5-hour Energy 250 - Race Update


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The race has just restarted at Gateway. The race had been red flagged as the track officials clear up "big one" accident on the front straight away.

Currently Brad Keselowski has the lead and his chief rival Carl Edwards is in second. Kenny Wallace in the top ten.

Scott wimmer got loose and Rick stenhouse Jr ran into him and that caused a chain reaction included 11 cars.

Saean Caisse who started in 5th position was also included in the accident and was very frustrated.

"I got caught up in the big one in St. Louis," said Case. "This is a preview of Talledega. There was no give and take [prior to the accident]. I saw drivers going three wide and Danica Patrick went four wide."

Brendan Gaughan was also caught up in the big one but was a bit more upbeat.

"Hit, hit, hit and hit," Gaughan what he felt in during the accident, "But Gateway is a great track and we all really going to miss it but this kind of accident can happen here."

Danica Patrick almost got through the accident but got clipped in the rear but was able to continue in the race. None of the drivers were injured.

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