Maquoketa Speedway 6/8 - story and results


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Larson’s IMCA Modified win is grand at Maquoketa\

Malmstrom, Becker, Dulin, Lamar, Marshall also win

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Following are results from stock car racing Saturday evening during Night at Maquoketa Speedway.

Andover Meat IMCA Late Models

Feature (25 laps) – 1. 75M Todd Malmstrom 2. 15K Justin Kay 3. 58 Jeremiah Hurst 4. 23 Todd Van Tassel 5. 10T Jeff Tharp 6. 7 Andy Nezworski 7. 6D Doug Nigh 8. R19 Joe Ross 9. 12 Donnie Pataska 10. 60 Dalton Simonsen 11. 51JR Johnny Walker 12. 44G Landon Grage 13. 5M Stacy Griffis 14. Z50 Joe Zrostlik 15. 28C Terry Neal 16. 7X Mike Smith 17. 14 B.J. Jackson (Did Not Start – 13J Colt Leal)

1st Heat (10 laps) – 1. Tharp 2. Jackson 3. Malmstrom 4. Van Tassel

2nd Heat (10 laps) – 1. Kay 2. Nezworski 3. Simonsen 4. Smith

3rd Heat (10 laps) – 1. Hurst 2. Nigh 3. Zrostlik 4. Neal IMCA Modifieds

Feature (30 laps) – 1. B1 Jeff Larson 2. 12T Timmy Current 3. 7M Matt Short 4. 5M Mike Fryer 5. 60F Jarrett Franzen 6. 70 Joe Bonney 7. 88 Jaden Fryer 8. V Milo Veloz 9. 43 Justin Veloz 10. 77J Steve Johnson 11. 3G Bryce Garnhart 12. 89 Tom Pestka 13. 4B Mitch Boles 14. 19 Brock Bauman 15. 11 Ray Cox, Jr. 16. 2G Matt Gansen 17. 32 Kyle Madden 18. 9 Derek Wilson 19. 1M Mike Goben 20. 40 Nathan Hall 21. 22H Jordan Hicks 22. 15K Justin Kay 23. 4 Cody Bauman 24. 14D Dustin Morden

1st Heat (10 laps) – 1. C. Bauman 2. Franzen 3. Bonney 4. Hall

2nd Heat (10 laps) – 1. Cox 2. Johnson 3. J. Veloz 4. Short

3rd Heat (10 laps) – 1. Larson 2. B. Bauman 3. Hicks 4. Boles

4th Heat (10 laps) – 1. Garnhart 2. Current 3. Madden 4. Gansen

B&D Pit Stop IMCA SportMods

Feature (15 laps) – 1. 35JR Justin Becker 2. 3T Tyler Soppe 3. 43LV Logan Veloz 4. 4 Jerry Miles 5. 6R Rusty Deshaw 6. 72 Jacob Ellithorpe 7. 16 Bryan Moreland 8. 9 Scott Williams 9. 96 Jacob Beal 10. 32 T.J. Fortmann 11. 11 Ryan Reed 12. W30 Tim Wade 13. 42Y Justin Yarolem. 51 Kyle Eller 15. 44 Joe Grant 16. 5S Steve Spiker 17. 75C Bruce Current 18. 7M Nathan Miller 19. 71J Justin Schroeder 20. 17 Jed Frederick 21. 1 Mike Clausen 22. 7R Justin Ritz (Did Not Start – 10A Jacob Arp, 07 Alec Postel)

1st Heat (8 laps) – 1. Ellithorpe 2. Soppe 3. Reed 4. Miles

2nd Heat (8 laps) – 1. Current 2. Spiker 3. Grant 4. Frederick

3rd Heat (8 laps) – 1. Deshaw 2.Becker 3. Arp 4. Moreland

GRE / REV Chassis IMCA Stock Cars

Feature (15 laps) – 1. 3T Terry Dulin 2. 8K Kyle Merkes 3. 83 Jimmy Comins 4. 17 Matt Gilchrest 5. 80 Jacob Waterman 6. 5B Tim Bader 7. 27Z Chase Zaruba 8. 20V Dustin Vis 9. 32 Tom Cannon

1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Merkes 2. Zaruba 3. Dulin 4. Comins

