Finish-Line Motorsports MGMT signs Rally America Driver


Finishline Motorsports
6/18/2010 Coalinga, CA.
Finish-Line Motorsports MGMT is proud to announce we have signed a two year full representation agreement with Marcus Wiley Motorsports. Marcus is a current competitor in the Rally America Racing world.

Marcus Wiley is a mature 24 year old, and resides in Southern California. Marcus is the " first African American" to compete in professional rally racing. He was born to the tough streets of San Bernardino,CA. He grew up staying focused on his future, and knew by the age of 4 it was in racing. He knew first came an education, he is a High School Graduate, also A.S Automotive Technology master Tech, and has an A.A in Business Marketing. In 2003 Marcus got the opportunity to wheel his first race car a Honda Civic competing in the drag racing ranks. He place 1st. in 2005 at import invasion Drag Race Championship Pomona,CA with a time of 9.824 seconds. In 2006 he finished 2nd in the Rally Mexico Championship, Leon, Mexico. 2007 Marcus WON the Freestyle Rally Championship in Barstow,CA. He was on top of his game in 2008 when competing in the " 08 Pro-Am Drift Championship, Japan" he placed 1st with a time of 58.754 seconds. Marcus works hard at everything he does, and is known by friends as a genius in marketing. When asked where he wants to be in 5 years, he answered Formula One, Indy Car, or even Nascar. This racer's heroes include Willy T. Ribbs, Michael Schumacher, Juan Pablo Montoya. Both Earnhardt's, John Force & many others. Marcus will be competing in Rally America. Marcus is currently seeking sponsors for this years racing. If interested contact his agent at