie Reese, Bill Renshaw, Bob Richards, Bruce Robey, Jack Runyon, John Sarna, Gio Scelzi, Chase Scott, Shane Scully, Roy Seidenstricker, Holly Shelton, Dean Shirley, Tony Simon, C.L. Smith, Bob Spoo, J.P. Standley, Tanner Swanson, Kevin Swindell, Kevin Thomas, Bob Twitty, Al Unser, Don Weaver, Terry Wente, Gene Weyant, Johnny White, Newt White, Bryant Wiedeman, Eric Wilkins & Don Wilson



1956: Shorty Templeman, 1957: Shorty Templeman, 1958: Shorty Templeman, 1959: Gene Hartley, 1960: Jimmy Davies, 1961: Jimmy Davies, 1962: Jimmy Davies, 1963: Bob Wente, 1964: Mel Kenyon, 1965: Mike McGreevy, 1966: Mike McGreevy, 1967: Mel Kenyon, 1968: Mel Kenyon, 1969: Bob Tattersall, 1970: Jimmy Caruthers, 1971: Danny Caruthers, 1972: Pancho Carter, 1973: Larry Rice, 1974: Mel Kenyon, 1975: Sleepy Tripp, 1976: Sleepy Tripp, 1977: Mel Kenyon, 1978: Rich Vogler, 1979: Steve Lotshaw, 1980: Rich Vogler, 1981: Mel Kenyon, 1982: Kevin Olson, 1983: Rich Vogler, 1984: Tom Bigelow, 1985: Mel Kenyon, 1986: Rich Vogler, 1987: Kevin Olson, 1988: Rich Vogler, 1989: Russ Gamester, 1990: Jeff Gordon, 1991: Mike Streicher, 1992: Stevie Reeves, 1993: Stevie Reeves, 1994: Tony Stewart, 1995: Tony Stewart, 1996: Kenny Irwin Jr., 1997: Jason Leffler, 1998: Jason Leffler, 1999: Jason Leffler, 2000: Kasey Kahne, 2001: Dave Darland, 2002: Dave Darland, 2003: J.J. Yeley, 2004: Bobby East, 2005: Josh Wise, 2006: Jerry Coons Jr., 2007: Jerry Coons Jr., 2008: Cole Whitt, 2009: Brad Kuhn, 2010: Bryan Clauson, 2011: Bryan Clauson, 2012: Darren Hagen, 2013: Christopher Bell, 2014: Rico Abreu, 2015: Tracy Hines, 2016: Tanner Thorson, 2017: Spencer Bayston, 2018: Logan Seavey, 2019: Tyler Courtney, 2020: Chris Windom, 2021: Buddy Kofoid


1956: Ashley Wright, 1957: Lloyd Rahn, 1958: Lloyd Rahn, 1959: Ray Bolander, 1960: Jimmy Davies, 1961: Howard Linne, 1962: Jimmy Davies, 1963: Robert Shadday, 1964: Willard Coil, 1965: Mel & Don Kenyon, 1966: Don Kenyon, 1967: Mel & Don Kenyon, 1968: Mel & Don Kenyon, 1969: Jack Stroud, 1970: Doug Caruthers, 1971: Doug Caruthers, 1972: Shannon Buick Company, 1973: Doug Caruthers, 1974: Don Kenyon, 1975: Ron Tripp, 1976: Ron Tripp, 1977: Sherman Armstrong, 1978: Doug & Dana Caruthers, 1979: 3-K Racing Enterprises, 1980: Don Kenyon, 1981: 3-K Racing Enterprises, 1982: Nick Gojmeric, 1983: Streicher Racing, 1984: Wilke Racing, 1985: 3-K Racing Enterprises, 1986: Jonathan Byrd, 1987: Jonathan Byrd, 1988: Wilke Racers, 1989: George & Gary Gamester, 1990: Streicher Racing, 1991: Streicher Racing, 1992: Ralph Potter, 1993: Steve Lewis, 1994: Ralph Potter, 1995: Steve Lewis, 1996: Steve Lewis, 1997: Pete Willoughby, 1998: Steve Lewis, 1999: Steve Lewis, 2000: Steve Lewis, 2001: Steve Lewis, 2002: Steve Lewis, 2003: Steve Lewis, 2004: Steve Lewis, 2005: Wilke-Pak Racers, 2006: Keith Kunz Motorsports, 2007: Wilke-Pak Racers, 2008: Keith Kunz Motorsports, 2009: RW Motorsports, 2010: Corey Tucker Racing/Keith Kunz Motorsports/BCI, 2011: Corey Tucker Racing/BCI/Curb-Agajanian, 2012: Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports, 2013: Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports, 2014: Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports, 2015: Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports, 2016: Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports, 2017: Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports, 2018: Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports, 2019: Clauson-Marshall Racing, 2020: Tucker-Boat Motorsports, 2021: Keith Kunz/Curb-Agajanian Motorsports


1969: Billy Engelhart, 1970: Danny Brown, 1971: Danny Caruthers, 1972: Tommy Astone, 1973: Mike Gregg, 1974: Richard Powell, 1975: Larry Patton, 1976: James McElreath, 1977: Lonnie Caruthers, 1978: Tommy Thomas, 1979: Barry Butterworth, 1980: Trevor Boys, 1981: Sherman Armstrong, 1982: Chris Maxson, 1983: John Andretti, 1984: Russ Gamester, 1985: Bobby Allen, 1986: Steve Enlow, 1987: John Meyers, 1988: Jim Keeker, 1989: Jeff Gordon, 1990: Dan Ford, 1991: Doug Kalitta, 1992: Brian Gerster, 1993: Chuck Leary, 1994: David Bridges, 1995: Ryan Newman, 1996: Carl Olsen, 1997: Nick Lundgreen, 1998: Michael Lewis, 1999: A.J. Fike, 2000: Aaron Fike, 2001: Bobby East, 2002: Teddy Beach & Ron Gregory, 2003: Ryan Durst, 2004: Todd Beach, 2005: Darren Hagen, 2006: Bryan Clauson, 2007: Ricky Stenhouse Jr., 2008: Chad Boat, 2009: Zach Daum, 2010: Daniel Bedford, 2011: Kyle Larson, 2012: Rico Abreu, 2013: Christopher Bell, 2014: Kevin Thomas Jr., 2015: Spencer Bayston, 2016: Carson Macedo, 2017: Tanner Carrick, 2018: Logan Seavey. 2019: Andrew Layser, 2020: Buddy Kofoid, 2021: Chase Randall

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