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  1. eldon

    Fayette County Speedway 9/21/19

    9/21/19 Regular Racing with a Powder Puff! 2019 News Sep162019 The Saturday, September 21 show will feature a regular night of racing with A-Mods, B-Mods, Hornets, Street Stocks and Team Cars PLUS a Powder Puff Event! Gates Open at 4:00 p.m. | Draw closes at 6:30 p.m. | Hot Laps at 6:30 p.m...
  2. eldon

    Belle-Clair Speedway Championship Night

    I was told that they are checking schedules for a new date but I haven't heard anything from them yet.
  3. eldon

    Fayette County Speedway Sunday

    9/1/19 Special Show with increased payouts! 2019 News Aug282019 SUNDAY, September 1st is a special show with the American Modified Series paying A-Mods $5,000 to win, $250 to start. The show will also feature the following classes: B-Mods – $1,000 to win Hornets – $200 to win Team Cars –...
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    8/24/19 Regular Show 2019 News Aug192019 The Saturday, August 24th show will feature a regular night of racing with the A-Mod, B-Mod, Hornet, Street Stock and Team Car divisions. Attention B-Mods …. if there are 30 cars in attendance we will pay $750 to win on August 24th!!! Gates Open at...
  5. eldon

    Belle-Clair Speedway Postponed due to Excessive Heat

    When will the postponed race run? This week they have midgets and sprints.
  6. eldon

    Belle-Clair UMP Points?

    Sport Compact Driver car # 5/31/19 1 Garcia Aaron 412 2 Mackey Matt o1 3 Hawkins Josh 98 4 Shaw Rob 442 5 Hemken Eldon who2 6 Green Morgan 36 7 Johnson Chuck 66 8 Carriker Rickey 35r 9...
  7. eldon

    Belle-Clair UMP Points?

    Who turns in points to UMP for Belleville? Pro4s are missing a week. We got credit for the make up feature but not the one from a couple weeks ago. Thanks
  8. eldon

    I-55 Summernats

    I heard Fayette County is trying to get the date. I hope they do.
  9. eldon

    Belle-Clair Updates 6-28-19

    Who's the photographer at Belle-Clair?
  10. eldon

    UMP sport compact regions

    The west region is skimpy. Try City doesn't even run our class. Other regions have 6 or 7 tracks and I sure ain't driving to Texas to race.
  11. eldon

    Fayette County Speedway Awards Banquet...Friday, March 22nd

    Tomorrow night (Friday) this is the place to be.
  12. eldon

    Track Schedules ?

    The story in the "news" section of I-55s website has disappeared also
  13. eldon

    Track Schedules ?

    I noticed that too. In the news section it says rescheduled for March 29/30th but not listed on the 2019 schedule.
  14. eldon

    Highland Speedway Sept 8,, 2018 races rained out.

    have you decided what classes are running?
  15. eldon

    UMP Sport Compact National Point Standings thru 7/12/18

    No points for Fayette County July 4th?
  16. eldon

    Bandit non modified 4 cylinder racing

    Fayette Co Speeedway in Brownstown IL runs them and gets a good car count.
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  18. eldon

    Lester Robertson Memorial Race

    When will they announce the other classes? I'm hoping that they run hornets.
  19. eldon


    I heard Highland was going to run hornets once before the end of the year. Does anyone know the date? I have family and friends wanting to attend. Thanks
  20. eldon


    I raced Modifieds from 1995/2001. I had $5000 in my WHOLE CAR. I quit when I could no longer compete. The last few years I've been racing neons. I can build a car with a mixture of STOCK parts for $2000 and win my fair share. Some people can't afford to move up.