Ed Dixon


Attention race fans:

Recently we have been receiving phone calls to see if my dad, Ed Dixon, would be interested in racing again especially with Rusty Griffaw putting up his ride for a night. We appreciate the thoughts of bringing him back to action, we would all love to watch a few more Sparks fly.

Unfortunately dad is unable to race again. He is in for a battle with the all evil cancer. Last year dad lost a kidney to cancer but got the all clear from the doctor, however, about a month ago we received horrible news about his cancer. Not only is it back but it has began to migrate. Currently dad has stage 4 kidney and liver cancer. He also has some spots on his lungs that have not been positively identified. Chemo treatments and pain control have began with the hopes not of curing him but of keeping him comfortable and prolonging life. More test have to be ran for a definitive timeline, as of now doctor's say 12 months to 5 years. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers, you never know what can happen. God creates miracles every day. God bless.



Man that is horrible I hate cancer I had kidney cancer in 2012 the said they got it all but now I have stage 4 renal kidney disease.
We will be praying for him always really liked Dixon he was my dads favorite driver and he always took time for children sure hope he gets better


So sorry to hear this about Ed. He has been a good
friend for a long time. I still wear my last Ed Dixon t-shirt and visit with those old days. We sure had some fun at the race track and drank a few along the way! I will keep Ed in my thoughts and prayers.