IL/MO Lightnig / mini Sprint Car Championship Race Oct. 3rd


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We have been working hard on putting this race together and it has come together very nice. The racers, fans and track are very excited to have the 1st IL/MO Lightning Sprint Car Championship held at Quincy Raceway in the great Mississippi river town of Quincy IL. The race date is Oct. 3rd 2010. This location is ideal to bring four lightning sprint car regions together to crown a champion. I would like to thank several sponsors for helping raise the payout across the board. Jack 93.1, Diggit Graphics, Mid West Outlaw Lighting Sprint, Illinois Outlaw lightning Sprint, Speed Partz, Jayhawk Millwrite, Advantec Dyno Service, Rod End Supply. With Rod End Supply help we have created the Rod End Supply Dash for Cash that will pay $100 to the winner of the dash race. Please call Mark Billings or Mike Oskvig if you have any questions. Our Contact information is on the flier below.