Opening for 2014

got word today that Benton will be opening for 2014. Clyde will be opening the track and will be assisted with some help from Paul Morrow. A local Benton resident. From what I have been told that anyone that is concerned about the 2013 points needs to contact Derek. He is the one that has all the information on it and clyde and paul have no information on it. Looks to be some changes this coming 2014 season. hopefully for the better!
As far as ive heard... and it is still in the air. Sprints are a definite. Possibly not every weekend. Prolly every other weekend. A mods and B mods. I believe the A mods are going to stay with the ump sanctioning but allow the guys that have imca legal cars be able to run at Benton if they would like. There has been some talk of going imca rules, but ump out weighs it. Crate latemodels. and a street stock class. the pro 4 class is probably out of the toss up. There has been quite a few locals that came to paul and clyde and said they would like an actual bone stock stock car class, not a bone stock class as in pro 4's. There will be more fan based races. Possibly more sprint car shows, which they will be talking to some of the closer sanctioning bodies in the area. The crate lates will either be ump rules or Nesmith. Word has it Paducah has shut down and all those guys were ump. but we will see!


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keep us posted Thanks Tom
Yes we are open next
year and there will be a lot of changes. I hear the sprints will be running every Friday night and yes, we are going back to some bone stock racing. I think this is great !! Now everyone that wants to race can have a car and afford to run it. Stay with us fans, with the economy the way it is, it is really hard to get things the way they should be, but, we are trying to give you a great place to run. Hang in there, please and help make this track a go again. Clyde is a great person!!! Thank you !!
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as far as I know Friday nights. only seems reasonable considering Farmington and Pevely run Saturdays. I agree I hope crates go ump. especially with Paducah closing. give those guys the opportunity to come over here. there is some talk after football season starts they may run a limited schedule but the races they run will be special races. special races to give each class a good money race. not races that just solely focus on sprints and modifieds.


with the Limited schedule that I have seen for PIR and the very POOR payout crates get there Benton every week is a smart decision. I can vouch for Benton that the pay was right and there to come get EVERY night!! Some nights the count was very low and the Money was still there