Getting help when getting stuck in the mud


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So on Friday night I got a call from a friend telling me that he was stuck in an offroad park with a civic, so z71 silverado, and his 2wd ranger. When I got there there was a help trying to pull the chevy out but it was up to the bumper in mud. The Jeep for stuck from this. I didn't even try to pull anyone out in my stock Yukon on bf k02s and I ended up getting stuck. We called a stock ram 1500 to help but he got stuck too.

Then we called a lifted Cummins, a lifted ram, a lifted f150 fx4 in to help. The f150 got me out and that was it. The Cummins and the ram both got stuck trying to pull the chevy out. We had a few more trucks but they were all basically stock so we were screwed. We called an actually tow truck but it also managed to get stuck. We had to wait 12 hours for a massive lifted expedition on 37 to pull everyone out. Is there anything we could have done other than not bring a civic mudding to get unstuck? Some of us were there from 11pm to 12 noon the next day
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