Lake Ozark Fantasy League (Week 3)

Lake Ozark Fantasy Racing League exploded with points in week 3 with wins from popular drivers, Randy Martin, Darin Walker, Danny Crane, Bob Gustin, and Michael Schrader all picked up wins. Team LuLu Racing became the first team in Fantasy Dirt Racing History to score a perfect 6 out of 6 points to take over the lead. LW Racing and Dirtslingers 101 scored 5 points. If you havent set your "Wild Card" you still have untill 6/13/09 to get it in for the race, visit to set your "Wild Card"
Top Ten Fantasy Teams
1st LuLu Racing 6
2nd Dirtslingers101 5
3rd KJ Racing 5
4th LW Racing 5
5th GW Racing 5
6th 007 4
7th Apple 4
8th Barton63 4
9th N2DeepRacing 4
10th RocnRacer 4

One note on all Fantasy Dirt Racing Fantasy Leagues, we score all leagues after we receive the official press release with the winners on it. We are still accepting registrations into the Lake Ozark Fantasy League, Visit to enter and Remember to sign up for the Fantasy Dirt Racing Lake Ozark Fantasy Newsletter to receive weekly Email updates.