Jimmy Cummins' 5th Trip to Humboldt Speedway and the "King of America" Race 2019

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$8,000 to win B-Mods and $10,000 to win USMTS Modifieds!! Wow! 3-Day race on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Jimmy and Bruce left on Wednesday, headed to Humboldt, Kansas, for the 5th time! to run in the BIGGEST B-Mod race around. Jimmy will represent the State of Illinois again in the "Race of the States" because he's been there every year since they started having this race. Obviously he loves it!

This year he is joined by B-Mod drivers Doug Tye, Tom Rorabacher, JC Morton & his dad Gene Morton (Hi Gene!), Darren Forrest, and Modified drivers Mike Harrison and Kenny Wallace. Gonna be a good show! Did you read that...Mike Harrison is there!!!

Tonight is the first night of racing. Jimmy passed "tech" this morning in the huge tech barn. Bruce says it can fit 4 cars at a time. Bruce also says there is a huge amount of cars there this year. The pits are full!! Jimmy is parked by JC Morton on one side, Mike Harrison on the other, with Kenny Wallace right there too.

More details as I get them....Good Luck to our guys!!!

Jimmy Dearing, I need a darker green color for my posts and I don't know how to get it. You made me one before, remember? This just isn't "Cummins Racing Green"

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I got this from my RacinDirt email today...

Drivers in both classes will race in two heat races Thursday and two more on Friday from four different starting positions with 10 to 14 cars in each. Each driver's best three efforts will count toward Saturday's feature lineups with any tie-breakers, if needed, being determined by the fourth heat race.

The top 12 in heat race passing points from the first two nights will be locked into the Saturday finale with the remainder of the field coming from Saturday's "B" Mains.

B-Mods will award three provisionals (one each from IMCA, USRA and Wissota national points) from the pool of drivers that fail to qualify for the "A" Main on Saturday. A past champion provisional will be available for USMTS competitors.


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Doug Tye starts 3rd in Heat 3-A

Jimmy Cummins starts on the pole of Heat 5-A OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tom Rorabacher starts 7th in Heat 5-A
JC Morton starts 12th in Heat 5-A

Darron Forrest starts 2nd in Heat 7-A

Mike Harrison starts 6th in Heat 4

Kenny Wallace starts 4th in the Heat 5
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Debbie Cummins

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Doug Tye finished 5th

Jimmy Cummins finished 5th
JC Morton finished 6th
Tom Rorabacher DNF, ending up 11th

Darron Forrest finished 5th

Debbie Cummins

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Mike Harrison finished 7th , down 1 position from his start of 6th

Kenny Wallace finished 5th, also down 1 position from his start of 4th.

This is tough racing!!!

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While I'm waiting on results, there are drivers at this race from the following states and 2 from Canada:
Texas, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Illinois, South Dakota, California, Wisconsin, Arkansas, North Carolina, Iowa, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Arizona, Alabama, North Dakota, New Mexico, Michigan, and Kansas. The 2 from Canada are from Winnipeg and Ontario

Doug Tye did not finish his 2nd heat race, coming in last with a DNF. I don't know what happened.

JC Morton won his 2nd heat race, started on the pole.

Jimmy Cummins started his 2nd heat race dead last and finished 8th, gaining 4 spots.
Tom Rorabacher finished 9th, going down 3 spots.

Darron Forrest started 10th in his 2nd heat race, finished 8th

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Mike Harrison started his 2nd heat race in the 7th spot, finished 6th, going up 1 spot.

Kenny Wallace started his 2nd heat race in the 9th spot, finishing 8th, also gaining one spot.

It's 11:56 p.m. and they are still racing with one more heat race for the A-Mods to finish. I'm going to wait for Jimmy or Bruce to call before calling it a night.

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Doug Tye posted this on Facebook last night...
"I've had nothing but bad luck since we unloaded. Practice night guy spins in front of me and puts me in the wall. We straightened the frame horns but the rear clip is moved 4 inches. Not knowing what the car would do in our first heat I took it easy, started 3rd finished 5th. Last heat I started 10th and car felt great and had to check up several times on the first lap. Video is from the second lap. (Video is on Facebook) I just had no where to go. Busted radiator and bent front spindle. Me and Dylan will patch her up and give them hell tomorrow!"
So that's what happened to Doug. Jimmy was getting ready for his race and saw Doug go off the track on the hook but didn't know what happened...not a good sign any time.

Bruce was a little down after Thursday's results. It's not easy there. Jimmy, Mike H., and Kenny Wallace all did about the same. No great gains. Bruce said they had a good crowd for a Thursday night race. Regroup and hit the dirt again on Friday! This is FUN folks! Just remember that.


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Kenny posted that the tires are way different than the Hoosiers

I'm surprised a little bit by the GOAT in ump country not doing so hot but he doesn't travel enough


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I figure the summer nationals competition is pretty stiff with the likes of the 2N mckinny 77 and so on Looks like usmts runs spoilers

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A-Mods line-ups posted for tonight.

Harrison starts 12th in the 2nd Heat and then on the pole in the 5th Heat

Wallace starts 10th in the 3rd Heat and then 2nd in the 6th Heat.

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B-Mods line-ups posted for tonight. I listed them by Heat races.

4DT Doug Tye starts 9th in Heat 2-A

81 Tom Rorabacher starts 1st in Heat 4-A
19 Jimmy Cummins starts 7th in Heat 4-A
23 Darron Forrest starts 8th in Heat 4-A

18 JC Morton starts 6th in Heat 6-A

81 Tom Rorabacher starts 12th in Heat 3-B

19 Jimmy Cummins starts 6th in Heat 4-B

4DT Doug Tye starts 3rd in Heat 8-B
23 Darron Forrest starts 4th in Heat 8-B

18 JC Morton starts 6th in Heat 8-B
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I just found the B-Mod points after the first night...
JC Morton 14th
Jimmy Cummins 49th
Darron Forrest 53rd
Doug Tye 70th

Tom Rorabacher 83rd
Good Luck to all our guys at The Bullring!!! Have fun and be safe!!

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1st group of Heat race results for B-Mods...

4DT Doug Tye finished 10th in Heat 2-A, started 9th

23 Darron Forrest finished 5th in Heat 4-A, started 8th
81 Tom Rorabacher finished 8th in Heat 4-A, started 1st
19 Jimmy Cummins finished 9th in Heat 4-A, started 7th

18 JC Morton finished 10th in Heat 6-A, started 6th (His dad Gene posted on Facebook the reason...broken rotor!)
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1st group of Heat race results for A-Mods....

24H Mike Harrison finished 11th in Heat 2-A, started 12th

36 Kenny Wallace finished 7th in Heat 3-A, started 10th