Seen where Kenny Wallace posted looks like pevely would open this sat just repeating what he said is this true?


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The road to the track was open for sure on Saturday. I think it may have been Friday. Hwy 67 just opened today. The pits were still partially covered on Saturday.


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I know I do not race there (I did)but as a racer I hate to see a track-the racers and fans suffer and miss out doing something they love to do--my home track is highland-I know a lot of I-55 racers and fans came here while I55 was shut down-I hope we made you "SOUTHERN FOLKS" feel welcome at Highland--JMO


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Look at the front page of this web sight. It is official from the track. I55 will open finally this Saturday. Let's support this race track from both sides - grandstand and pits!!!!