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    2006 B-Mod For Sale

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    Clay County Speedway 4-27-13

    CANCELLED FOR 4/27/13....... :(
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    Clay County Speedway 4-27-13

    As of 2:00pm CCS is still racing!!!!
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    1991 Haulmark 26 foot enclosed

    Please send pics to
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    GMR Bodies & Interiors

    Sent ya a PM Gabe.....
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    Street Stock Roller $1500.00

    SOLD!!!!! Thanks STL........;)
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    Street Stock Roller $1500.00

    Full frame A-Body (mid 70's) shortened to 108" wheel base, INCLUDES: 9" NON-Floater rearend, 4 corner weight jacks, 14 wheels and tires, wilwood reverse mount dual pedals, 16 gallon fuel cell, kirkey seat (contoured cushion), gauges, tach, frame mounted 9" fuel filter, brake bias, springs, &...
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    Parting out sportsman car

    Thanks, looking for 28 spline.
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    Parting out sportsman car

    What spline are the 650's? Thanks.....
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    Clay County Speedway for 2012

    Clay County Speedway has been leased for 2012! Kevin Bayer from Jasper Indiana will be the new promoter. The 2012 rules and schedule will be announced as soon as plans can be finalized. Clay County Speedway is currently seeking sponsors and positive input for the 2012 season. A web site will be...
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    Clay County Speedway up for lease!!!

    Check out for more info on CCS and give some feedback to a potential promoter. .
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    Clay County Speedway up for lease!!!

    Seen that CCS is up for lease on 4m and CJ's. Here's the links or
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    Fayette County Speedway - Considering a move to Saturday nights.. Should they???

    Saturdays would definitely be better for me, but you have to do what is going to be better for car counts and filling the stands. From what I have seen at Fayette County Speedway, they have a good car count and seems like they fill the stands. Like the old saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't...
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    Clay County Speedway

    Finally got some news on Clay County Speedway..... They will not be opening for the 2012 season :(. Here's the link
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    CCS demolished unless bought.....