Shawn’s Auto Service IMCA Hobby Stocks

Feature (15 laps) – 1. 4R Randy Lamar 2. 11S Shane Oberbreckling 3. 01 Kile Vohringer 4. 09 Daniel Wauters 5. 58B Randy Byerly 6. 28 Bobby Taggart 7. M1 Lane Vohringer 8. 7M Justin Morhardt 9. 3B Brandon White 10. 18. Dawson Bowling 11. 60 Dakota Simonsen 12. 71A Kyle Dulin

1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Lamar 2. Taggart 3. K. Vohringer 4. L. Vohringer

2nd Heat (6 laps) – 1. Oberbreckling 2. Dulin 3. Byerly 4. Morhardt

Obie’s Bar and Restaurant / B&C Liquor 4 Cylinders

Feature (12 laps) – 1. 3M Brett Marshall 2. 24 Korey Lana 3. 4R Ashley Reuman 4. 47 Thomas Adams 5. T78 Tyler Shady 6. 88 Jamie Wood 7. 18N Jake Bendixen 8. 7X Robbie Harding 9. 32J Logan Jones 10. 11H Justin Hempstead

1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Adams 2. Marshall 3. Lana 4. Wood


MAQUOKETA, IA (June 8) – The pill draw was key for Jeff Larson Saturday evening at Maquoketa Speedway.

The Freeport, Ill. ace drew the number one after his heat and fended off a crazy finish to win the IMCA Modified 25-lap special and the $1,000 top prize.

He led all but two laps that a highside charging Ray Cox, Jr. paced. A caution as the white flag was about to fly bunched the field for a two-lap dash.

Cox broke on the restart to bring out another yellow. Larson ran the low groove early in the event, switched high to try and run down Cox and then finished high to outrun Timmy Current. Matt Short, Mike Fryer and Jarrett Franzen followed.

Brock Bauman and Bryce Garnhart were in the top five with five laps to go, but spun together and restarted at the rear.

Derek Wilson took a wild ride, getting upside down on Lap 17. He was not injured. That was the third rollover on the night.

Fryer rolled his Modified during heat race action, but did repairs in time for the feature.

Andy Nezworski’s string of two straight Andover Meat IMCA Late Model wins came to an end. Todd Malmstrom started fifth, moved to the point early and held off Justin Kay to win the 25-lap feature.

Kay moved to second on lap 17 and could not take advantage of a late caution to close in. Jeremiah Hurst, Todd Van Tassel and Jeff Tharp completed the top five.

Nezworski brought out a yellow after going over the turn two bank and recovered to take sixth.

Justin Becker ended an even bigger win streak by taking the 15-lap B&D Pit Stop IMCA SportMod final. Tyler Soppe had won all four points races heading into the evening.

Fifteen-year old Logan Veloz drove from P17 at the start to finish third, followed by Jerry Miles and Rusty Deshaw.

Terry Dulin worked the low groove to perfection, worked his way to the front and held off Kyle Merkes by a bumper at the GRE / REV Chassis IMCA Stock Car checkers. Jimmy Comins, Matt Gilchrest and Jacob Waterman followed.

Randy Lamar started out front and stayed there the entire 15-lap Shawn’s Auto Service IMCA Hobby Stock feature. Shane Oberbreckling and point leader Kile Vohringer were charging on the high groove, but came up short ahead of Danield Wauters and Randy Byerly.

Two-time defending track champion Brett Marshall dominated the Obie’s Bar and Restaurant / B&C Liquors 4 Cylinder 12-lap main. Korey Lana, Ashley Reuman and Thomas Adams all battled for the runner up spot, finishing in that order. Tyler Shady was next.

Logan Jones launched into several barrel rolls off turn two. He was not hurt.

A total of 96 race teams hit the track for 20 total events and racing was completed by 10:30p.m.

There is no racing this Saturday June 15. Action continues on the 3/8-mile, dirt oval Tuesday June 18 highlighted by the Deery Brothers Summer Series IMCA Late Models event rained out earlier this season. The winner of the 50-lap feature takes home at least $2,500.

Also on the card will be IMCA Modifieds, B&D Pit Stop IMCA SportMods, Shawn’s Auto Repair IMCA Hobby Stocks and Obie’s Bar and Restaurant / B&C Liquor 4 Cylinders.

Gates open at 4:30 p.m. Hot laps are 6:15 with racing to follow.

Advance tickets are now available. Trackside Promotions also promotes the action Sunday evenings at Dubuque Speedway.

For more information, log on to, the track Facebook page or call 563-940-7841.