2007 Dodge Magnum wont start

The spring on the ashtray came off so I tried to put it back on. It fell behind the ashtray, so I removed the ashtray, but had to take the panel off also, disconnected the wiring for the rear wiper/hazard lights, and the a/c and heater controls. fixed the spring on the ashtray and put everything back. then the car wouldnt start. It cranks over fine. I now have a lightning bolt and check engine light on the dash. I used carista to scan for codes and got p2068 and p0463. These are fuel level sensor codes. I used a multimeter and believe they are working fine. As the bowl is lifted, the resistance reduces on the multimeter, which I believe means its working fine. I primed the fuel pump and it seems to work fine. I removed the fuel line on the right side (regulator??) and emptied it. then reconnected it and again primed it. when I removed it, the fuel squirted out at me, so I believe its working fine. BUT....it does not seem like fuel is getting to the engine. I sprayed starter fluid in the intake tube and it tried to start. The fuel rail does not have a schrader valve to check fuel pressure. I removed the plenum, then removed the fuel rail and the injectors. I cranked it over but no fuel was released by the injectors. (I dont know if it wont release fuel if some of the electronics were disconnected, which was required to remove the plenum). I am at a complete loss on where to go from here. Any suggestions?