Bud Arndt, Ducky Arndt, Herman Arndt


My father asked me to post this and he wasn’t sure if these guys were still with us.

My dad Dale Haffer, had a race car that he built when he was just 16 years old and he would pull it to Potosi Speedway. It was red and was number 59. But my grandpa wouldn’t let him race it since it was so young and racing was so dangerous. He had many different drivers who drove it but he was wondering if Bud or Ducky Arndt were still alive today. He has fond memories of them as well as Herman Arndt. (Maybe their dad?)
Bud also raced a car that was # 5% and his brother Ducky was 3.2%! Obviously because of alcohol content. :). Butch Campbell had the most success in my dads car and even won a race one night!
Does anyone remember my dads car or any of these drivers?

Where are they now?