Fayette County Speedway - Considering a move to Saturday nights.. Should they???


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With Clay County Speedway (Flora, IL) closing, should they move to Saturdays??? What are your thoughts on running on Saturday instead of Friday? It’s not been officially decided yet but is being considered.

What are your thoughts???
Don't do it!!!! I think they would be better of staying on Friday night. I think they are to close to Highland to be able to run on Saturday. Another thing is I seem to remember Tri-City having problems getting UMP sanction with Belleville being so close on the same night. I'm not sure if that matters anymore or not. We will still be racing at Highland on Saturdays but enjoy going and doing some racing at Brownstown on Fridays.


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Three tracks close to Fayette (Macon, Highland and Charleston) all run Saturday. Bad idea.


What is that rule UMP has for distance between UMP sanctioned tracks on the same night? It seems like it is either 50 or 70 miles. I don't think 50 would be a problem but 70 would be close.


Saturdays would definitely be better for me, but you have to do what is going to be better for car counts and filling the stands. From what I have seen at Fayette County Speedway, they have a good car count and seems like they fill the stands. Like the old saying goes, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". JMO.......


i heard sun from kent rumble at impressive and that works for me but sat is definately better than fri if its so good why would they be considering a change ? sat most people have more time without the rush from a job school etc. and also macon is not a big factor in the stands at fayette for sure and alot of people are selling out in the area in the mods and some dont like the way they run the track atleast 4 or more in the mods and 2 would go to fayette maybee more especially on sun in the summer months.